Encountered scum men’s infection!Small problems that girls need to pay attention to when preparing for pregnancy

Yesterday, a little girl came from my department to check for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.Knowing a scum man, he was panicked all day, worried about the poor disease infected, and the depressed psychology was unhealthy.I suggested that she went to the Center for Disease Control to check HIV. The little girl was very cautious, and came to the clinic for a conventional (STD) examination.

The little girl started to be uneasy and checked various information on the Internet.Repeatedly asked in the clinic: Will it be infertile in the future?Is there a big side effect of antibiotics?… …

In fact, this is a disease of chlamydia infection in the common female reproductive tract in the clinic.I sort out the common outpatient problems about mycoplasma:

Ms. A: Doctor A, I usually pay attention to hygiene and very clean.Is my husband going out blindly?

Ms. B: Doctor, mycoplasma has been treated for 3 months. Why do some hospitals say that they do n’t need to treat, some hospitals say that treatment is to be treated. You said that in the final analysis or not, my mother -in -law kept urging me to ask for a child.

Ms. C: Doctor, I am 27 -year -old infected mycoplasma. After 3 years of treatment, I still have no good. Can I get pregnant?

Ms. D: Doctor, what should I do?I am pregnant, but do you think that the original body is positive and has a great impact on the baby?

……, and so on, are common problems for outpatient clinics, explained one by one.

1. What is mycoplasma?

The most common is non -gonococcal urethritis in the gynecological urogenital tract infection and is a sexually transmitted disease.The incidence is increasing.Among the pathogens in the infection of gynecological urology, the pathogen of mycoplasma is common, and mycoplasma is the most common in the mycoplasma.disease.

2. Paraphorital, or governance or not?

Mycoplasma is very common in female reproductive tract, but many people are carriers. They have no symptoms and signs. In other words, they are not ill.If you cultivate positive, you need a doctor to evaluate whether to treat it, but as a "fixed -value bacteria" for urology, it will cause infection under specific conditions.This is why doctors say treatment, some say that they do not treat, and their views are different.

The separate mycoplasma is not cured; if the chlamydia and gonococci are encountered, pelvic inflammatory disease will be used; if bacteria are encountered, bacterial vaginitis occurs; when it encounters chlamydia, it becomes non -gonococcal urethritis.

3. Is mycoplasma positive?What to do during pregnancy?

The mycoplasma is a conditional pathogenic microorganism. The examination is positive, the body is strong, and there is no symptoms. It is not accompanied by other microorganisms infection; there is no need to treat or wait for negative and then consider pregnancy.There are no reports of mycoplasma that causes adverse pregnancy that is simply parasitic and reproductive urology.

However, the number of mycoplasma infections is large, and it is accompanied by other microbial infections. The immune system cannot fully play the function of immune protection and inhibitory, which will cause vaginitis, cervicitis, and intrauterine infection. This situation will be treated in time.

If chlamydia is infected during pregnancy, it is important to attach great importance, actively check, and prevent infection, because there are bad pregnancy ending such as placenta breaks and premature birth.

Finally, emphasize again:

1. Female reproductive urology is regular, with high positive rate.

2. If the simple carrier has no symptoms of reproductive tract infection, no other microbial infection is merged; no treatment is required.

3. If the symptoms disappear after treatment, only the carrier, and no treatment.

4. If there is no merging infection during pregnancy, no treatment is required.

5. During the period of positive treatment, we must take contraception.

6. Consider pregnancy before treatment, prevent chlamydia infection during pregnancy.

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