Five taboos to eat crabs must remember "crab" 逅 delicious and unforgettable health

As the saying goes: autumn wind rises, crab feet itching; chrysanthemums open, smell crabs.Every fall, on the seasonal food list that ordinary people love, hairy crabs full of yellow fertilizer must be able to occupy one seat.The National Day is approaching. I believe that many people’s dining food is indispensable.How can a hairy crab delicious, how can you "eat well"?Before enjoying deliciousness, it is best to understand the common sense of food related to crab eating. This can not only satisfy the appetite, but also take into account health.


Crab has a high fat content

Speaking of Chinese crabs, there are about hundreds of species.According to the place of origin, it can be divided into four types: river crabs, river crabs, lakes crabs, and sea crabs.What is a crab?Hairy crabs are commonly known as river crabs, hair crabs, and clear water crabs, which are generally mature from September to October.But not all river crabs are called hairy crabs. The variety needs to be Chinese velvet crab, and the weight must be more than three or two.It is said that the name "hairy crab" is coming.At that time, the crab catcher in Suzhou and Kunshan set up a gate between the harbor, the gate was made of bamboo slices, and the lights were hung at night. When the crab saw the light, it would climb to the bamboo gate and was caught one by one, so it was called hairy crabs.

People compare hairy crabs to taste in the best, and the Ming Dynasty writer Zhang Ye once said that eating hairy crabs does not have vinegar and salt.So, what are the nutritional value of hairy crabs?

The parts that hairy crabs can eat include crab meat, crab yellow or crab paste. Although they are the same crab, their nutritional value is different.For example, every 100 grams of crab meat contains 17.5 grams of protein, 1.2 grams of fat and 65 mg of cholesterol; each 100 grams of sea crab meat contains 13.8 grams of protein, 2.3 grams of fat, and 125 mg of cholesterol.Compared with the sea crab meat, the fat and cholesterol contained in the crab meat are lower.In addition, 100 grams of river crab meat contains 6.09 mg vitamin E, 126 mg of calcium, 2.9 mg iron, 3.68 mg zinc, and 56.72 micrograms of selenium, which contains almost no vitamin A;, 208 mg of calcium, 1.6 mg of iron, 3.32 mg zinc, and 82.65 micrograms of selenium.

In general, whether it is river crabs or sea crabs, their vitamins and mineral content are rich in content, and they are also high -protein foods.

The crab yellow and crab creams that you like the most, their nutrients are similar, mainly contain fat and cholesterol, and the fat content is high, which can reach 15%or more.This is also one of the reasons why crab paste and crab yellow eat.In addition, the cholesterol content per 100 grams of crab may be as high as 400 mg, and the condition of crab cream is similar.However, you don’t have to worry too much. First, the time to eat hairy crabs in the year is limited, but it is good to eat it; second, many of these fats are essential fatty acids that are beneficial to human health, such as linoleic acid, linolenic acid and peanuts.Micic acid and so on.


"Six categories" to eat less is wonderful

Some people love hairy crabs, but when they think of crabs "cold" food, they drum in their hearts.Does cold, hot, warm, and cold refer to the human body’s feeling of temperature outside?Why are there these differences in food?This is actually a saying in Chinese medicine. The classification of food on cold, hot, warm, cold, and equal attributes is divided according to the color, taste, growth environment, growth season and growth of the food.The physical reaction after eating.Simply put, after eating food, the body has a warm and fever, and the food is warm and thermal; after eating, it feels cool, then the food is cold and cool.If food is flat, it means that this kind of food is peaceful and can be eaten daily.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the matter of eating crabs should be determined according to their physical condition.Is there anyone in real life that is not suitable for eating crabs?The following six types of people need to be cautious to eat crabs, and they are better to eat less or avoid food.

1. People with weak constitution, poor spleen and stomach function, and insufficient stomach acid secretion should not eat crabs and crabs carrying some pathogenic bacteria. Due to the different digestiveness and immunity of each person, the resistance to pathogenic bacteria and viruses are resistant.has a difference.People with weak constitution, poor spleen and stomach function, and insufficient gastric acid secretion are easily attacked by pathogenic bacteria and discomfort.In addition, some people feel that gastrointestinal discomfort after eating crab is caused by difficulty digesting the protein.

2. People who are allergic and easy to grow eczema should not eat crabs For Chinese residents. Aquatic products such as shrimp and crabs are the most likely to cause allergies. Among them, there are many research on related proteins that cause allergies.Therefore, people who are allergic to seafood such as shrimp and crabs should not eat crabs, otherwise it will easily cause gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm and vascular edema, and then symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.In severe cases, urticaria or asthma may occur, and even an allergic shock occurs.In addition, people with dermatitis, eczema, and ringworm disease should also eat crabs with caution to avoid inducing diseases or aggravating the disease.

3. People who have a cold and fever should not eat crabs. Because their gastrointestinal function is relatively weak at this time, they cannot digest and absorb high protein in crabs, and it is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort.

4. People with hyperlipidemia, hypercholesteroids and biliary diseases should not eat crabs, especially the formation of crab yellow, crab ointment cholecystitis, gallstones is related to excessive cholesterol in the body and metabolic disorders. Crab contains cholesterolHigh, 460 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams of crab yellow, eating crabs can easily recur or change the condition.

5. Patients with gout and patients with hyperuricemia should not eat crabs 82 mg of purine per 100 grams of crab meat. Patients with gout should not eat crabs during acute attacks.Patients with chronic stage and patients with simple hyperuricemia should eat less.

