Exposure Zhang Ji’s 31 -year -old loved wife was pregnant in April, with a bumpy body, and the man staggered his fingers tightly.

On May 28, the well -known director Zhang Jizhong showed a picture of bringing his beloved wife out to appreciate the scenery. The 31 -year -old Du Xinglin raised his belly, exuding pregnancy, and was speculated that many netizens had good news.

On the same day, the outdoor sky was clear and the scenery was beautiful. Zhang Jizhong and Du Xinglin rarely left a few children to enjoy the sweet two -person world.Du Xinglin was wearing a knitted jacket with a long skirt, with outstanding temperament.She was full of jewelry, with pearl necklaces, emerald jade bracelets, and many rings on her hands, exuding money.

Zhang Jizhong’s eyes beside him were blessed and blessed, and it was difficult to hide his belly.He was already full of white hair and wrinkles on his face, because he was old, and Zhang Jizhong staged his steps, very slow.Du Xinglin helped him throughout the process. Ten fingers were closely linked, and the two were as sweet as honey.

When appreciating the sunset, Du Xinglin was sideways, and his abdomen was very obvious.

As Zhang Jizhong looked at her belly, she touched her big belly with her hands, as if it was pointing.

Looking at the comment area, everyone found the strangeness of Du Xinglin’s belly, and said, "Is this belly broken again? Congratulations." Congratulations. "

There is even a netizen who claims to be an insider who says, "It’s really pregnant for four months."

Although the people of eating melon are fierce, Zhang Jizhong’s couple did not respond positively.

As a famous guide in the circle, Zhang Jizhong’s works have been affirmed by the audience. In contrast, his emotional life is much controversial.

It is reported that Zhang Jizhong’s ex -wife was director Fan Xinman. The two later went to court due to emotional discord and property division.The woman also accused Zhang Jizhong who had an illegitimate child, and it was very different.After the divorce, Zhang Jizhong and the 31 -year -old Du Xinglin were together. The woman’s appearance was bright. In 2020, the two officials had one child and a daughter. Many people praised Zhang Ji.

As for the eldest son of an illegitimate child, Zhang Jizhong also said that he was legally born.

Nowadays, they can often see a family of five to play with fun. They all look like dads, and they get along with warm and harmonious.

As for whether there is a happy event again, let’s wait for the parties to declare it.

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Editor: Cherry

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