Eating chestnuts in late autumn, there are 6 major health benefits. What do you know?

I saw a colleague’s neighbor before, and her face was like a dish, and she was sick all day. So I discussed with my colleagues and I suggested that she eat several chestnuts a day, almost five to ten.It was improved, Su Zhe had a poem: "Go to the old and feet disease, Shan Weng serves the old prescription, and the guest came to Yue Morning and the evening, and the three swallows collect white jade pulp."The health effect of chestnuts.

In late autumn, I believe that everyone has an incomprehensible bond with chestnuts. At this time, the sugar stir -fried chestnuts in the streets and alleys, butter chestnuts are fragrant, impressed everyone’s taste buds, and also gained a lot of people.The heart, but the role of chestnuts is not limited to satisfying the taste buds, it also hides many unknown secrets:

First, chestnuts contain many types of calcium and vitamins, especially the role of strong bones and bones, and can also promote fat metabolism.

Second, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, chestnuts have effective effects in treating kidney deficiency and weak waist and leg weakness.

Third, chestnuts contain soft dietary fiber, which can protect the stomach and intestines. The blood sugar is lower than the rice. It can take diabetic patients, strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the kidney and strengthen the heart.However, although there are soft dietary fiber, chestnuts also contain a lot of fat as dried fruits, and excessive use can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fourth, chestnuts are the legendary "king of dried fruit", because the starch, vitamins, fat, etc. contained in chestnuts are the nutrients required by the human body, and can even be used as a staple food.

Fifth, there is a substance called Huang Su in the chestnut. She can help treat oral ulcers and sores.

Sixth, chestnuts can eliminate edema. The potassium content in chestnuts is super high, which is about four times that of apples. Sodium elements remain in the body, which can easily cause cell edema. Sodium ions and potassium ion balance can prevent edema.

The role of chestnuts is tens of millions, but we must learn the correct way of eating.

1. The red dates and chestnuts are strong, including a large amount of trace elements and vitamins, nourishing kidney and qi, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the kidney and nourishing the gods.

2. The chestnut can also treat some diarrhea caused by the coldness of the spleen and stomach. The chestnut porridge made of chestnut and rice for a long time can be relieved.But do not consume excessive dried fruits with high calories.

3. The best time to eat chestnuts is between two meals. Eating chestnuts is strong and can be used as a weight loss meal between two meals.

4. It is best not to make dishes for chestnuts. The chestnut itself is very high. Cooking with oil fume will make the calories higher. Among them, six to seven chestnuts are higher than the calories of a bowl of rice.

State here that although many people like to eat sugar fried chestnuts and can’t stop when they eat, it is difficult to digest for raw food, cooked food is easy to stagnate, and the protein and starch content are very high, so although the chestnuts are good, but don’t eat more, don’t eat moreoh.

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