Eating more during women’s pregnancy will help you expect

Many husbands and wives are eager to try their second child, and they all dream of their children.The first child is the daughter’s want to regenerate a boy, so how do you want to prepare for a boy?Actually, I don’t know what to do?But if you want to have a boy, women can adjust their diet during pregnancy, and eating more food may have a certain auxiliary effect!Women who are preparing to get pregnant began to eat more foods, foods containing potassium sodium, high -calorie foods, and rhizomes in grain in one month before pregnancy.


, Lily, carrot, big head vegetables, artemisia, nepeta, cabbage, cabbage, monkey head, black fungus, amaranth, white fungus, sweet potato (sweet potato), potato (potatoes), taro, Chammar, yam, onion, white (wild garlic) (wild garlic), Toon, leek, snow, 芫荽, sweet peppers, pumpkin, ginger, green onion, garlic, pepper, pepper, pepper.

Edible medicinal material

● Dendrobium, reed root, chrysanthemum, mint, yellow, white peony, western ginseng, sand ginseng, Cassia seed, yellow essence, ginseng, Poria, licorice, hosemark, sandworm, osmanthus, Sichuanxiong, astragalus, ginseng, Angelica, Cistanche, Eucommia, Atractylodes, Cinnamon.


● Kiwi, persimmons, mulberry, figs, sugarcane, banana, coriander, pear, pear, coriander, orange, Luo Han fruit, apple, grape, hawthorn, papaya, longan (longan), grapefruit, orange, lychee, lemon, peach, peach, peachCherry, mango.


● Soybean, chestnut, almond.


● Tea, wine, soy milk, milk, honey.


● Hot nature: alkali food

● Temperature: vinegar

● Cold: Salt

Recipe recommendation

● Cordyceps duck soup

◆ Method: Ducks chopped, washed, scalded, picked up.Wash the Cordyceps sinensis, put it in the stew cooker with the duck, add 6 bowls of water.After boiling with a high fire, turn to low heat until the duck meat is rotten, and finally add salt to season.

◆ Function: Qiangyang and tonic, replenish physical strength.Suitable for men’s physical weakness, inflammation of yang, and those who are often sore and numb and cold.Cordyceps sinensis is a good product for nourishing the lungs and kidney.

● Bluster chicken

◆ Method: Ginger was washed, sliced; the chicken legs were removed, and the bones were cleaned.Start with a oil pan, set the ginger slices, and then stir -fry the red.Put the ingredients into the pot, add 1/2 bowl of water and seasonings, and cook until the chicken is cooked and flavorful.When it is cool, remove the chicken, remove the cotton line slices, and then pour the juice.

◆ Function: Nourish qi and kidney, often itching in hands and feet, and those with rash should take more.

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