During the new type of pneumonia, how do pregnant mothers have pregnancy tests, checked, and maternity?Please collect this special guide

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Recently, the epidemic affects the hearts of the people across the country. Many people dare not go out at home. It is said that it is time to contribute to the country when lying down at home. "In order to protect themselves, most people are obediently staying at home.When you go out, men, women, and children have experienced a feeling of "confinement".

The expectant mothers who heard this can not be easily. In this case, for the safety of the fetus, pregnant women did not want to go out.However, one thing that is impossible to do during pregnancy is to do, that is, the inspection.It stands to reason that pregnant women should go to the hospital for delivery from time to time, so how should pregnant mothers arrange for the birth of pregnant mothers in this special period?

@Meet love: Now this special period, can pregnant mothers still perform a checkup?Her wife was just pregnant, and she was weak. She had a fetus once before. The family was particularly worried that there was an accident this time.But when I go out, I am afraid of infection with pneumonia. What should I do?

@Listening to the rain: I have been pregnant for 16 weeks. Recently, I found that I had a fever and cough.My husband advised me to go to the hospital, even if I didn’t dare to go out, it was difficult!

@. I planned to go to the hospital for a cesarean section in a few days, but I heard that I had to go to the outpatient department for examination before hospitalization. This is understandable.However, the inpatient department only allowed a family to accompany, and there were no special circumstances that they could not be replaced. The whole family was entangled who sent who sent it.I want my husband to accompany me, but I think he is unreliable.

One: What can be extended appropriately?

It is a special period now, and pregnant women can try not to go out as much as possible.Important inspections are done on time, and the secondary can be extended as appropriate.With less than 12 weeks of pregnancy, there is no special situation to not check. This is time to check HCG even if pregnant women go to the hospital.If the expectant mother’s pregnancy response is not serious, there is no need to go to the hospital.12-36 weeks of pregnancy, the situation of pregnant women can be delayed for 29-36 weeks of pregnancy. Pregnant women need to check blood pressure, weight, uterine size, etc. If the situation of pregnant women has been better, they can delay time check.

The above -mentioned examinations are relatively ordinary. Pregnant mothers can not go for the time being, but the important birth checks mentioned below, pregnant mothers must not forget: NT examination: NT examination to speculate whether the fetus is pregnant with Tang family syndrome, or the fetus can also be speculated that the fetus can be speculatedWhether to deform.About 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women need to go to the hospital for NT examination.Tang Si: Some pregnant mothers can’t distinguish between NT examination and Tang Si, and think that these two tests can be selected for one of them.This idea is wrong. NT examination can infer whether the fetus will be deformed in the early stage, and Tang sieve can ensure 70%of the detection accuracy.Color Doppler ultrasound: Doppler ultrasound is the most comprehensive examination of the fetus during pregnancy. Through the color Doppler ultrasound, the facial features and limbs of the fetus can be observed, and an unhealthy fetus can be screened.

Two: What abnormalities should go to the hospital in time

1. Pregnant mothers see red

With less than 12 months of pregnancy, the fetal condition is not particularly stable. If the pregnant mother sees red (that is, bleeds), she should go to the hospital immediately to see the doctor.Because the early seeing red is a precursor to abortion. If the pregnant mother has a fluke, and does not go to the hospital for treatment, it may cause a disaster.

2. Abnormal fetal movement

Normally, the phenomenon of fetal movement can occur in 5 months of pregnancy.If you are pregnant for 5 months and pregnant women do not feel fetal movement, please go to the hospital to find a doctor, which is obviously abnormal fetal development.The baby’s fetal movement is also regular. Pregnant mothers and husbands pay attention to it. If the baby has less than 3 or more than 5 times for a baby’s fetal movement in 1 hour, it must be treated quickly.

3. Abnormal contraction

In the second trimester, if the number of pregnant mothers has too many contractions and the pregnant woman has bleeding, it may be risk of premature birth.The whole pregnancy is very dangerous. Is the fetus?Pregnant mothers should always pay attention to their bodies during pregnancy, and go to the hospital for examination to accompany their families.

1. Open the window every day to ventilate

Although it is a special period, pregnant women must also ensure that air circulation at home.The temperature of pregnant women should be suitable for living, avoiding too cold or overheating, in case a cold is not good.

2. Pay attention to hygiene

Although not out of the house, pregnant women should also pay attention to hygiene at home, and they must wash their hands often.Everyone should also pay attention to the correct method of washing hands, especially before and after eating and finishing the toilet. Do not forget to wash your hands.

3. Balanced nutrition

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must replenish their energy in time, because now the body is no longer alone, and it must provide nutrition for the baby.However, everyone should also pay attention to the balanced diet. It should not eat less nor eat more. Eating less is not conducive to the growth of the fetus. Eating more may lead to huge fetus.

4. In special period, pay attention to protection

In the past few months, it is a special period. In order to better protect the safety of themselves and the fetus, pregnant mothers must take protective measures.When the pregnant mother goes to the hospital for examination, it should be noted that only one family member is allowed to accompany the hospital in the hospital in the hospitals of major hospitals. If there are no special circumstances, accompany the family members not to replace it.

When waiting for the checkup, pregnant women try to stay as far as possible with the crowd and communicate face -to -face with others.Do not do a bus back and forth for inspection. You must disinfect your clothes after you go home. If you have fever, go to the hospital immediately.

Many expectant mothers are worried about special circumstances now, especially for pregnant mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy. They should have been in the hospital for a checkup on time, but now they dare not out.Therefore, pregnant mothers must always pay attention to the fetal condition at all times to avoid accidents.

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