Extraordinary pregnancy is caused by 3 inflammation?Pain in the lower abdomen, fever menstruation and increase in leucorrhea have something to do with it

Generally speaking, in the process of normal pregnancy, sperm and eggs are combined to form fertilized eggs at the connection between the belly of the fallopian tube pot and the gorge.For 30 hours of fertilized eggs, fertilized eggs will move with the peristalsis of fallopian tubes and the driving of fallopian tubal cilia.There is no bed in the uterine cavity of women, so it is ectopic pregnancy.

Among them, tubal pregnancy is the most common ectopic pregnancy.Once the fallopian tube rupture occurs, some women will have severe abdominal pain, repeated attacks, vaginal bleeding, shock symptoms, and even death, and the consequences are unimaginable.It is found in the clinic that ectopic pregnancy is not "flying in disaster", which is really "caused by causes." Clinically, the cause of ectopic pregnancy is mainly due to the high "inflammation" value of women.

The fallopian tubes are the main ways to transport sperm, eggs or fertilized eggs, which is a very important link for fertility.At the same time, it is the most vulnerable part of human reproductive process. It is very vulnerable to attacked by foreign and internal pathogens, induced inflammation, and becomes more and more difficult to conceive.

Clinically, due to puerperium infections, abortion (aborting abortion, incomplete abortion, an artificial abortion infected infection, etc.), post -menstrual or pelvic inflammation, intrauterine placing in -uterine placement and other reasons, fallopian tubeitis is common.Inflammation causes the fallopian tube mucosa adhesion, narrowness, and irregularity. These pathological changes have weakened the muscle peristalsis of the fallopian tube wall, which affects the transportation of pregnant eggs.The pregnancy eggs are blocked in the fallopian tube, that is, the bed may be developed on the spot, and the fallopian tube pregnancy may occur.


The anatomical structure of the reproductive tract has a relatively complete natural defense function in physiology, biochemistry and immunology. It is a "natural barrier" and has defense capabilities for infection.However, with the change of lifestyle and the increase in artificial abortion rate, the defense function of this "natural barrier" has been destroyed, or the pathogenesis of the body’s immune function decreases or a large number of violations.Inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease can be divided into acute pelvic inflammatory disease and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease based on the condition.

1. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease

It is manifested as lower abdomen pain and fever. If the condition is severe, there may be high fever, cold tremor, headache, loss of appetite, etc.; chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is manifested as: low fever, prone to fatigue, long symptoms, symptoms of neurasthenia, and lower abdomen swelling.Symptoms such as pain and pain of lumbosacral region.It often intensifies after the fatigue, sexual intercourse, and menstruation.In addition, patients may have increased menstruation and increased leucorrhea.

2. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

It is a more common factors for interference with fertilized eggs, which are common and main causes of ectopic pregnancy.

Another high -risk factor of ectopic pregnancy is perforation of appendicitis. The perforation of the appendix forms an appendix abscess, affects the damage of fallopian tubes, blocks the fallopian tube, and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Women who have a history of ectopic pregnancy have a higher probability of ectopic pregnancy than normal pregnancy; women who retain tubal tubes retain tubal tubes during ectopic pregnancy are also higher.However, repeated ectopic pregnancy also often occurs in the opposite fallopian tube, indicating that there may be the same potential dysfunction in the fallopian tubes on both sides.

Artificial abortion has a large relationship with external pregnancy, and the chances of ectopic pregnancy with artificial abortion have doubled.The more abortion, the greater the risk of ectopic pregnancy.Pelvic endometriosis may also be a risk factor for ectopic pregnancy.

Remind everyone: When you plan to get pregnant, please do a good job before pregnancy to ensure that your body is healthy.If you suffer from gynecological inflammation during pregnancy, you must take medication under the guidance of a doctor. In this special period, you must never take medicine.

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