Except for pregnancy factors, is middle -aged women still have milk secretion?Doctor: It is not recommended to eat


This is Dr. Shen’s health science for you. This article will secrete it around milk to answer your questions!

With the age of age, the reproductive organs are gradually developing and mature, and they gradually become a woman’s posture. Instead, they become a woman. The biggest manifestation is a different chest from men.Women’s breasts are larger than men, and women contain breasts, and this is not that men do not, so they seem to be very distinguished on the surface.

And women will also become a mother in the future, so the role of breasts can secrete milk, nurture babies, and breasts can also affect the beauty of women’s shapes, and can also affect women’s blood, so everyone must protect the breasts wellHealth, so that women can maintain a healthy and beautiful attitude!

But why do middle -aged women still have some milk secrete?What happened?Can infants and young children consume in this case?It is recommended that you take the corresponding understanding measures!

After childbirth, due to the effect of progesterone, women can produce milk. In order to feed the baby with breast milk, milk can last for a long time, which is related to the physical condition of each mother.Some people have a strong milk, and they will last long.

During this time, my mother needs to feed her baby. This is breastfeeding. Human milk is the most nutritious, which is not surprising.In one case, a middle -aged life has given birth to children. After eating milk, weaning, and even weaning for many years, the breasts always have milk flowing out, which may be caused by the following reasons.

Physiological phenomenon

If breastfeeding is stopped within one year, most women will still secrete a small amount of milk. In the middle and late pregnancy, some pregnant women can squeeze out a little light colors from bilateral breasts, swelling, nipple erection, and short -term milk.Women enter the menopause, and some women secrete a small amount of milk because of endocrine disorders.


If 58 -year -old patients have breast milk, nipples are generally considered to be caused by increasing prolactin secretion.Patients are advised to go to the hospital for six hormone examinations.

Breast duct expansion

This disease is mainly related to estrogen’s abnormal effect on breast ducts, abnormal autoimmune function, and bacterial infection, which leads to abnormal increased endocrine endocrine and can be white secretions. Therefore, it looks like 40 years old and milk.A manifestation of liquid.

Breast cysts appear

The nipples of women’s nipples are usually caused by cysts, and cysts are usually infected during breastfeeding.Because of the skin damage, bacteria invade tissue and cause infection.

The liquid flowing out of the nipple may be pus, and the breasts may become red, swollen and fever.The treatment method is to discharge the pus in the chest through surgery, or use antibiotics to fight inflammation.


If a 58 -year -old patient has breast milk, it can be considered caused by breast hyperplasia.When breast hyperplasia occurs, some patients will have nipple itching and secretions.

You can go to the hospital for a color Doppler or breast X -ray examination, and you should take some drugs that condition the body. Pay attention to the light diet, drink plenty of water, avoid staying up late, and pay attention to healthy diet.

Breast milk is the most natural and nutritious food. For newborn babies, breast milk is rich in protein, fat and sugar, which is easy to absorb.Breast milk contains more albumin and less casein. Fat in breast milk is unsaturated fatty acid and has high nutritional value.

And it is very helpful for the development of central nervous system, skull and intracranial brain cells.Therefore, breast milk can be eaten, but you must pay attention to developing good hygiene habits, clean the breasts with warm water, and keep the parts clean and dry.

It is recommended to eat more nutritious and digestible foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, enhance physical fitness, and improve immunity.When breastfeeding, you must pay attention to maintaining a good posture and good hygiene habits. Adults can also be eaten. During breastfeeding, you can empty milk as much as possible.

However, middle -aged women’s breasts are sick and may be related to abnormal hormone levels in the body, hypothalamus or pituitary tumors.The milk secreted by this part of the crowd is abnormal, and the milk cannot be eaten, which can easily cause stomach pain.

Slowing intestinal peristalsis leads to symptoms such as accumulating food, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, etc., which will cause some harm to the baby’s health.

Affect body type: If you breastfeed your baby, your mother needs to strengthen nutrition, such as eating more high -protein soup foods, diverse diet, so that it is easy to cause obesity and change the body shape, and it may cause breast sagging when obesity.

The reduction of nutrients in the body: Breast milk is mainly converted from the nutrients in the body. After transforming it into breast milk, the nutrients in the body will decrease.If you do not replenish nutrition in time, your body may become weak.

Do not pay attention to hygiene or squeeze breasts during breastfeeding, which can easily cause mastitis, body fever, breast pain, severe purulent, etc.If the feeding posture is incorrect, it will cause the mother’s nipples to crack.

If the mother’s heart function is abnormal, breastfeeding will increase the burden, which will increase the risk of heart failure.Therefore, it is not easy to be a mother. Girls grow up healthy, have their own children, and become mothers. This is a huge leap. Women need to take relevant nursing measures.

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