Entering the three methods of monitoring the fetus at home at home, the expectant mothers must master

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No matter how careless women are, once they are pregnant, they become expectant mothers, and they will become gentle and careful.

Feeling the growth of life in the belly, you will gradually feel disturbing at the same time, especially when you see the expected date of expenses, and your mood is even more nervous, you are afraid that there will be any accidental lost baby.

Babies may be born at any time in the third trimester, and the checkup will become frequent. After three differences, they have to go to the hospital for examination. After returning home, they have to check all kinds of information according to the doctor’s words, and they are afraid of negligence.

However, the body is tired and mentally nervous, and it is not beneficial to the pregnant mother and the fetus in the abdomen. They still know more about the relevant knowledge. At home, they can also monitor the health of the fetus and get the feedback in time to raise the fetus with peace of mind.

The fetus will mature according to a certain rule. The most afraid of entering the third trimester is the fetal hypoxia, no matter how careful it is.The following is the three methods to monitor whether the fetus is healthy at home.

If the skin is often itchy, although itching is uncomfortable, the skin’s appearance has not changed. After changing the fitted clothing, it will not improve. Don’t ignore it. You need to consider whether the possibility of bile acid is high.

It is recommended to go to the hospital to draw blood for hepatobiliary examination.

Previously, a pregnant mother had eight weeks of pregnancy and itchy skin, so she had a blood test under the doctor’s advice and found abnormalities, but no problem was found at the belly biliary color ultrasound.

The high bile acid is related to pregnancy. The changes in hormones during pregnancy will affect the liver function of Baoma. With the development of the fetus, the uterus is increasingly increased. The gallbladder is squeezed by the uterus and causes excessive bile secretion, forming bile retention.

As a result, the result is that the total bile acid is higher than the standard level, and this situation occurs in the third trimester.

Of course, there are many reasons for itching of the skin. It is not necessarily that the bile is high, but after eliminating other circumstances, there is still no solution, it is more secure to do a blood test as soon as possible.


If the total amount of bile acid is drawn, if it is found to be exceeded, the doctor will arrange a color Doppler to see the hepatitis and gallbladder state.

If there is no problem in the color Doppler ultrasound, you can judge that it is caused by pregnancy. You need to obey the doctor’s diagnosis results and take the medicine adjustment. At the same time, the doctor will tell you to return to the hospital regularly.

two.Listen to the fetal heart and count the fetal movement

The heart of the fetal heart refers to the heartbeat of the fetus, usually you can hear the baby’s heartbeat after six months. At this time, the standard is 90-110 times/min.Essence

Determine the position of the fetal heart during the checkup, and then you can use a stethoscope to detect the fetal heart ~

Keep lying flat, lying on your back, straightening your legs, put the stethoscope in the position of the fetal heart, and quietly count the heartbeat every day to three times a day.

Everyone knows that the fetal movement can feel that after 18-20 weeks, you can feel that the baby moves around in the stomach, and it is very lively.

The number of fetal movements is healthy within the range of 20-30, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination less than or more than this value.

The pregnant mother placed her hands gently on the abdomen in the way of lying on or sideways. Three times a day, three times, one hour each time, count the number of fetal movements of the baby, and then calculate the average value and then take 12 hours. It is 12 hours. It is 12 hours.The number of fetal movements in the inside.


The fetal movement is linked to the fetal heart, and the heartbeat of the fetus will accelerate during activity, but the fetal heart will immediately recover immediately after calm down.

When the fetus is severely hypoxic, the blood vessels are constantly shrinking to obtain more blood and oxygen, and the heart of the heart is high -voltage. Because it feels uncomfortable, the fetus will instinctively move.

When the oxygen continues to decrease, the fetus will reduce the frequency of fetal movement due to lack of energy due to hypoxia.

Therefore, if you find that the fetal movement suddenly becomes particularly frequent, and then it is almost about to stop, pay attention, and the probability is that the baby is hypoxic.


Do not fall down on regular delivery. Usually pay attention to the frequency of fetal heart and fetal movement at home. It is best to be performed after meals when digital movement, because the fetus is more active at this time.

three.Measured value

You can judge the development of the fetus through the growth of the abdominal circumference and palace height.

The fetus receives oxygen and nutrition from the mother through the placenta in the uterus. If the oxygen is lacking, the development will be slow, and the growth rate of the high palace and abdomen circumference will naturally be slow.


If the fetus is only slightly hypoxic, it is only reflected in the slow development, unlike a severe response like medium and intensity hypoxia (such as the sudden decrease in or increased by fetal movement), so it is not easy to detect.

However, the doctor will measure the abdominal circumference and the palace high during the check -up. If the fetus is small, the fetus will be warned, and the pregnant mother should take it to heart.

Still the old saying, do not fall down on a regular checkup.

Each pregnancy week, the fetal failure stage has corresponding indicators. The layman does not know that the pregnant mother does not have enough experience to distinguish, but the doctor can scientifically judge the instrument.

In short, do not use the standards of other pregnant mothers around me to measure themselves. There are differences in personal constitution, and do not superstitize old experience.

The problem of hypoxia in the fetus can be light or heavy. Pregnant mothers should pay close attention but don’t be too anxious.Pay attention to regular production inspection, balanced diet, and eat more foods containing folic acid and iron to ensure sufficient nutrients in the blood to supply tire babies.

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