Eyebrows, 8 kinds of people do not do it, and 7 kinds of people cannot do

Now half permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular. Many tattoo artists’ business volume has doubled. Many people don’t understand why this is?Let’s speak with a semi -permanent makeup effect:

Comparison of eyebrows:

Comparison of tattoo eyeliner:

Comparison before and after lip lips:

The following 8 types of people are not suitable for semi -permanent makeup!

1. If you want to do it once, you will change the same eyebrows and the same eyebrows!(The semi -permanent makeup artist is a beautiful shaping artist is not a magic drip! Korean semi -permanent eyebrows must be perfected in order to achieve a more perfect effect!).

2. The disliked price is not suitable for doing!(Since he is not responsible for his makeup, and the tattoo artist does not need to do cheap work. Such a low price is not worth it! It is difficult to do., I really can’t draw it!)

3. I think it is not suitable for professionalism!(If you go to a few institutions to do tattoos several times, you do n’t need a semi -permanent makeup artist if you are professional. Buy your own instruments, buy some paint, and go home for yourself).

4. Do not suitable for comparing with half permanent makeup artists!(Everyone has the style of everyone. Not to mention who is better than anyone, but it is not bad! Since each tattooian is different, there is no need to compare with anyone).

5. Not suitable to do it!(If you have all kinds of doubts, try to find what you believe in. Both of them are beautiful and you will be beautiful.).

6. There are obsessive -compulsive disorder. Those who are too pursuing perfection are not suitable for doing!(If you think this is not good every day, you can pick out the problem even if you do it well! The semi -permanent makeup artist can only make you more and more beautiful, but it will never be perfect! Because everyone’s heart is perfect for perfect.Definition is different).

7. It is not suitable to do it with semi -permanent makeup artists!Qian Ding Wan Wan asked: You must wipe the repair of the product after surgery; do not buckle it with scabs; it is best not to encounter water; but if one is not observed, the result is serious, and the technology of the technician is not good!

8, unreasonable trouble, is not suitable for doing it!(The skin stratum corneum is thin, and patients with chloasma are not ideal for the color of such people! The former’s epidermal layer is thin and color is not good.The effect of its own condition may not be good, and it is necessary to achieve the effect of a star! People who can’t communicate, the tattoo artist is really unwilling to do it!)

Before doing tattooing, you must carefully confirm whether he is suitable for tattooing,

In order to avoid tattoo artists, the tattoos are accidentally affected without knowing it.


After surgery or on a large area of wounded

After surgery or after injury, a certain amount of drugs need to be taken orally. In addition, the human body will also have antibodies. If tattoos are performed at this time, side effects may occur.


Poor coagulation mechanism

Poor coagulation mechanisms are usually in the body that there is no enough platelet to block the bleeding port when the body has a wound, which causes the blood flow.Although the slightly invasive mouth caused by tattoos is not easy to cause bleeding, people with such constitutions are still careful.


Women during pregnancy and lactation

If you are pregnant by testing, it is recommended not to operate tattoo, because the stabilizer used in fixed makeup will be absorbed by the skin, which may have a certain impact on the baby.Based on the principle of being responsible for the health of the baby, it is worth the requirements for yourself.

Or you are breastfeeding for your child, and it is recommended that you do not embroider eyebrows, because the auxiliary items such as eyebrow pigment and analgesic agent will be absorbed by the skin. Some pigment components may circulate into the milk through blood.There will be a bad effect.


Seasonal herpes

The herpes of the human lip virus is carried by everyone, but if there is a seasonal author, you should consult the relevant professionals for treatment, such as intravenous injection or oral antibiotics and vitamins for three days before surgery, and so on.


Women who are menstrual period

Under normal circumstances, the wounds after surgery should form coagulation clots quickly, but women during menstruation increased due to the increased fibrinase in the blood during the menstrual period to increase the maximum value.The bleeding or bleeding time is prolonged, so as to cause wound infection when the germs are invaded.


Skin stratum corneum is thin

The skin layer is thin, or the skin layer is difficult to color due to disorders of the patient’s internal body.The speed of thin skin can heal is relatively slow, and it is easy to cause inflammation of infection.

Those with sensitive skin and skin inflammation need to be treated after treatment to avoid adverse effects, or consult a physician before surgery.In order to start surgery, make the work after surgery vivid and natural, and avoid frequent pain.


Severe scarring people

Due to the problem of recovery mechanisms, such people cannot be restored as early as the beginning, and it is easy to leave scars.The effect of tattooing did not achieve the result of scars.

Tattoos who have the above situations should pay more attention, pay attention,

After all, the mission of the tattoo artist is to truly bring the customers to the beauty and convenience.

So as not to do it without knowing it

Bring a bad effect or a hidden danger of the body,

Then it will be lost.

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