Folkful story: Wife is pregnant, the man runs to give birth to the mother snake, the mother snake said that sleep at night, do not close the window

During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, there was a small town in the northeast of Yanggu County, Yan Prefecture, and the northeast. Nowadays, people only remember that it was called Anle Town, but forgot to the old name and Lao Jun Tang.

There is a temple in the southwest of the town.Every day, the fragrant pilgrims who come here to burn incense worship Buddha always lined up, and they asked for peace and wealth.

On this day, a lame legs set off from Zhengjia Village without litting.She has been half a month in a row, and she hasn’t been having a day. She muttered while walking: "The Buddha showed his spirit, and my Zheng family had a generation alone. Now when it is Han, the incense is about to break.Meijiao wife … "

At this time, a man chased out of the house. He pulled his mother Sun, and said, "Mother, there are many temples, you are inconvenient, you still don’t want to go."

Sun’s crying: "If I do n’t go, our Zheng family is over. If you do n’t promise to renew, I will go every day and ask the Buddha to send a daughter -in -law to the Zheng family."

"Mother, don’t go, you have a good look back, how can I explain to my dead father." The man was Zheng Gang, the son of the woman. When he was six years old, his father died, and now he is dependent on his mother.

Zheng Gang’s father, Zheng Ronghua, was a talented talent. He taught a baby in the village before. When he was six years old, his father died to save a student who fell into the water.

Although the conditions of the Zheng family are not honest, they do n’t worry about eating, and Zheng Gang is tall and burly, so there is no shortage of girls.

After his father died, Zheng Gang did not study. In order to take care of his mother, he could only follow Zhang Tufu to learn slaughtering skills.

At the age of sixteen at the age of Zheng Gang, he met a girl named Jiang Xinyue, and the two were in love with the husband and wife.In the second year, his wife was pregnant, and he was so happy every day.

It was originally a happy family, but the good times did not last long. The wife died due to difficulty in giving birth. Zheng Gang suddenly felt that the entire world collapsed.

If you were not worried that he would not take care of his mother, I am afraid he would follow his wife.It was also since then that Zheng Gang’s heart was like being closed, and no woman could enter his heart again.

In ancient times, there was a sentence called "There are three filial piety, no afterwards."Therefore, at that time, the man in the family had the task of inheriting the incense at home since he was born.

Although Zheng Gang is an infatuated man, in Sun’s view, he did not leave a son -in -law to the Zheng family, so he should not be guarding a late woman, and even the incense of the Zheng family was ignored.

Sun’s legs and feet are inconvenient. I insist on going to the Wanta Temple every day, that is, forcing her son to Songkou, and promise to renew the string. She even found the matchmaker. As long as the son is willing, you can come to the door tomorrow to talk about relatives.

"Don’t stop me, don’t renew the string, I don’t ask for a strong, I just ask the Buddha to give me a child to the Zheng family. I can’t watch the Zheng family. If your father knows, I am afraid it will not agree." Sun’s Sun’sAfter speaking, continue to walk towards the town.

Zheng Gang felt helpless, so he had to follow behind, for fear that the other party had something wrong.

The two pulled away two or three miles away. When they passed a river, they saw a woman sitting by the river, as if they were crying.

Zheng Gang shouted: "Girl, what’s wrong with something, don’t jump into the river!"

Zheng Gang shouted, scared the woman, slipped under his feet when he got up, and fell into the river.

"Oh, this is to jump!" Zheng Gang gritted his teeth, pumped into the river, and then quickly swam to the woman to save the other party on the shore.

After the woman vomited a few sips of water, she slowly woke up. Sun’s said, "You can not live, why do you have any ways? If my son is here, I am afraid your life is resting!"

The woman looked up at the two, and then cried: "I was just sad in my heart, so I came to the river and sat and cried for a while.Falling into the river in the river. "

Zheng Gang heard this, and scratched his head and said, "Girl, I’m really sorry, I thought …"

Sun’s glance at his son, turned to see the girl who was opposite, dignified and beautiful, so he asked with concern: "Child, what is your name, what difficulty you encounter, if you need to help, tell us."

When the woman asked Sun’s asking herself, she replied: "The little girl is Wu Xiangyun, lives in Wu County, Suzhou, and was sold by her father to the town of Zhang Yuan as a child to raise a child.Just drive me out. "

"Why is there such a cruel mother -in -law in the world, and I caught up with such a good daughter -in -law. Children, can you have plans next?" Sun’s thoughts turned anxiously and asked quickly.

"Xunzi, I wanted to go back to my mother’s house, but when I went back, my father would definitely sell me again. So torture, I am not as good as …" Wu Xiangyun cried sadly, but she also wanted to live lightly, but she had no courageEssence

Zheng Gang was listening to him, and he was pity. He didn’t expect that the woman’s life was so pitiful.

