Early pregnancy constipation how to do?4 methods allow you to easily get rid of constipation trouble

In the early stages of pregnancy, women’s bodies will change a lot, because the hormone in the body changes, so pregnant women will have some symptoms such as pregnancy or constipation.However, the situation of each person is different, so the severity of the symptoms is different.So, if constipation occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, what can you do to get some relief?

Early pregnancy constipation how to do?

1. Develop regular stool in the morning

This is to defecate after getting up in the morning or eating in the morning.Because the colon activity of the human body is the most active at this time, the awareness of the human bowel defecation can be started.When you are interested, you must go to the toilet in time. Do n’t stand it. In addition, you ca n’t have a long stool. Otherwise, it is easy to cause an increase in abdominal pressure, which will make it difficult to return the lower limbs.

2. Pay attention to drink plenty of water

There is a situation of constipation during pregnancy so that you usually drink plenty of water, so that you can relieve it to a certain extent, but drinking water is also skillful.If you drink water, it is best to drink it every day. It is best to drink a large mouthful, but you ca n’t explode, so that you can directly reach the human body, so that the feces will become soft.Essence

3. Increase physical exercise

Lack of exercise or non -exercise for a long time will cause constipation to worsen.Therefore, some exercise can be done properly during pregnancy, which can increase the peristalsis of the human gastrointestinal.However, it is not suitable for doing some severe exercise during pregnancy, and can only do some simple exercises, but walking in early pregnancy is the best choice.The pregnant mother with constipation can effectively alleviate constipation in half an hour after dinner for a while.

4. Diet adjustment

If constipation occurs during pregnancy, you need to eat more foods with higher cellulose, such as bananas and apples.Because such foods can effectively promote the peristalsis of the human gastrointestinal and have a certain lubrication effect on the intestine, constipation can be relieved to a certain extent.

In the early stages of pregnancy, constipation can be improved through the above methods, but some irritating foods or spicy foods are best not to eat. Eating more foods will increase constipation.Usually pay more attention to rest, do not stay up late, because staying up late can also lead to the emergence of constipation or worsening.In fact, constipation during pregnancy is relatively common. As long as reasonable diet and appropriate exercise, this symptom can be relieved. If this situation has not been relieved and there is still aggravation, then it is best to go to the hospital.

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