Editor’s recommendation: Sexual timetable during pregnancy

Many women have such questions after pregnancy, that is, whether they can still live sex during pregnancy. Here, kiss baby editors told mothers that they can live sex during pregnancy, but pay attention to grasping sex during pregnancy.The timetable, and some security matters, let’s take a look at the relevant details.

Sexual timetable during pregnancy:

3 months in the early pregnancy and 3 months before giving birth should not live sex life

Li Xiaoyi, chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, said that he did not advocate sexual life in the first three months of pregnancy and 3 months before giving birth.Three months of pregnancy, the embryo bed is still unstable, and a strong sex life will stimulate the uterine strong contraction and cause abortion.At the same time, men’s semen contains prostaglandins, which can also induce and strengthen uterine contraction.Three months before giving birth, due to changes in estrogen secretion and low sexual desire, men should not force their sexual life.And at this time, the pregnant woman’s uterus is relatively large. In sexual life, it will be injured by violent external forces, and it is easy to produce premature birth.In addition, the placenta may be stripped early, which is a relatively serious obstetric complications that can cause pregnant women with major bleeding or even pregnant women and fetuses.

Editor’s recommendation: Sexual timetable during pregnancy

You can enjoy "gentle love" in 4 months during pregnancy

"But it does not mean that you have been unable to live sex during pregnancy, and you have been abstaining." Experts proposed that from the 4th month of pregnancy to the 4th month of the 4th month, you can try sex life.After 3 months of pregnancy, the embryo has been formed. The fetus should grow and grow in the uterine cavity. The uterus generally go to the abdominal cavity. At this time, sexual life will not affect the health of the fetus.

However, sexual life during pregnancy is different, and the husband must be more gentle and careless for his wife.From a psychological perspective, pregnant women will be more sensitive, emotionally unstable, easy to feel nervous, and have a lot of concerns about sexual life.Increased, the chance of infection in sexual life increases, so both couples in sexual life must exhaust urine and clean the genitals. After the end of sexual life, pregnant women should clean the vulva in time.

In terms of sexual lifestyle, you should choose not to oppress the sexual intercourse posture of pregnant women. It is recommended to use side or rear in -type position. It will not compress the pregnant woman’s abdomen, but also effectively stimulate its sensitive belt.In addition, do not have too much strength in sex, do not have too fast speed, and do not exceed 10 minutes.

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