Edema during pregnancy!This can quickly improve edema during pregnancy

It is said that women in pregnancy are the most beautiful

But my feet are swollen, my legs are swollen, my hands are swollen

Even the neck is swollen and invisible, is it still beautiful?

Edema during pregnancy

It’s not just a question of beauty and ugliness

The serious one may be sick

How to identify "edema" and "gain weight"

In fact, mild edema will occur after pregnancy, which is normal.

If you want to distinguish whether you are edema during pregnancy, Mummy can pay attention to your feet and legs in the middle of pregnancy. If you find obvious swelling, and press the swelling part with your fingers, the skin will be obviously recessed and will not recover quickly.It may be edema during pregnancy.

What are the causes of edema during pregnancy

1 Endocrine changes

After pregnancy, endocrine function changes, estrogen and aldehyde solids increase the secretion, and the body’s water and sodium crickets are more, which can cause edema.

2 blood dilution

The blood capacity of the pregnancy increased during pregnancy, but the increase in red blood cells was not as large as the plasma, while the plasma protein did not increase, the blood was relatively thin, the plasma colloidation pressure decreased, and the water moved to the tissue gap and edema.

3 Blood flow back to the lower limbs is blocked

In the late pregnancy, the increased uterine compressed the lower cavity veins, which blocked the blood flow background of the lower body, and the venous pressure increased, causing edema of the lower limbs.

4 protein

The symptoms of proteinuria in pregnant women are a group of syndrome based on systemic arterial spasm as the basic lesion, which mainly manifested as elevated blood pressure, proteinuria and edema.

How to relieve edema during pregnancy

1 lying flat, raising your feet

Human heart is too far away from the feet, and the venous blood in the lower body is difficult to return to the heart.

When sleeping, lying flat, and sitting quietly, the feet are raised to promote the blood flow of the lower limbs back to the heart, and the edema is more likely to eliminate it.

2 Appropriate exercise

During exercise, muscles will have a contraction process, such as walking, massage, etc. This process can also reduce the problem of poor vein blood flow in the legs.Pregnant mothers can choose to take a walk, swim, or use the stairs to move up and down. These exercise methods can shrink the leg muscles well without causing excessive exercise and hurting the baby in the abdomen.

3 Pay attention to diet balance

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the amount of salt, and pay attention to quantitative intake cannot exceed the standard.Because of excessive salt, it is easy to cause edema of the body.

4 Pay attention to rest

Pregnant mothers should not stand for a long time.Standing, blood is piled in the lower limbs, which will increase edema.Pregnant mothers should sit or stay in bed.When resting, raise your legs to help blood flow and reduce the symptoms of edema.Generally speaking, the edema will be eliminated a lot after waking up every morning, but after a day of fatigue, edema will increase, so bed rest is a good medicine for the treatment of edema.

If pregnant mothers have edema during pregnancy, generally do not need to be treated.As long as you pay attention to rest, avoid standing for a long time, often raising your lower limbs, and eating less salt, edema will be reduced or faded.

5 Wear loose clothes

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, we must choose loose and warm clothes in clothes. Do not choose too tight underwear or coats. This can alleviate poor blood circulation in the lower limbs.Try to wear a comfortable and breathable soft -bottomed shoes as much as possible, you can properly wear elastic socks that help promote blood circulation.

It is worth noting that diuretic drugs should not be abused, because diuretic drugs can be excreted, which may lead to low potassium.If the edema is severe, it will be extended to the thighs and the weight increases rapidly (more than 1 catties per week), and the blood pressure rises. Check that the urine has protein, you should be alert to whether the pregnancy hypertension syndrome is met to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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