Exposure of senior actor scandals!When I went to bed with the company’s female boss, the woman was pregnant and had children afterwards

On March 31, there was a big melon in the entertainment industry. The well -known paparazzi recorded the video of the recording video, saying that a popular married male actor actually went to bed with the female boss of his agency, and the female boss was pregnant.Essence

It is reported that this actor is about 40 years old, but is still a popular actor in the entertainment industry. According to influence and achievements, it is a relatively "senior" existence in the field of film and television, because this actor has many classic works., Also harvested a large number of loyal fans.

However, the bright and bright surface does not mean that male stars are perfect in private. In terms of private life, this "senior" male star, like the small fresh meat that can’t control his body, has an unknown "story".

It turned out that this "senior" actor once had a relationship with the female boss of his agency’s company. I do n’t know if the two work together all year round, or the physical communication between the boss and the artist. In shortPeople are intimate in a quilt.

If this is the case, it is not a big melon, the hidden rules of the workplace, and the exchanging resources between artists and bosses, they are all adults’ own choices.

But the problem is that when the male star and the female boss did not know whether there was no security measures when they had a relationship, or the two were some of them at the time, the measures were not ready, anyway, the female boss was pregnant after going to bed!

If you change to a normal person, there is a probability that you will not want this child. After all, it is unlikely that the female boss and the male star are unlikely to go to the marriage hall, and it is unlikely to cooperate together to the end, so even if this child is born, it may be a father.No mother or a mother without a father.

Surprisingly, the female boss finally chose to give birth to the child, and concealed all netizens and fans, and quietly raised the child. At present, this child is in Shanghai.primary school.

It can be seen that the female boss is actually a little emotional about male stars. Not only the child who retains the male star. Papaya also said that the male star actually had a "girlfriend" before, but this girlfriend was "supplying the fire in the fire."And" picking "broke up. From this, it can be seen that, in addition to the simple superior relationship between male stars and female bosses, there is actually a layer of" lover "in it.

However, things are wrong. This "senior" male artist has long been married, and the female boss is currently a "married" state. The two have their own families. They just regret that the children of the two are children. I don’t know how to grow up.of.

It is not known whether the female boss was raised as her own child, or the two invited the nanny and aunt to take care of us outside, but the actor and the female boss did it really destroyed the three views.

Male stars or female stars and other people sleep are common, but to say that there is a living child, this is too rare.

For the identity of this male star, many netizens have speculated that the name in their minds. I see a netizen and nickname "High School Mathematics Pointing King" who is nicknamed "left -handed and right -handed year".The name is that he is only forty years old and is still hot now.

Indeed, Hu Ge seems to be from a young fire to this day. Even if he has suffered from the face of a car accident, he still cannot stop his personal charm, and Hu Ge is married, and it is still senior in the entertainment industry.Breaking the news.

But the problem is that the owner of the company of Hu Ge before seems to be a man, and he has never heard of what he has in private life. Paparas have taken him for so long and have never taken anything. If Hu Ge is reallyThere are problems in private life, and according to his popularity, it has long been revealed.

In addition, there are too many celebrities who are 40 years old. In addition to Hu Ge, there are Wu Jing, Jin Dong, Pan Yueming and others, these stars are married. Did they have something to do with the boss?

More importantly, according to my understanding, if it is a real "popular star", paparazzi "knowing melon" must be overwhelmingly previewed melon.

Now that he is light and windy, I am estimated to be outside the 18th line. This melon, if you want to eat, continue to pay attention. If you do n’t want to eat it, you will be a joke.

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