During the dysfunctional holiday, there are better job opportunities, where should I go?


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Friends Xiaomei worked in a company last year. After the one -year labor contract expired, the company did not want to renew the labor contract with her anymore, so she relieved her labor contract and compensated her a month’s salary.

Xiaomei was in a depressed mood. She took a month of rest at home. Anyway, she had a month of compensation. She could also receive unemployment guarantees. She would take a paid vacation.

At that time, it was the epidemic period, and the unemployment guarantee was relatively high, and there were more than 2,000 yuan a month.

When Xiaomei wanted to find a job, her previous accounting firm, her old family, knew that she was unemployed at home and asked her to come back to work.

When Xiaomei did at the accounting firm at the time, she often stayed up late and worked overtime for a long time before resigning to the enterprise.

Although I know it will be very hard in the future, it is difficult to find a job during the epidemic, and the salary is a little more than before, so I agree to go back.

Xiaomei’s mother -in -law and husband have always wanted her to have a second child. She did not expect that she was going back to work for less than two months and found that she was pregnant.

As soon as I came back to work, I was pregnant, and then for half a year of maternity leave, Xiaomei felt difficult to speak.

She did not dare to tell the department manager that it was not until Xianhuai, and others said that she was pregnant. Fortunately, she was a desperate Saburo. She had no discomfort when she was pregnant.

During the maternity leave, her former leader went to a state -owned enterprise as a financial manager and asked her if she wanted to go to work in the past. The salary was higher than her.

Xiaomei hesitated: she always wanted to find a stable job without a business trip.She has audited many state -owned enterprises, knowing that state -owned enterprises are relatively stable, their finances do not need to travel, and welfare benefits are also enviable.

There is a small and small at home. Sometimes the office does a project audit. It is necessary to go to a business trip for one week. For half a month, she often feels exhausted with her age.

This is a rare opportunity. Without an acquaintance, it is almost impossible for her academic qualifications to enter the work of state -owned enterprises.

Now she is in trouble: resigning to a state -owned enterprise, sorry for the old Dong family. After all, when she was in trouble, the old Dong family extended an olive branch for her.

Moreover, she was pregnant in less than a year when she went back to work. She took a long -term salary leave and resigned all the welfare benefits.

Although state -owned enterprises are stable, there is no absolute thing, and state -owned enterprises also have the risks of relieving labor contracts and bankruptcy liquidation.

Where should she go?

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