Early pregnancy test strips can be measured in the earliest days

I remember that for the first time I took early pregnancy test, it was after I tried it for a month.I can still feel the disappointment when I see the negative results, and I can hear my hope.I believe that the weather will be good next month."However, the situation next month is not optimistic, and the next few months is the same.

I don’t know how many pregnancy tests I have done, but I know that every time I look at it, something in my body starts to collapse.Every month, I watched the dialogue in my mind changing from hope and enthusiasm to fear and heartbreak.In retrospect, I can see how different I was at that time.I became anxious and nervous, and I was thinking about pregnancy.

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One morning, when I was going to visit my family who lived outside several states, my husband put his hands on my shoulder and said that he needed to tell me something before we left.It turned out that my brother had told him that my sister -in -law was pregnant. He knew how excited I was not pregnant, so he felt that it was best to tell me now, don’t wait until they announced in front of everyone that day.

His words hit me a lot.I cried hysterically, buried my head in his chest, and collapsed.Deep in my heart, I am jealous.Jealousy is her pregnancy rather than me. In addition, there is a terrible feeling I can’t be happy for my brother and his wife.

I woke up that day from that jealousy.I realize how strong my pressure is, and having children has become a devastating addiction, tearing me emotionally.A few days later, I decided to stop "trying" pregnancy.I threw the ovulation stick.I no longer buy a pregnancy test stick, no longer track my cycle, and no longer treat myself like myself.On the contrary, I focus on long walking, focusing on my breathing and existence.This is as if I started meditation exercises, and I didn’t even notice it.

Two months later, I was pregnant.

In my life, I observed that every time I take a step back, see how my thoughts affect my body, and consciously practice letting go through meditation. I opened my heart for what I wanted.A space.A few days later, I decided to stop "trying" pregnancy.I threw the ovulation stick.I no longer buy a pregnancy test stick, no longer track my cycle, and no longer treat myself like myself.

When talking with women who are on the journey of fertility, I noticed that they also felt like this.Whenever they started meditation, they slowly stopped blame themselves. Their pressure was reduced, and their self -sympathy increased.In other words, they are more good at paying attention to positive aspects rather than negative aspects so that they can create a healthy growth space for babies.

Although there are many tools, strategies and treatment to support women’s bodies during this time, such as hormonal balance, fertility diet, ovulation tracking, acupuncture, test tube fertilization, etc., rarely talk about how women support them.We all know that our brain is connected to the body, so we cannot ignore one of them and expect the other to work effectively.

Realizing the important role played by emotional health in the process of fertility, I decided to study how meditation helps women get pregnant.My discovery further opened my eyes, and let me understand why meditation is a tool that we lack in fertility care.

How much is the HCG value during pregnancy?

Here are some studies on the benefits of childbearing in mind:

Balance hormones

For a long time, I think that menstrual symptoms are normal, but it turns out that they are a larger problem with a larger problem: hormone imbalance.Hemon imbalances can affect important chemical signals in the body and cause ovulation problems.Fortunately, meditation will affect the hormonal center, thereby promoting hormonal balance, which helps conceive.Starting a regular meditation exercise can help you re -calibrate your hormones and let them operate normally, so that you can create a healthy growth environment for your baby.

reduce pressure

When I tried to get pregnant, I was fascinated by my ovulation and menstrual cycle.This has become a vicious cycle. The results of my pregnancy test every month are negative, which makes me feel stressful, anxious and uneasy until I tried it again.Studies have shown that pressure is related to the fertility of men and women 3.5.In a study of a 291 women who were treated with IVF, anxiety and depression had a negative impact on fertility.Looking back, I can see how much my pressure has on my pregnancy. I did not get pregnant until I started to control it.

Strong relationship

When my husband and I started trying, we joked how "fun" to try a child.Unfortunately, the initial excitement was quickly worried and worried about whether we could have children.When we need to support it at any time, these unsatisfactory feelings make us feel isolated from ourselves and each other.Studies have shown that the practice of mindfulness can enhance compassion and goodwill, and may also allow me and my husband to avoid many arguments and misunderstandings.

Increase sympathy

I have strict requirements for myself during the birth journey.I blame my body to work normally. I blame my brain to be not smart enough to find a way to solve my infertility.When I started practicing meditation, I found that I was gentle with myself and gentle to others.Some data show that meditation is related to self -sympathy and stress management, and also supports this view.I know how many times the meditation has given me a more positive and compassionate conversation. I can’t help but want to know how much help will I help me in the inevitable ups and downs when I try to get pregnant.

After studying all these studies, how to help so many women see so many women in the process of preparing for pregnancy, I realized that we ignored a key tool for pregnancy: birth meditation.I hope that in the next few years, when women enter the doctor’s office to find support for their fertility, meditation is consistent with ovulation tracking, nutrition and exercise.

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