Eight months pregnant, but found that her husband was forgiven or chose to divorce?

I saw a question online today. I have been pregnant for eight months, but I found that my husband was derailed. My heart was very painful. I do n’t know if it is departure or inseparable. What should I do?

Men generally recommend inseparable. Most women are advised to leave. Women are also divided into two factions. Youth factions generally support them. Middle -aged factions generally support.

My suggestion respects your inner voice, everyone is outsiders, and what we see is surface.

Many things in the world are fans of the authorities, and the bystanders are clear, but the relationship is the opposite. It is a fan of bystanders and the authorities.

You listened to the two quarrels, crying for a while, and fell into the dish and fell the bowl for a while. After a while, there was a screaming bed. After a while, he found that the two people said and laughed.Essence

So when we are angry for female readers, she may be snuggling in her husband’s arms, and asking her husband sweetly, what is it better for us to give our baby?

Too much.

Men understand their women forgive themselves. After men, men will open those models. If women try to search for evidence, it is to push the man to push out and push to other people’s beds. This is the practice of most women.

The more you try to prove, the more you lose. Do you want to ask yourself, do you want to continue or divorce?Think about this first, and then decide how to do it. The result of your noise must be divorce.

If you want to continue, you must learn to understand men. Men have a man attribute. The attributes of men are restless, but men have another side. The outside world is wonderful. He also likes warm home.

Is there any smart woman, too many, do questionnaires, have you derailed your husband?Which woman firmly believes that her husband is not derailed, in fact, I can only be haha.

A elder sister said: I don’t care, but I know he must have been to those occasions, after all, business needs to be done.

Through some dialogue, I think this woman is not easy. He sees the man through the man, and the man is not disappointed with men, but is familiar with the attributes of men.

Women just matured so slowly. This is a process of growing up a woman. That is, he reads a man and no longer bet hard. Instead, he loses. There is a temperature at home, and the man is naturally willing to come back.

What is home?The place of peace of mind is home.The ancient literati and the nobles of the officials were derailed. You see that they either visit the Qinglou or have little concubines, and now these people are extremely loving.

It is the change of human nature, wrong, human nature has never changed, but it is only from bright to dark.

The psychological teacher asked a question. Your husband was arrested for a lady and had to be fined 5,000 yuan. Are you willing to lead?Basic youth is basically a little younger, and the older you are older.

One elder sister, her husband did business, did a good job. He wrapped a small three and a small three -born baby in the outside. He was very angry. The sisters talked about it.

Later, she divorced, and then she torn with the sisters, because she didn’t want to divorce at all, she just wanted him to come back.

When she was married, she found that the difference between ideals and reality was too great. If she wanted to go back, she couldn’t go back. She sprinkled all the resentment on the sisters. Why do you suggest that I divorce me to make me like this?

Many women are ruthless when they divorce. In fact, this is unrealistic at all, so I must constantly ask myself a question when divorcing. Can I find a better man?

In the future, unmarried people will become more and more popular. It is also a choice to not get married. Why do you have to get married?

But for women, marriage has a positive significance, that is, it can cover the wind and rain and provide dependence protection.

Why do women mostly victims when marriage fails?Because he does not have the ability to walk independently, he has always been dependent.

Psychological teachers often do an experiment, that is, let the two sons find the most comfortable posture together, and then the teacher suggested that the man evacuated quickly, but the woman screamed.

But the woman understood at that moment that the man he pressed was too tired. He did not add points to the family, but just reduced points. He was completely a man’s burden.

In contrast, the marriage in rural areas is more stable, because there is no gap between the couple, and the man has nothing to do with it. In a lifetime, you live like such a peace of mind. Would you like to marry such a man?

The reason why the first love is directly married is easy to divorce because he can’t accept betrayal. Instead, those women who have been talking about N times can operate the family very well, because he understands men, and the masters of picking girls are more likely to become good husbands and dads.

It’s not that he doesn’t bubble, but he won’t be able to sublimate feelings easily. At least he will not want to elope, and he will not want to get married. Everyone just talks about falling in love and sleeping.

As for the divorce together, he won’t, because he knows what is going on, he knows that the family is his destination. No matter who play with and who loves, he will not touch the red line of the familyEssence

Do you choose to forgive, or do you choose to divorce after the man derailed?Everyone is welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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