Exposure Cai Xukun’s one -night stand to cause girls to get pregnant!Girls’ abortion pictures, Mother Cai sent people to track recording exposure

"Chicken Brother" Cai Xukun is going to turn over this time!

Following powder, abortion, tracking, pinhole camera, sealing fee … Which keywords are enough for him to drink a pot, not to mention it is full.

Later, a three -babies broke out. This car drove faster than Li Youtian’s Wuling Hongguang. It was really exciting. It was difficult to not flip!

Netizens shouted, "Did you have a chicken?"

After two years of breaking the news, is it the female lead borrowing "chicken" to have eggs, or "chicken brother" and the beginning of discarding?

Cai Xukun, who burst into fire overnight, can be said to be because of a song or a stalk.

A song "Just because you are too beautiful" is lived alive as "Chicken, you are too beautiful". Since then, the chicken brother has become another name of Cai Xukun, and the fire is all over the country.In the promotional film, "two and a half years", "mid -headed head", "strap pants", and "sing and jump rap playing basketball" are also fun by netizens.

Cai Xukun’s attitude also changed from the initial anger, lawyer’s letter, to habit, and then he directly played his own stalk.

The bigger the black, the more scolding, the more hot he is, and the absolute black and red world flows.

Cai Xukun was hacked all the way into a real top flow. Entering the top variety show "Run" also proves his identity.

Renhong will inevitably provoke right and wrong, and those who are real or false will come to the door.

Yesterday’s melon was bruised all over the entertainment industry. This big melon is a hot summer meal given to everyone by "chicken brother".

This melon is sweet and not sweet, you taste it yourself, but it is cooked, and you will blow up as soon as you touch it.

A conscience entertainment named "Mr. C is too brave". If you do n’t play, you do n’t play. He directly hit the theme. Cai Xukun has a relationship with a girl in Beijing in 2021. As soon as he enters the soul, the heroine is pregnant.

One month later, the girl aunt did not visit on time. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant.

C girls in contact with Cai Xukun told him that he was pregnant, and Cai Xukun would never allow the child to be born, so let the female lead be removed.

It is said that at this time, hurry up the good after the good, the sealing fee is enough, and the matter is very happy.

Mom Cai was on the stage at this time. She felt that her baby son was set. After asking, she learned that Cai Xukun did not take any "gangbao" measures at the time.

Mom Cai is also a savvy person, but this time it is a bit savvy. On the one hand, find someone to communicate with the female lead and the problem of sealing fees. On the one hand, find someone to follow the female lead, and illegally install a pinhole camera at the door of the heroine’s house.

In the live broadcast room, the whole paparazzi explained the whole thing in detail. The heroine also held the hospital to prove that she appeared in the live broadcast room, and it was clear that she was going to hammer.

Some netizens speculated that it was said that it had been paid 500,000 a sealing fees at that time. After two years, the female lead broke the news because it was more and more popular now.So it was destroyed if it was not available?

Seeing the lively netizens who are not afraid of Gua Da directly shouted Cai Xukun, "I originally thought that the chicken was not a stalk, but I didn’t expect it to be a realistic song."

Even if the incident progressed to such a wonderful point, it was not over, and more news came later.

According to the news, Cai Xukun had three babies, one was born with the big coffee in the circle, the other was Jerry, and the Fujian female fans. According to rumors, the Fujian female fans were not as adult during pregnancy.

This allows netizens to eat melon to say that melon is large and more, and one melon and three babies can’t eat it.

Once the big hammer of this circle, the big coffee cannot be spared.

After smashing the sledgehammer, Cai Xukun has not made any sound so far. Netizens said that this was a dumb mouth of the hammer, and was busy preparing to apologize for the public relations.

At present, this two points are worthy of attention. In any case, tracking and illegally installation of cameras to monitor others, Mom Cai can’t escape legal sanctions.

Another point is whether the minor Fujian female fans have a relationship, whether they are 14 years old. If they are under the age of 14, then no matter whether the woman is voluntary, Cai Xukun will inevitably fall in prison.

Even if you lucky to escape the disaster of prison, it is difficult to start this bowl of rice in the future.

A melon stirred thousands of waves, and it was also the world’s first -line luxury brand Prada.

Prada’s "Fan" crusher curse was still not broken, and the top six stars endorsed by Prada did not escape the curse.

On the one hand, everyone is amazed on the vision of Prada’s "poison", and on the other hand, they are sweating for the only spokesperson Li Xian.

After the big melon landed, the netizens worried that the "chicken brother" was played in the future.

With the national punch of the inferior artist, the blood of the previous car was not done, and Cai Xukun once again topped the wind, which was just one class.

I don’t know if he should be courageous or contempt for authority.

In short, everyone continues to eat melon and wait for more hammer, Cai Xukun’s tail juice!

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