Everyone knows that pregnancy should be supplemented with folic acid, but many expectant mothers did not make up …

Supplementing folic acid 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months after pregnancy can prevent neural tube deformities in the fetus, which is almost common sense every expectant mother knows.However, when the specific implementation, supplementing folic acid is not just as simple as swallowing a medicine.

For pregnant mothers, folic acid deficiency or excess can cause adverse consequences.Today, the experts of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Liangjiang New District, Chongqing, will tell you about supplementing folic acid.

The consequences of lack of folic acid

1. Fetal nerve tube deformity

During the early development of the mother, the fetus needs to develop and close the neural tube.If the amount of folic acid is not enough, the neural tube is abnormal, which will cause the baby’s congenital deformity, such as brain swelling, brainless, low intelligence, spine bales, and so on.Studies have found that women insist on taking 400 micrograms of folic acid every day within one month before pregnancy and three months of pregnancy, which can reduce the probability of baby’s neurotic malformation by 50%to 70%.

2. Fetal diseases such as congenital diseases, cleft lip and palate

The first three months of pregnancy is an important period for the formation of placenta formation with the baby’s organs.If pregnant women lack folic acid, they will cause the baby to have organs such as cardiovascular, bones, lips, eyes, and kidneys.

3. Pregnancy response

As one of the members of the vitamin B group, folic acid can not only reduce the early pregnancy reaction, but also supplement nutrients lost due to vomiting.

4. Pregnant women and fetal anemia

Many expectant mothers have symptoms of anemia during pregnancy. This is mainly because the baby is in the mother’s body and will "grab" the mother’s serum iron because of the growth needs.If the mother’s folic acid is insufficient, anemia will form.For a long time, the baby will cause hypoxia due to the anemia of the maternal body, and severe cases can cause the consequences of premature birth or even dead tires.The mother will also cause pregnancy poisoning because of anemia, the uterine contraction is weak during childbirth, and the postpartum resistance is slow to recover slowly.

5. Nervous system development abnormality

Folic acid has a great role in promoting the production of baby DNA and the formation of placenta. The mother’s body obtains sufficient folic acid, which can effectively promote the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

6. Pregnant women suffer from sigwood epilepsy

Syndicity eclampsia is a hypertension disease that women are easily suffering from the baby. Supplementing sufficient amount of folic acid can reduce the risk of the disease.

The consequences of excessive folic acid

When supplementing folic acid daily, many mothers think that there is so much harm to lack of folic acid, so as to blindly supplement folic acid.However, excessive folic acid can also lead to a series of adverse consequences.

Taking folic acid for a long time will interfere with the metabolism of zinc in the human body and lead to zinc deficiency.The deficiency of expectant mothers not only affect her own health, decreases immunity, increases pregnancy reactions, decreased appetite, but also affects the baby’s growth and development.

At present, there are two main types of folic acid tablets on the market, one is specifically provided to pregnant mothers and expectant mothers, and the other is mainly used to treat the giant red blood cell anemia caused by the lack of folic acid.The content of folic acid of these two folic acid tablets is very different. The first one is 0.4 mg, and the latter one is 5 mg, which is 12.5 times the difference. Be sure to pay attention when taking it.

Folic acid supplement common misunderstanding

1. If you take folic acid, you will definitely not have neurotransmitter deformity?

Foetic acid tablets can reduce the risk of neural tube deformities in the baby, which does not mean that it can be avoided as long as it is taken.Although folic acid deficiency is an important cause of neural tube malformations, genetic factors and environmental factors cannot be ignored. These factors cannot be avoided by supplementing folic acid.

2. Food supplement replacement of medicine supplements?

Some expectant mothers feel that taking pills are not as safe as food supplements. If you can supplement, try not to take medicine.Although green leafy vegetables, fruits, and animal liver contain a lot of folic acid, folic acid stability is poor, and the loss of food in the process of storage, processing and cooking is as high as 50%to 90%, especially heating to the greatest destruction of folic acid.Therefore, the daily standards that are almost unavailable through food supplementation can reach 0.4 mg of daily.

Some surveys have shown that the average dietary folic acid intake of women in my country is less than 0.266 mg per day.If the part of the cooking loss is reduced, the actual intake is less than 0.2 mg, which is far lower than the 0.4 mg recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society and the World Health Organization.Therefore, it is necessary to take folic acid tablets. As long as you take it according to the guidance of the doctor, there will be no side effects, and expectant mothers do not have to worry.


The obstetrics and gynecology department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Liangjiang New District in Chongqing is a comprehensive room that integrates gynecology, obstetrics, and family planning.The department has cervical cancer screening and treatment qualifications, professional medical teams, and mature diagnosis and treatment techniques.

The department currently has electronic vaginal mirrors, multi -parameter guardians, ultrasonic drug transparent treatment instruments, infrared microwave therapy instruments, postpartum rehabilitation therapy instruments, breast low -frequency pulse therapy instruments, and bilateral thrombotic air pressure treatment instruments.Carbide laparoscopy, laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, yin -type surgery, cervical surgery, various malignant tumor surgery, cesarean section, dystocia and masturbation, etc.At the same time, it can carry out characteristic treatment such as supplementary treatment of menopause syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical disease, postpartum rehabilitation, and private treatment of women.

Jin Chan’s Deputy Director and Deputy Chief Physician

Member of the China Elderly Health Association Menopausal and Gynecological Endocrine Branch, Member of the Maternal and Child Health Medical Beauty Commission.He has been engaged in obstetrics and obstetrics for more than 20 years. He has participated in minimally invasive surgery training at Xinqiao Hospital, Southwest Hospital, Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Maternal and Gynecological Hospital, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, etc.It is especially good at diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as repeated abortion, precision fetal protection, endocrine disorders, infertility and other diseases and minimally invasive surgery of gynecological science.

Deputy Chief Physician Liu Qing

He graduated from Chongqing Medical University and has been engaged in clinical work of obstetrics of 20 years.Can be proficient in operating planning surgery, cesarean section, laparoscopic ectopic pregnancy, ovarian tumor, uterine fibroid removers, uterine resection, yin -type uterine resection and other surgery; good at hysteroscopic examination and surgery, gynecological endocrine disorders, menopausal diseases, menopausal diseases, Treatment of infertility, infertility.

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