Folk story: Girls’ soaked hot springs are unexpectedly pregnant. When they are in the basin, they are scared to pick up their biological women, Taoist: retribution

During the Jin Dynasty, Jinling had a large family named Tang, and Master Tang had three sons and a daughter under his knees.Miss Tang’s name is Yuli, who is 17 years old, born with ice muscles and jade bones, flowers and moonlight. She has a lively and pleasing personality, and has won the love of her parents and three brothers.

That autumn, Master Tang went out to collect his accounts. When he saw someone selling a very good hot spring village, he bought the hot spring villa, which made people clean up, and then gave it to Yuyu.Yu Yan likes to make hot springs the most. After Master Tang gave her the hot spring villa, she immediately went there to make the hot spring there, but she did not expect to encounter a strange thing.

When Yuli booked a hot spring, she didn’t like the girl -in -law beside her, so they drove them all out.She was sitting in the warm pond water, only to feel comfortable with her body. When she was drowsy, Yu Yan saw a man’s face in the lingering mist.Staring at her, as if there was any deep hatred with him.

Yu Yan was scared and woke up in an instant. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her position again, but found that there was nothing.Yu Yan thought that she had spent her eyes, and she didn’t care about it. She did not expect that she would vomit more than after returning home. Her parents invited Langzhong to diagnose and treat her, but found that Yu Yan was pregnant.

Yu Yan learned that she was pregnant and fainted on the spot. After she woke up, she cried. She was very puzzled that she had never had intimate contact with foreign men. How could she be pregnant?

The Tang family learned that Yu Yan was pregnant and was very puzzled. There were girls who followed Yu Yan in and out. How could she not be pregnant inexplicably?The Tang family checked for a long time and did not find out the truth. In order to preserve the reputation of the jade, they prescribed a pair of abortion medicines to prepare to kill the children in the belly of the jade.In any effect, the child still exists, and gradually grows up in the belly of the jade.

The Tang family thought for Yu Yan’s body and did not continue to let her drink an abortion medicine, so she had to give her to give birth to the child.After finally on the day of Yuyu’s bonsai, Yuli struggled hard in the delivery room for a day and one night. Eventually, she gave birth to a baby boy.Past past.

Seeing this, the Tang family hurriedly went up to see the child, but saw that the newborn child had white hair, and his face was covered with wrinkles, and he looked like an old man.

The Tang family was frightened when she saw this child. How could the newborn child look like an old man?When they realized that the situation was wrong, they invited a highly powerful Taoist priest to help each other, and the priest saw the problem at a glance.

The Taoist priest invited by the Tang family is Qingxu Taoist. He is righteous and strong in power, helping people solve many difficult problems.Captain Qing Xu Tao came to the Tang family and met the child she gave birth to. However, he did not expect that the Chief Qing Dao said to say to the Tang family, "Rebellion! This is your retribution!"

When Master Tang heard Chief Qing Dao said, he frowned immediately: "Taoist, what do you mean?"

Captain Qing Xu Dao did not answer Master Tang’s words, but asked Yu Yan said: "When you go to the hot spring, what strange things have you encountered?"

After thinking about it, Yu Yan said, and said he saw a face in the fog. After hearing the long -sightedness, he sighed and said, "This child is the man you see.In the belly, I just collect debts from the Tang family! "

It turned out that the man was Zhou Wuhou, and he was the former owner of the hot spring Zhuangzi. Zhou Wuhou was cheated by his business and was cheated. Only one hot spring Zhuangzi was worthy of some money. At that time, his mother was seriously ill.I wanted to sell the hot spring Zhuangzi to treat her mother, but I did not expect that Master Tang was staring at the hot spring Zhuangzi.

Master Tang drunk Zhou Wuhou, deceived the deeds and land deeds of the hot spring Zhuangzizi from him, and refused to recognize the account afterwards.Zhou Wuhou had no money to treat his mother, and he couldn’t think of himself on the hot spring Zhuangzi for a while.

Because Zhou Wuhou’s resentment was too deep, he became a ghost after his death. When Yu Yan went there to make a hot spring, Zhou Wushuo wanted to kill Yu Yan to vent his anger, and felt that Yu Yan was innocent.In the belly of Yuli, the Tang family founded debt.

Because the child was reborn, he did not drink Meng Po Tang before he was born, and he also had the memory of the previous life. Therefore, he looked like he was old.

After explaining the truth, Dao told the Tang family: "This child can’t kill. If he let him grow up, it will only make your family restless, and the family is broken.Children will leave automatically. "

After listening to the words of Qing Xu Tao, Master Tang realized the seriousness of the matter. After that, he kneeled in front of the child every day. Not only that, he also found Zhou Wushou’s mother and asked her to heal her illness.And gave the Zhou family a lot of money.

Later, the Tang family began to do good deeds and did their best to help those who needed help. The child felt the change of the Tang family and became a green smoke. Since then, he never appeared, and the Tang family had passed on the family.Normal life, but they have always insisted on doing good deeds.

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