"This world is chaotic, how can you live a woman, it’s better …" Sun’s just spoke, but was stopped by his son. She frowned: "You let me finish talking, stop me?"

"Mother, this is the private affairs of others. You can’t ask!" Zheng Gang knew what his mother was going to say, and then interrupted in time.

"Good intentions, don’t care about me, I’m not interesting to live, it is better to die." Wu Xiangyun said, he was going to jump into the river.

Zheng Gang’s eyes were fast, and he hugged the other party and said, "Girl, the ancients said well, there is no end to the road, why should you do it like this?"

Sun’s glance glanced at: "You are a little lighter, people are a girl, your brute force hurts people."

Zheng Gang found that he was still holding Wu Xiangyun, so he quickly let go, and blushed: "I, I am not intentional, just …"

He said that Wu Xiangyun was even more embarrassed, and his face couldn’t raise his head.

Seeing that the two looked like this, they smiled happily: "It seems that we are also meeting today. Girl, if you don’t dislike my children reckless, you can be as my daughter -in -law and live in my house."

"Mother, what are you talking about, you ask how girls are …" Zheng Gang complained.

His voice did not fall, but Wu Xiangyun on the side nodded and said: "If the son is not disliked, I am willing to live with you."

"Good good!" Sun clashed her thigh happily. She glared at her son who was talking about, and pulled Wu Xiangyun to go home.

The three people walked to the door of the house together, and I saw that the big yellow dog of the Zheng family suddenly rushed up. Fortunately, Zheng Gang blocked it in time, otherwise he bit Wu Xiangyun.

"Rhubarb, what are you doing? The guests from the family are so welcome?" Zheng Gang roared, but the rhubarb still grinned towards Wu Xiangyun.

"Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, it should be looking at you, just look back a few more times." Sun’s comfort was comforting Yuxiangyun hiding behind her.

When Zheng Gang saw the rhubarb, he had to use the rope to put the other party. In this way, although the rhubarb was barking, he could not hurt people without approaching.

"This dog doesn’t seem to welcome me, otherwise I still leave." Wu Xiangyun said with a lot of heart.

Sun quickly pulled the other party to comfort: "Where is it? Maybe it knows that the family will add people at home, and worry about we care less in the future, I’m jealous!"

Zheng Gang pulled his mother to the side and asked, "Mother, do you really plan to leave her?"

"Otherwise? Where can I pick up such a virtuous and beautiful daughter -in -law, I tell you, if you don’t promise this family affairs, I will see it for you." Sun said it ruthlessly.

After listening to his mother’s words, Zheng Gang was helpless. Wu Xiangyun looked handsome, but there was a lot of dying wives between the eyebrows. He also had these hearts in his heart, but he was so sad that his heart was so sad.

After a few days after living in the Zheng family, Wu Xiangyun came to see all the neighbors. Soon the people in the village knew that everyone said that Zheng Gang had picked up a good daughter -in -law.

In this way, Zheng Gang was also indiscriminate, so he walked to Wu Xiangyun and said, "Girl, don’t worry, the clear person is clear, and I will tell them clearly, you are our family. We have no relationship."

When Wu Xiangyun heard these words, her eyes suddenly became red. She cried: "Now everyone knows that I am the daughter of Zheng family. If you refuse to marry me, how do you let me live in the future?"

At this time, Sun came here and said, "I have the final say, you will be a marriage tomorrow, and our Zheng family will give people an explanation."

Zheng Gang is a filial son. His mother said this to this. If she didn’t know much about it, she would really hurt her mother’s heart, and forced her girls to live without living.

Seeing his son nodded and agreed, Sun said joyfully: "I will go to the Dalm Temple to pray for blessings and pick you up a good day."

Zheng Gang didn’t stop this time. When Sun returned from the temple, he said, "Children, seven days later, it will be Liangchen Jiyi.

Since Zheng Gang decided to accept Wu Xiangyun, he was not as sparse as before, not to mention that the other party looked like a dead wife, so he took care of it very much, and the relationship between the two also heated up sharply.

Seven days later, the Zheng family invited the neighbors, and Zheng Gang and Wu Xiangyun worshiped the hall.When the guests were scattered, Zheng Gang drunk came to the room, and saw Wu Xiangyun sitting on the bed in a red hijab.

Zheng Gang was stunned in front of him. He seemed to return to more than ten years ago. When he became married for the first time, his wife sat in the bed like this.

"Xinyue, I’m here!" Zheng Gang blurted out.

As soon as he shouted that he had realized that it was wrong, but it was too late to recover.

Wu Xiangyun really heard the name of the other woman calling for other women. Even if she knew that it was the other party’s dead wife, she couldn’t help but feel sad, so she opened the red hijab and cried sadly.

Zheng Gang came over and comforted: "Lady, I’m not deliberately, I blame me to drink too much, and then say something wrong. I promise that it will not be the case in the future."

