Unexpected pregnancy is a topic that every woman can’t get around, especially when the woman has not yet prepared the corresponding preparation, and suddenly finds that she is pregnant. What should I do at this time? Below, we will explain in detail about the accident after the accident.What should I do.[Add WeChat: zyxj7343] One -to -one troubles to solve your accidental pregnancy for you

First, determine if you are pregnant

Menalizing menstruation is the main sign of normal women’s pregnancy, but it is not applicable for women with irregular menstruation.In order to determine whether they are pregnant, women themselves can determine through early pregnancy reactions such as rising body temperature, nausea and vomiting, breast changes, etc., or buy early pregnancy test strips to determine.

It should be noted that early pregnancy reactions and early pregnancy test strips determine that there will be errors in pregnancy, and it is a more accurate way to go to the hospital for blood HCG testing and B -ultrasound.Therefore, if women suspect that they are pregnant, they still have to go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis.

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Second, consult a doctor, choose "stay" or "flow"

For many women, it is often difficult to choose after the accidental pregnancy.At this time, doctors are needed to conduct psychological counseling to help reduce anxiety and make favorable decisions.If you don’t plan to have children, artificial abortion surgery should be performed as soon as possible.

If you plan to keep the child, the doctor will inform women of some early pregnancy precautions, and give some suggestions in life according to the physical condition of women, as well as the time and related matters of the birth inspection.

If you plan to flow off the child, the doctor will inform the flow of people, the way of abortion, and precautions for postoperative and postoperative surgery.Make women not affect the body while flowing out of the accident.

Warm reminder: Regardless of whether the child is "stay" or "flow", you must choose a regular hospital.Especially if you plan to be a flow of people, you must not be greedy for cheap private drug flows or go to the small clinic to flow. This is not responsible for your own life and health.

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