Eggs are super flavorful, adults and children are rushing to eat!

Small eggs are more nutritious, and you have a difficult way to eat.Can eggs still be fried?Everyone loves meals.Lucai classic slippery yellow vegetable, eat a new height of eggs.This issue of "Go Home" teaches you a different way of eating.

Two guests in this issue, one is a food enthusiast who is good at making eggs -Jin Yu, and the other is the chef of Jinglu cuisine -Xu Shiquan.

Although the eggs are delicious and nutritious, the white water boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and fried eggs are really tired.Jin Yu brought a simple and delicious egg food. The braised pork did not change, and everyone in the circle of friends liked it.

Question 1: How to choose eggs?

Nutritionist Chen Peiyi teaches you to pick eggs.You can use a glass of water to determine the freshness of the eggs. If the eggs are stored for a long time, the water of the eggs is lost, and the gas chamber on one side of the egg’s head will become larger, and the eggs will stand up in the water.

In the same volume, the sinking eggs are fresher.

Folk master dishes: curry fried eggs

The fried eggs are the most suck soup with curry and full of fragrance


Prepare ingredients

Three eggs are scattered in the large bowl, and two egg yolks are placed in the small bowl.

Tips: The eggs are foaming, which is more likely to have pores when fried, more fluffy, and more absorbing soup.

Method of fried eggs without rollover

Prepare two bowls, put three eggs in large bowls, and two egg yolks in small bowls.


Onion change knife

The onion is changed into a piece.


Fried egg

Add oil to the pot, insert the oil temperature to the chopsticks into the oil pan, pour the egg liquid when there are small bubbles. After the fried egg is formed, add two unsmozed egg yolks to make up for color, and remove it for about two minutes.

Tip: After the fried egg is formed, add two unsmozed egg yolks to make up for color.

Method of fried eggs without turning the car two

The chopsticks are inserted into the oil pan, there are small bubbles, and the oil temperature is just right.

Three ways to fried eggs without turning the car

Choose a small pot:

① better control the size of the fried egg;

② Fast and fuel -saving.

Question 2: Will this cooking method be lost?

This method does not have too much nutritional loss, but high temperature will destroy the unsaturated fatty acid part of the lecithin.


Stir -fry

Pour a little fried egg’s remaining oil in the pot, add the onion and stir -fry, add beef stuffing and stir fry, add milk and curry to stir, add fried eggs, sprinkle with black pepper powder and Xiaomi.

The delicious curry fried eggs are delicious and easy to learn.

The rice balls also provide some egg -style cooking methods.

Xiaoli Tour Liu Xiaoyu teaches everyone to make different poached eggs -cloud poached eggs.

Select raw sterile eggs, separate egg yolk and egg white, pass the egg white, put the egg white in the pot and heat it, pour the egg yolk fluid in the middle after heating, and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.

The rice ball Yang Lili taught everyone to make ice flower braised eggs.

The eggs are cooked and peeled. The green onions, ginger slices, pepper, large ingredients, and fragrant leaves are made into ingredients. The coriander leaves are affixed with the eggs on both sides of the eggs, wrapped the eggs with gauze, and wrapped with wires.

Put the halogen bag into the pot, add rock sugar, beer, old soy sauce, and raw soy sauce, put the eggs into the pot, add water, put it in the plate for 10-15 minutes, pour the marinade and soak for one night.

Next, chef Xu should bring a very good work, good, and particularly particular egg food -slipping yellow vegetables.

If you want to eat vegetables, you have to accept chef Xu’s test questions first.Which eggs do "osmanthus", "hibiscus", and "lying fruit" correspond to?

Osmanthus is a fried egg with all eggs.

The lying fruit is the shell of the egg, and the whole thing is cooked in the water.

Hibiscus is made from steamed, crickets, and oil oil.

Extra -grade chefs: 特 师 特

Lucai classic 吃 吃 典 典 典 典


Processing side dishes

Steamed the sea rice in advance, add sea rice water to the green pea, add chopped sea rice, enter 4 eggs, add chopped horseshoe, and add water (the total amount of water to the ratio of eggs is 1:1).

Tips: Add sea rice fragments to eggs to add fresh.

Question 3: Is the color of the eggshell and nutritional component?

The color of the eggshell has nothing to do with the nutrition of eggs. The color of the eggshell is related to the variety of chicken.

Question 4: Can the color of the egg yolk indicate the freshness of the egg?

"The more yellow the egg yolk is, the better", in fact, this is a misunderstanding.The color of the egg yolk is related to chicken feed, and has nothing to do with freshness and nutritional ingredients.



Add starch, salt, pepper and stir well.


Fried egg

Four percent of thermal oil temperature was poured into the egg liquid and fry it to a honeycomb.

The rich yellow vegetables are tender, the horseshoe is crispy, and the sea rice is delicious.

Eggs are a particularly good ingredients that must be consumed every day. The price is not expensive and highly nutritious.It ’s just that we usually eat eggs. Today, these two ways of fried and crickets provide new ways to eat eggs.Friends who love eggs, may wish to learn to do it at home!

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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