During the 5 months of pregnancy, the belly was ugly on the belly, but the old man said that he was pregnant with a boy

After pregnancy, expectant mothers are particularly sensitive to all changes that happen to herself. For example, the navel eyes have become prominent, stretch marks without stretch marks, the lines of stretch marks are even more obvious, and the belly starts to climb full.Sub -hair hair.When Ms. Liu was more than 5 months pregnant, her belly was covered with hair, and she was about to climb from the navel eyes to the middle of the chest.

When Ms. Liu looked at her belly when she took a bath, she got goosebumps. Ms. Liu was afraid that she would have any impact on the children in her belly. She showed her mother -in -law’s belly. She did not expect her mother -in -law to look at her mouth.He said, "Long hair is good, long hair is good, long hair explains that the boy is pregnant."In the eyes of the older generation in China, her son is always better than her daughter, but Ms. Liu does not believe that the long hairs on the stomach have something to do with the boy in the belly.

"I might be male treasure. When I was pregnant, my body was heavy and dark, and I was born with male treasures."

"I did n’t even have armpit hair before pregnancy. I have been pregnant for four months. Now the armpit hair has grown as long as the sweat, and the hair on my belly has thin hair, and the hair on my body has become longer."

"My sister had a lot of hair when she was pregnant. In the end, she gave birth to a girl. In fact, as long as the baby is healthy, men and women are good."

"When I was pregnant with my son, I had a lot of hair until my chest, like a man, but I retired after giving birth."

Is the stomach long not long during pregnancy and is related to boys and women?

After pregnancy, the body is affected by hormone changes. The growth of hair is a relatively normal phenomenon, especially the performance around the navel is obvious. The hair is relatively dense.The hair of the expectant mother even grows to the chest.However, not all expectant mothers grow hair. Some expectant mothers may not have long stretch marks during the whole pregnancy, and there are no hair on the belly.

As mentioned earlier, the strong hair during pregnancy is mainly because the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body after pregnancy have greatly improved, making the hair on the belly of expectant mothers thick.Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the prospective mother’s belly is long or the girl, the gender of the fetus has been determined from the combination of sperm and eggs.

Will the hair on the belly retreat?

There are also many expectant mothers who are worried that these creepy hair will not disappear. In fact, this worry of pregnant mothers is completely redundant, because as long as the expectant mother unloads, the level of hormone in the body will return to normal, and these "not" notThe welcoming hair will also disappear.

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