Figure iconal fetal position 32 weeks of fetal fetal position

The fetus has been 32 weeks, and its body and limbs are still growing, and eventually they must be commensurate with the head ratio.At present, it is about 2000 grams. The subcutaneous fat on the whole body is richer and wrinkled, which looks more like a baby.Now that the fetus has fewer movements in the uterus, the number of movements is less than the original, and the movement has weakened, but this proves that he is healthy.At this time, each organs continued to develop and improve, and the lung and gastrointestinal function were close to maturity. They already have breathing ability and can secrete digestive solution.The amniotic fluid that the fetus drank was excreted in the amniotic fluid through the bladder.The testicular of the male baby may have entered the scrotum from the abdomen, but some babies may enter the scrotum on the day after birth; the female baby’s large labia is obviously bulging, and it is close to the left and right.In addition, the fetus has grown a sparse fetal hair and full nails.

Precautions for 32 weeks of pregnancy

1. Pay special attention to safety: As the abdomen is getting larger and larger, expectant mothers must be careful when walking, going downstairs, riding a bicycle, sitting down, and getting up. Do not have too much action among the movement, especially in rainy and snowy weather.It is best not to drive by yourself. Pay attention to safety by car. It is best not to sit in the co -pilot. When sitting in the back seat, it is best to tie a seat belt.

2. How to help sleep: From July to September, expectant mothers will feel uncomfortable to sleep on their back. This is because the baby’s weight will overwhelm the mothers’ veins, which prevents the blood from flowing from legs and feet to the heart, so that the mother can from from the heart, so that the mother can from the heart fromWake up in sleep.At this time, you can keep your side sleep with the help of pillows.Putting the pillow below the abdomen or sandwiched in the middle of the legs is more comfortable, or the pillow, the stacked cup or blanket on the back will also reduce the pressure on the abdomen.There are many special pillows for pregnant women in the market to buy.

3. How to alleviate leg cramps in sleep: If the expectant mothers have leg cramps in their sleep, they can forcefully push their pedals to the wall or get out of bed for a while, which will help relieve cramps.Of course, you must also ensure that there is enough calcium intake in daily diet.

4. Planning for maternity leave: Many expectant mothers are in the workplace women. Near the due date, it is necessary to consider when the maternity leave and how to hand over work.In order to plan these in advance, you can welcome the baby’s arrival with a calm attitude.Pregnant mothers in the workplace ask for maternity leave skills.

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