Wu Xiangyun slowly stopped crying. She looked at the man from the opposite side and said, "I know you are a good man who is infatuated, I don’t blame you, I just think, if I know you early, is it that you only have me in your heart.It’s. "

Zheng Gang hugged the other party in his arms and said, "The previous things have passed. From now on, I will only have you in my heart. I will definitely treat you well."

The two of them said something, and they enjoyed a moment of money in the Spring Festival.

After a few days, Wu Xiangyun always felt uncomfortable and wanted to vomit during meals. Sun’s rejoicing said: "Look at it like this, Gang’er, you go to Langzhong."

When Zheng Gang saw his wife might be pregnant, and even after eating the rice in the bowl, he hurried to the town to ask Langzhong.

When he arrived in the town, he invited Li Langzhong, and the two hurried back.Because there were Qi or Eight Lili Road from Anle Town to Zhengjia Village, Li Langzhong was worried that he was dark when he returned, so the two decided to take the path.

The road is closer than the big road, but just go through a river and pass through a jungle. The mountain road is rugged and there is no smooth road.

Fortunately, the two often follow the way, so they are used to it.Just when the two walked to a mountain road, a big snake was blocked in front of them.

"Li Langzhong, let’s go around the way." Zheng Gang did not want to disturb the big snake, pulling Li Langzhong to go around from the next road.

"Well, this is a mother snake, as if there are some signs of production. At this time, we are going to mess with it. Our life may be difficult to guarantee." Li Lang nodded and agreed. He obviously didn’t want to provoke a pregnant mother snake.

This is to be restrained. Such a big python is full of treasures, and Li Langzhong is still willing to take some risks.

After all, medicine is to help the world, and sometimes it is forced to kill people to save humanity for medicinal materials.Right now, the mother -in -law has bred a new life. If it is in danger, wouldn’t it be upside down with the original intention of his own medicine?

"Difficulty?" This word is too familiar to Zheng Gang. Has his ex -wife died hard?It can be said that this hurdle may never live in his heart.

"What’s wrong with you? Let’s go." Li Langzhong called the right side and exposed, so he said.

Zheng Gang suddenly stopped, and he looked at Li Langzhong complicatedly, and then kneeling down with "Tongtong": "Li Langzhong, I have a discounted request, and I hope you can agree."

"Zheng Gongzi please get up quickly. If you say anything, if you can help, he will definitely not quit." Lieutenant General Li Lang said.

"Can you cure the difficulty in Li Lang?" Zheng Gang suddenly asked.

"Zheng Gongzi said laughed. Your daughter -in -law had just signs of pregnancy. It had to wait for me to know after I passed the pulse. As for the dystocia, I said? Besides, each pregnant woman is different. Don’t think too much."Li Langzhong had a pulse for his ex -wife, so he knew the concerns in the other person’s heart.

"In Li Lang, you misunderstood, I am talking about the mother -in -law." Zheng Gang pointed at the mother snake in the middle of the road.

"Mother Snake?" Li Langzhong was puzzled, did the other party help the mother snake to live?

"Yes, I want to invite Li Langzhong to help it. Today, we have encountered it. If we do n’t help each other, I am afraid it’ s worried about its life. There are children in its belly. We ca n’t see death.. "Zheng Gang said excitedly.

"But this …" Li Langzhong embarrassed. He had been medicine for decades, and he had been cured by any incurable diseases.

But he could give birth to the mother and snake, but it was the big girl on the sedan head, and he couldn’t guarantee that he could do it.

"Child, I know you are kind, but I tell you the truth, I ca n’t do it. In case of cure, my reputation is not guaranteed. A snake, we still do n’t see it.Leave it. "Li Langzhong hesitated and said.

The reason why he had such concerns was that his reputation for decades of medicine could not be smashed because he had cured a difficult snake.

"Li Langzhong, let me come, you tell me what to do." Zheng Gang said.

"Child, this is not to say, in case you make a mistake, you are afraid of life and danger. I still think about it." Li Langzhong refused.

"If it is difficult to die, we will see that death will not be saved. This is alive. I am afraid that life is not as good as death. Li Langzhong, please tell me, otherwise I ca n’t afford to kneel here!" Zheng Gang finished sayingThen kneeling down again.

When Li Langzhong saw this, he sighed and said, "So, you want to be so, I will no longer persuade it."

Li Langzhong had seen in an ancient medical book that snake animals were divided into two types: oval and oval.

"Li Langzhong, what about this situation now?" Zheng Gang glanced at the female snake, and saw the other party’s abdomen enlarged, and his body kept twitching.

"This mother snake should be oviden, and you need to pierce the eggshell film with a silver needle and let the little snake produce." Li Lang finished, took out a silver needle from the casual box and handed it up.

