Fallopian tube obstruction requires two babies, and precise treatment for 30 days per perfect dream

According to the survey, more than half of the married couples had a plan to have a second child.Two children can have playmates in their childhood, and they should have a photo when they grow up.Ms. Xue of Jining think so.A year and a half ago, watching her big treasure gradually grew up, she didn’t need to worry too much, she had the idea of regenerating.Husband also agreed with this.So the couple opened the second child’s pregnancy.

A group photo of Ms. Xue and Director Zhang Yanjun

With the first child’s fertility experience, the two were prepared to be familiar with the car. I thought they could soon usher in the arrival of Erbao, but there was no sign of pregnancy after a period of time.The couple knew that pregnancy was a probability event. Maybe they could wait for them to wait, and continue to try to prepare for pregnancy. In a blink of an eye, one year passed, and they still failed to do so!The two were a little anxious.

After many inquiries, they decided to go to Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital to seek the help of Director Zhang Yanjun.Because Ms. Xue heard that Director Zhang was very professional, many patients hugged their baby as expected as she wished.She begged her heart, and she had been bored with meaningless waiting for a long time. She didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. Soon, Ms. Xue came to Jinan from Jining and saw Director Zhang.

I learned that Ms. Xue wanted to be a second child but did not conceive for more than a year, and was a secondary infertility.Director Zhang asked her a series of issues such as menstruation and history in detail. She also arranged a systematic examination and found that Ms. Xue’s testosterone was high, the male androgen sources were high, the polycystic ovary syndrome, and the obstruction of bilateral fallopian tubes.

"My husband and I have always thought that we had a child, and we were still very healthy. Another one should not be a big problem. I may not be lucky and the right time. I did not expect to come to the hospital for an examinationThere are still so many problems, no wonder that she has not been pregnant for more than a year. "Ms. Xue said when she came to the doctor.

Director Zhang Yanjun is analyzing the condition for Ms. Xue

Director Zhang arranged for Ms. Xue’s minimally invasive surgery and the treatment ofrogen in the aura. After that, the drug promoted ovulation for one month, and Ms. Xue successfully conceived, but she looked forward to the second child’s wish for more than a year.After pregnancy, Ms. Xue returned to Director Zhang’s clinic for the first time.I learned that the fetus was developing well. Ms. Xue hugged Director Zhang excitedly and said, "I did n’t know what the infertility was before.I can be pregnant. Thank you Director, so that we can go to this second child, I said that looking for you is right. "Director Zhang was also happy for her:" Just be pregnant, I worked hard for more than a year,This time I finally became a mother again. Fortunately, you come to the hospital in time. If you continue to prepare for pregnancy with your previous situation, you will continue to deteriorate if you do n’t get pregnant.It will become more and more serious, and the difficulty of treatment will be greater. "

With a good pregnancy gift bag, Ms. Xue and Director Zhang took a group photo. She successfully "graduated" her anxiety during her first diagnosis, and her smile was exposed to her face. I wish her a smooth and smooth pregnancy.s home!

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