During the long -term pregnancy, sleeping is too uncomfortable. I am afraid of hypoxia?Pregnant mothers do this, sleep more comfortably

Introduction: The long -term left side of the pregnancy is too uncomfortable. I am afraid of lack of oxygen?Pregnant mothers do this and sleep more comfortably!

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During pregnancy, pregnant mothers often heard that the left side is necessary, because the left side can avoid hypoxia. In fact, this is the advantage of the left side, but many people on the left can not endureThe health of the fetus, so what should I do?

In fact, if there is no special circumstances between the fetus and yourself during the examination, as long as you do not lie on your stomach or cover your head to sleep, you basically sleep on the right side or lie on your back will not affect the healthy growth of the fetus.Mainly pregnant women should pay attention to sleep and sleep quality.Sleep well, eat well, the fetus will naturally grow up.

However, if the doctor recommends that you need to lie on the left when you check, it is best to use the left lying position, because the fetus and the body need to be a left -bed position, which will greatly help the fetal development and growth of the fetus. So what are the benefits?Lying on the left?

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord wraps around the neck is very common.It is usually 1-2 weeks. Although it is very common, the pregnant mother is still very worried about whether she will encounter the umbilical cord on the neck. The pregnant mother lying on the left during pregnancy will prevent the baby’s umbilical cord wrap around the neck.When the baby is pregnant for about 5 months, the activity range is relatively large, such as stretching his arms and spitting out bubbles.If the pregnant mother is lying on the left, the umbilical cord baby is not easy to wrap the umbilical cord around his neck.

Many pregnant mothers know that the reason for the left position is because they are worried that other locations may cause infants to hypoxia. In fact, the left position can provide infants with sufficient oxygen body breathing means that the air will enter the lungs. Hemoglobin will enter the lungs.The flow of the oxygen to the whole body is brought to the whole body, and the blood on the left is more likely to flow into the uterus, so that the baby can breathe together to avoid hypoxia.

At the same time, in the late pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the uterus will appear right. The left sleeping position can improve the right rotation uterus, reduce the pressure of the uterus to the internal organs, and avoid hypoxia in the fetus.

During pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the stomach will have a certain squeezing, so some pregnant mothers will have symptoms of stomach discomfort, because the stomach is in a suspension position during pregnancy, and the stomach discomfort is normal. The left side is on the left side.Position will reduce stomach discomfort.

Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable during pregnancy, you can take the left posture.Of course, if you have no symptoms during pregnancy, you should follow the normal sleep posture to ensure sleep.

If you need to lie on the left for a long time without changing other postures, you can try to do so, so you can fall asleep more comfortably.

The pregnant mother uses auxiliary tools to help sleep.

During pregnancy, if the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable on the left position for a long time, these auxiliary tools can help improve the discomfort and make their sleep more comfortable.Auxiliary tools.The pregnant mother can use these tools to choose the comfortable posture suitable for their left lying position according to their own situation.

Therefore, the left posture during pregnancy can not only prevent fetal hypoxia, but also many benefits, but this does not mean that all pregnant mothers need to be in the left side. It is best to choose a sleeping posture that suits you.The situation and fetus.

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