Female drug flow, this situation must be cleared up

Drug flow is a way for women to terminate pregnancy. Generally, the drug flow is suitable for women with less than 49 days of pregnancy.If the number of pregnancy days is greater than 49 days, it is not suitable for the drug flow. For the relatively aborting of the drug flow, there is a small risk for female uterine injuries, but there are certain risks.After the drug flow, women’s stomachs generally have pain, and the degree and duration of each woman’s pain is different.Today, let’s take a look at how long the stomach pain is normal after the drug flow.

Women’s stomach pain after medication is a normal situation. The drug flow is mainly to take two drugs to promote the shrinkage of the uterus and drain the gestational sac out of the body.When the uterus of a woman is shrinking, the stomachache will cause stomach pain.When the gestational sac is excreted from the body, the shrinkage of the uterus will gradually reduce, and the pain of the stomach will gradually disappear, so it is generally not necessary to perform special treatment.It should be noted that the time of normal drug flow stomach pain is about 3 days. The pain time will not last too long. If you have a long period of stomach pain, you need to pay attention to it. There may be incomplete abortion.

In addition, women need to pay attention to the vaginal bleeding after the drug flow. Generally, the bleeding time of the drug flow is about a week. If the bleeding time is relatively long and it is not endless for more than 10 days, it also needs to be paid attention. It is likely that the pregnancy sac is not completely complete.Outside the body, the second clear palace is required.

Women must pay attention to rest after the drug flow. Before the next menstrual recovery, pay attention to prohibit sexual life, forbid basins, and keep the private parts clean and hygienic. It is best to clean the vulva area every day, change the underwear and sanitary napkins.In addition, you should also pay attention to lightness in diet. Eat more foods containing calcium and iron, eat less spicy, greasy and cold foods. At the same time, pay attention to drink plenty of water, quit smoking and drinking.It is also necessary to exercise in moderation to improve the body’s immunity, and it also helps the body’s recovery.

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