During the marriage check, can women "abortion" be checked by a doctor?The doctor tells the truth

Before the beginning of the marriage, most people have to conduct a medical examination. Pre -marital medical examination is frank for two people’s physical conditions, and it is also serious and responsible for each other.Some women are more entangled at this time, and they will be worried that the abortion they have done before will affect marriage. For women and men, their ideas are different. In fact, women in fact women actually giveMore, many women in love will give everything without reservation when they are with people they like. Some love will succeed, and some will become memories.Everyone’s youth is only once, but the physical damage brings for a lifetime.So, during a marriage check, can women "abortion" have been checked by doctors?The doctor told the truth.

For women’s bodies, abortion has great harm.Some women are difficult to get pregnant in the future because of abortion. This is very cruel. Some women will leave a lot of sequelae after abortion surgery, such as various gynecological diseases, which will affect women in the future.Life.It is more important. Masting abortion is also very harmful to women’s psychology. It may cause women to be in a state of self -blame and guilt for a long time, and it will even suffer from depression.

During the inspection process, those women will still be more worried that the privacy in this area will be seen by the doctor. Women do not have to worry too much. Generally, women who are too much are young. If they use drugs for abortion, they will not leave a lot.The traces of the time, the long -term doctor’s examination is also difficult to see.However, if it is an artificial abortion, the endometrium of the uterus will be thinner, which will be performed. Even if the women have found that the women have flowed before, doctors will not leak patients’ privacy.Doctors who are engaged in this industry have seen more things, let alone talk.

For many women’s concerns, doctors suggest that women who have a discharge before marriage should actually say to each other when they get married. If a man who can’t accept your pastSuitable for getting married, and once this experience is discovered, this will cause cracks in the relationship between the two, and such a marriage will not last long.And there is also a common thing that doctors are common. If a young woman and a man are aborted, you must look at this man, because once you enter the operating room, you may not find someone paying money.

Before marriage, it is still important. It can give men and women a clear understanding of each other’s health. This can also prevent the spread of the disease and maintain physical health.For women’s experience, doctors will not talk more to others, and women can not have to worry too much.

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