Faye Wong was recently exposed, the belly was bulging, and netizens commented: "Is this pregnant?"

It didn’t take long before the last time with Nicholas Tse and Nicholas Tse, the popularity of Hangtai, Faye Wong came from.

On April 20th, she was exposed to the hot search again, but it was no longer because of his appearance and temperament, but because everyone began to doubt "Is there a new situation in the belly of the Philippines and will not be pregnant.Bar."

It turned out that Faye Wong came down from the airport to the airport again. On the day, she wore a khaki trench coat. Inside, she looked comfortable and casual in black.

It was originally called "Philippine Sister" in the indoor gas field. When it came out, a "demon wind" struck, blowing Faye Wong’s trench coat slightly. What makes people unexpected is that the thin Faye Wong has a small belly but a small belly has a small belly..

The people on the Internet have been bragging about her 55 years old. She still maintains it like a young man. She is still smooth in her skin. Some time ago, she could still hold Nicholas Tse to come forward. Is it steady now?

The fans underneath also related to: "Is there a new situation in the belly of Sister Fei and it is not pregnant." Facing such doubts, Faye Wong did not respond.

However, in addition to her 53 -year -old, she is much younger than her peers in the lens of passers -by. It is no wonder that she has a "money support".

It is also said that most of the reason why Faye Wong can always maintain his current state and figure is due to his own self -discipline, so he was happy to eat on vacation and indulged his appetite.

It looks like pregnancy, and it is normal for the hidden belly to hide.

Faye Wong, who already has two children, although they are both daughters, each daughter also has her own personality.

Dou Jingtong has his own talent and creation in the field of music, and the symptoms of the younger daughter Li Yan have become better and better under the care of their parents. Now Faye Wong is rich and loves.

The mood is comfortable, and it is reasonable to feel uncomfortable without changes. It is just that since the second reunification with Nicholas Tse, there has been no news that the two are going to get married.

Perhaps both of them are now enjoying each other in love. After all, marriage has become a disguised shackles for each other.

Nicholas Tse also has her two sons. Faye Wong also has two daughters.

Although neither of them have published new works now, the status of the two in the Hong Kong circle is also difficult to shake. From her debut to now, Faye Wong has classic songs such as "Red Bean" and "Earth".

It is still sung until now, and Nicholas Tse’s work "Feng Yun Jue" and "Little Fish and Flowers Nothing" also have excellent performances.

It’s not just lovers, but also comrades -in -arms who fight side by side. Although the two are 11 years old,

But Faye Wong is still the unique existence in Nicholas Tse. Look at Faye Wong, who is now 1.74, is still tall and fair -skinned.

It does not look old at all. This is not only due to your own efforts, but also the self -confidence of mentality.

As for whether there is a pregnancy, I think this may have become a private affairs of two people. Even if they are pregnant, they do not have new works now, and they can nourish their fetuses with peace of mind in front of the public.

As for really pregnancy or catching the wind, it can only be said that the benevolent sees the wisdom and wisdom!

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