Eating durian on the high -speed rail caused heated discussion. Can you bring it?

Recently, a woman in Zhejiang ate durian on the high -speed rail that caused widespread attention from netizens. In this regard, netizens have discussed."Isn’t durian be able to bring the high -speed rail?" "It tastes so great, eating in the carriage affects others." "I really took this as my own home …"

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It seems that durian triggers public anger.So, can durian bring the high -speed rail?

On the official website of 12306, the reporter found two official documents: "Railway Passenger Transportation Regulations" and "Railway Passending, Restricting and Carrying and Cathefee Catalogs".

The former stipulates that "items that hinder public hygiene can damage or pollute vehicles must not carry a car with you."The latter lists "items with strong irritating odor or odor such as bad odor" as prohibited items that are prohibited and carried with you.

Although the word "durian" does not appear in the official documents, according to most people’s usual cognition, the description of stimulating odor and hindering public hygiene can correspond to "durian".Therefore, durian cannot get on the train, which is basically a consensus.

However, in the propaganda copy released by the railway department before May 1st this year, durian, snail powder, and stinky tofu were allowed to bring the train.However, the train has clear additional requirements on these items: to be sealed, do not eat in the car.

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This provision can be understood as a kind of goodwill and convenient measures in railway.Although eating durian is a bit smelly, durian will not pollute the air of the carriage when the durian is sealed.So durian can get on the train again.

Durian can get off the train in the state of sealed packaging, which is not equal to eating durian on the train.After all, durian food has a strong irritating smell, which will affect the surrounding passengers when eating.Those who have a little common sense and a little bit of public morality will not do things like eating durian on the train.

We can also understand some people’s love for durian. Eating durian is originally a personal freedom of life.However, it is necessary to understand the phrase "the honey of the A, the Cream of B".When a person’s freedom of eating durian affects public hygiene, keeping the law and talking about public morality becomes a must.

(Dragon Vision News Online)

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