Eat plums often or bring 4 benefits!Can you reduce hypertension?This article tells the truth

Uncle Liu’s body has always been very healthy, but two years ago, he checked hypertension.For this reason, Uncle Liu was very distressed.

Not long ago, Uncle Liu saw an article on the Internet that eating plums often can help reduce blood pressure.So he gave up the anti -suppression medicine prescribed by the doctor and insisted on taking some plums every day.

After a period of persistence, Uncle Liu found that his blood pressure did decrease a little bit.He felt very happy, and was convinced of Li Zi’s efficacy.

However, his family was a little worried about this, and he was worried that he could only rely on plums to control blood pressure.They suggested that Uncle Liu continued to use antihypertensive drugs in accordance with the doctor’s suggestion, and while maintaining a balanced diet and appropriate exercise at the same time.

But Uncle Liu refused, but it didn’t take long before, Uncle Liu suddenly vomited, and he didn’t listen to his hands and feet, and he couldn’t even eat.When the family was not right, he immediately sent him to the hospital for emergency treatment.After an emergency examination, the doctor was judged as cerebral hemorrhage.

Clinically, the blood from the heart pumping from the blood vessels is transported to the system organs through the blood vessels.At this time, the pressure on the arterial wall is called "blood pressure".When the heart is tight, the pressure is high, and the pressure is low when expanding, but this is the so -called "systolic blood pressure" and "diastolic pressure"."Hypertension" is actually a situation of high blood pressure.

In most cases, hypertension has no subjective symptoms.However, hypertension is one of the risk factors of arteriosclerosis progress. If it is not treated for a long time, it can cause myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.The characteristics of patients with hypertension are not only cerebral infarction, but also cerebral hemorrhage, that is, the risk of stroke is very high.

In addition, hypertension can cause heart failure and kidney damage.Kidney disease can also cause hypertension, so be careful, because hypertension can reduce renal function. When renal insufficiency occurs, hypertension will become worse.In real life, blood pressure is easy to fluctuate, such as smoking, drinking and caffeine.

Cardiovascular disease is currently the largest risk factor in global death. Among them, "hypertension" also affects the safety of 1.3 billion people. Those with hypertension are more likely to face the risk of severe cardiovascular disease.However, research on "Hypertension Research" recently found that in the common fruit "plums" in my country, it is rich in antioxidant substances, which may help reduce the chance of hypertension.

Research teams from the University of Tianpu in the United States, through the test and analysis of mice models, discusses the potential benefits of Plum and Plum Polyzon.The research team first injected vascular contraction II. (Angiotnsinii., Angii.) To induce high blood pressure in the mouse; then divided the mice into two groups: the experimental group was fed the plum concentrated juice, and the control group was only being used for only being being fed.Feed boiled water.

After 2 weeks of data analysis, it was found that hypertrophy appeared in the inside of the aorta of the control group; the experimental group mice that consumed the plum concentration liquid had weakened the inner hypertrophy of the aort the aorta, and there was no hypertensive condition.Studies have also found that plum concentrated juice can appropriately reduce the number of immune cells, and immune cells are usually an important guide to inflammation related to hypertension.

Dr. Jiangkou Wu, who is one of the research authors, said that Li Zi has the effect of preventing cells from converting from "aerobic metabolism" to "sugar -solving". This phenomenon is common in patients with hypertension.In addition, the chemical composition in plums can protect the human body from the impact of oxidation stress reaction; oxidation stress reaction is one of the risk factors that cause inflammation and vascular sclerosis and lead to severe cardiovascular disease.

This animal test shows that plums may have the potential to reduce the blood pressure value of patients with hypertension, and can prevent complications related to hypertension, such as myocardial infarction and stroke.However, it is important to emphasize that animal experiments do not always accurately reflect the complex cardiovascular pathology of human beings. Therefore, in the future, it must be included in the more human experiments with a larger sample number to confirm Li Zi’s benefit of cardiovascular.

Plums are widely used in Chinese or Japanese diets and are particularly common in China.In fact, the benefit of the body has been confirmed by a number of research institutes that if it can be appropriately added in the daily diet, it may bring the following benefits:

1. Help the gastrointestinal digestion.

"World Journal of Gastroenterology" research shows that eating plums may help improve digestion problems. Especially for people with gastroesophageal reflux, moderate consumption can improve the symptoms to a certain extent.

2. Prevent gastrointestinal diseases

"Molecular Nutricion & Food Research" studies pointed out that through food intervention measures dominated by frozen plums, gastrointestinal lesions such as inflammatory intestinal diseases (IBD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) have a protective effect.Studies believe that this phenomenon may be related to the characteristics of Lizi antioxidant and anti -inflammatory.

3. Anti -allergy effect

"Scientific Reports" published research states that allowing mice to take foods containing Japanese plum ingredients can reduce allergic reactions with allergic mice with allergens.Studies have expressed that there are at least 5 compounds in plums, which can inhibit allergens mediated by IGE.

4. Reduce the risk of obesity

Studies published by "Scientific Reports" also believe that Lizi has natural antioxidant and anti -inflammatory characteristics, which helps to alleviate chronic inflammation caused by obesity.

Remind everyone that even if the edible plum has the above -mentioned potential benefits, because the plum contains high fruit acid, excessive intake can cause stomach discomfort, and it should still be based on the right amount when eating.In addition, the unfamiliar plums have "hydrocyanic acid", which can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and palpitations. Therefore, when consumed, the cooked and slightly soft plums should be mainly used to avoid the impact on the body.

The first stage of hypertension treatment is lifestyle correction, and the second stage is to treat drugs (anti -hypertension drugs) with blood pressure.First, let’s improve our habits from the following points.

■ Salt limit: The salt intake of salt intake should be less than 6 grams per day.Food is usually marked as "sodium", but it is not "sodium = salt".Let’s remember the formula "sodium (g) × 2.5 = salt (g)".In addition, try to eat a balanced diet, such as eating more fruits, vegetables and fish. Be careful not to eat too much fat from meat and luxury foods.

■ Weight loss: In the case of hypertension with obesity, weight loss can usually improve blood pressure by 4 to 5 kg.Daily exercise is one of the excellent treatment methods called "exercise therapy".It is good to start from your own actual situation, but the goal is to do aerobic exercise 30 minutes a day, such as walking.

■ Limited wine: After drinking, blood pressure will decrease for several hours, but long -term drinking will lead to increased blood pressure.For men, Japanese drinks are limited to about 1 cup per day.

If the blood pressure has not been fully reduced after changing the above lifestyle, drug treatment begins.However, due to the risk of diabetes, chronic kidney disease and myocardial infarction, patients with cardiovascular disease are very high, so drug treatment should be started immediately after the lifestyle correction.

There are five main types of anti -hypertension drugs.If one drug is insufficient, it can be increased to two or three.Most of them are taken once a day, but if the blood pressure fluctuates greatly during the day, it can be divided into morning and evening.In addition, blood pressure fluctuates according to the season, so in summer, when blood pressure decreases, the drug may temporarily reduce or discontinue drugs.

In order to provide the best treatment, it is very important to monitor blood pressure every day.When the blood pressure of anti -hypertension drugs is stabilized, some people stop taking the medicine and believes that they have cured, but the blood pressure inhibited by drugs after stopping the drug usually increases again, so please do not stop and consult the doctor without authorization.

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