6. The elderly and infants should not eat crabs. Due to the decline of the dirty organs of the digestive system of the elderly, children’s digestive organs are not well developed. Their digestive and absorption ability is not as good as young adults. Therefore, eating crabs should be tasting.It should be noted that babies do not eat crabs ten months ago, because high protein can aggravate liver and kidney burden.


The five taboos who eat crabs must be remembered

After speaking, it is not suitable to eat crabs, and you have to talk about the five taboos of crab eating.Otherwise, people who eat crabs may also eat problems.

Avoid the body surface, gills and gastrointestinal tracts of raw crab, crab crabs, and gastrointestinal tracts are covered with various types of bacteria and parasites. You must steam or boil when you eat crabs. Generally, it should be heated after water.To sterilization.The traditional method of crab eating is steamed and ginger vinegar juice. This method of eating is scientific. It not only ensures that the bacteria and parasites in the crabs are killed, but also ensure that the original flavor of the crab is not destroyed.

Some people like to eat raw crabs and drunk crabs, and feel that it tastes more delicious, but the various viruses, bacteria and parasites attached to the crab will also take the opportunity to enter the human body.EssenceAlthough drunk crabs are immersed in rice wine and liquor, the crabs themselves are still raw, and wine cannot be completely sterilized and disinfected.If the lung suction bugs contained in drunk crabs enter the human body and develop into adults, they can also parasitize other organs such as the human brain, skin, liver and other organs.Therefore, these two ways of eating should be abandoned.

After the death of dead crabs and crabs, the bacteria in their bodies will quickly breed and diffuse into crab meat to break down the amino acids in the crab meat to produce a large amount of harmful substances. Therefore, eating dead crabs may induce vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.In addition, dying crabs are best not to buy.In addition, the crab meat is rich in histidine. When the crab dies, some bacteria containing acetamine dehydase can make a large amount of histamine in the albulicated carboxyl group in the crab meat under appropriate conditions.Merramamine is a kind of sensitization substance that can expand small veins and capillaries, promote the increase in mucosa and glandular secretion, and cause allergies to symptoms. Severe can also cause circulating failure.

Sanjun cooked crabs stored in cooked crabs are easily contaminated by bacteria, so crabs should be steamed.In case you can’t finish, the remaining crabs must be stored in the refrigerator and eat it at the next meal. When eating, you must go back to the pan and cook it hot or steam.It is recommended not to eat overnight crabs. Although it can kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the pot, it cannot destroy toxins and still danger.

Four avoiding crab gills, crab stomach, crab intestines, crab -heart crab, crab gills, crab stomach, crab intestines, and crab hearts should not be eaten.When the crab shell is opened, the gray -white strip and soft parts on both sides are the gill barrier of crab. It is the crab’s respiratory organ that directly contacts the outside world, and it is easy to accumulate dirt and heavy metals.The triangular parts in the front half of the crab shell and below the eyes are crab stomachs. A black stripe is a crab intestine. These two parts are the digestive organs of crabs, which contain food and metabolites, and may also accumulate dirt.Crab heart, commonly known as the "hexagonal board", is located in the middle of crab yellow or crab paste. It is hexagonal and is considered to be the "coldest" part of the crab.Here is an important part of the circulatory system. There are more blood left. The blood composition is largely different from the human body, which is likely to cause immune response.

Five avoid eating too much before, the protein contained in crabs and the cholesterol contained in the crab yellow is relatively high. Overdowning is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of the human body.According to the recommendation of the Chinese Nutrition Society "Chinese Resident Diet Pagoda", the appropriate intake of aquatic products is to eat 40-75 grams at a time, which is equivalent to 100-188 grams of crab with shell, and it is best to be in one week.No more than 3 times.The 188 grams of shell crabs are probably equivalent to a large large crab.

Hot spots

Can crabs eat with fruits?

Many people have a question, can crabs and fruits be eaten together?Because there is a saying, the pentagonal arsenic contained in seafood may react with vitamin C and produce toxicity.

In my country, seafood sold in regular channels needs to be tested by relevant departments, and the content of arsenic must not exceed 0.5 mg per kilogram of national standards.According to this calculation, a person needs to eat 150 kilograms of seafood and more than a dozen pounds of fruits at one time to a toxic reaction. This is an impossible thing at all.Moreover, some researchers conducted research in simulated gastric juice that vitamin C could not give penta arsenic separately into three valence arsenic (frost).Therefore, when eating crabs, shrimp and other seafood, you cannot eat fruit, or vitamin C tablets, etc., and are not established.

Can pregnant women eat crabs?

It is believed that many women will be reminded by others when preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy. The reason is that the crab is cold and cold, and it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. After consumption, it will make the qi and blood decline easily cause pregnant women to slip and abortion.There are not a few people who adhere to this view. Is this true?The answer is no, no statistics show that abortion is related to crab eating.Pregnant women have miscarriage after eating crabs, often because they eat crabs wrong, such as the pregnant woman allergic to seafood, crab itself is not fresh or bacterial parasites.These pregnant women have symptoms such as allergic reactions or acute gastroenteritis after eating crabs, and they did not keep the fetus in the end.

Normal pregnant women can eat crabs, but if you eat crabs when you are not pregnant, you can prone to gastrointestinal symptoms. It is recommended not to eat it during pregnancy.In addition, it is clear that pregnant women with weak constitution and weak digestive function should eat less or not to eat crabs.

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