Zheng just took the silver needle and was eager to try. As soon as he walked to the mother’s snake, he saw that the other person suddenly straightened his body and bit him at him.

"Be careful!" Li Langzhong took a few steps and reminded.

"Big snake, I know you are a mother, I am here to help you, my former wife died hard to give birth, so I know you want to watch your child birth, please believe me, I will not hurt you." Zheng Gang will not hurt you. "Zheng Gang will not hurt you."Seeing that the big snake opened his mouth to swallow himself, he closed his eyes and shouted.

After a while, he opened his eyes and found that the mother’s snake stopped suddenly, and his soft eyes were staring at him.

"It’s a spiritual guy, it seems to understand what you said." Li Langzhong said amazingly.

Zheng Gang was also happy, so he could let go of his hands.He pointed at Li Langzhong to his mother and snake: "He is a Langzhong, we can help you get birth."

The mother -in -law glanced at Li Langzhong, and then it should be too tired, and her body suddenly lay down.It probably knows that the two are here to help themselves. There is no maliciousness, and it has also been alert.

Under the instructions of Li Langzhong, Zheng Gang raised the body of the mother’s snake, and then used the silver needle to pierce the abdomen of the mother’s snake. Soon the mother’s abdomen was reduced.

"Li Langzhong, what’s going on?" Zheng Gang’s movement was careful, and he asked worriedly.

"This is a normal phenomenon. When the number of female snakes produced too much, the birth canal will be blocked. This silver needle is to extract the egg white in the snake egg. When the egg whites are drawn half, you can pull out the needle."It was also very nervous. What he said was recorded in ancient books, after all, he did not have such an experience.

"Come out, come out!" Zheng Gang was sweating, and after seeing the first snake’s birth, he shouted excitedly.

"Express the silver needle, and then use his fingers to help." Li Langzhong said hurriedly.

Zheng Gang heard the words, carefully pulled out the silver needle, then gently stroked with his thumb, and pushed the eggs in the snake’s abdomen to the anus.

With his help, the mother and snake produced a total of seventeen snakes, and the body could not move.But at this moment, he was finally relieved that he saw that the tragedy did not happen, and he laughed comfortably.

"Child, you are so brave, and you are deeply ashamed." Li Langzhong witnessed the whole process and respects his heart.

"Li Langzhong, if you were not admitting today, how can I be a rough person to live, and thanks to you!" Zheng Gang said.

"Well, you don’t have to lift the old age. As a doctor, I have shrunk at this time. This is not. You gave me a lesson." Li Langzhong laughed.

"Is this okay now? The mother snake’s body is very weak. What should these little snakes do?" Zheng Gang asked.

"These little snakes need to be born without control, they have the ability to survive, and they will hunt themselves." Li Langzhong said.

"That’s good, Li Langzhong, let’s continue to rush." Zheng Gang glanced at the mother snake and those little snakes, and said to Li Langzhong.

Just as the two were about to leave, the mother snake suddenly rushed to them, and a bead was delivered in her mouth.

"What do you want to do?" Zheng Gang was puzzled, and he didn’t know what the mother and snake did.

"This is the snake spirit bead. It seems to give you this thing." Li Langzhong saw this surprise scene and couldn’t help saying.

According to ancient books, this spiritual bead is on the top of the snake, also known as snake stone, which contains the color of green, yellow, and red. Among them, green is the most precious, and it can glow in darkness.

The spiritual beads contained in the mother’s mouth are golden, and the other party is hidden in the belly. Obviously, it has been so strange after hundreds of years of cultivation.

"Give me?" Zheng Gang took the Lingzhu and glanced curiously.

At this time, his eyes suddenly opened, and a word sounded in his mind: "Eungong, you have to help you help, my children are born safely. I cultivated this snake spirit bead for 300 years. Today I took it to put it on it.Give you it, maybe it can help you in the future. In addition, you go home at this trip, do not turn off the windows when you go to bed at night. "

"Don’t close the window?" Zheng Gang suddenly shouted.

"What do you say? What window?" Li Langzhong asked in doubt.

Zheng Gang slowed down, but found that the mother snake had disappeared. Obviously, Li Langzhong had not heard of the words in his mind.

After the two passed through the jungle, they finally arrived at the Zheng family.After Li Langzhong gave Wu Xiangyun, he frowned suddenly, shook his head and sighed.

Zheng Gang asked nervously: "Li Langzhong, what happened?"

"For the first decades, the first time I encountered such a strange pulse. Although the lady is no doubt, there is still a hidden pulse in this pulse, but it is elusive." Li Langzhong said.

Li Langzhong’s words sound like a mist in the clouds. How can a person have two pulses?

Sun’s laughed: "Maybe this is the child’s pulse, it is just the pulse, I can’t see it."

"If you are not pregnant, you have a full moon, how can the child have an image resistance, no, no, no …" Li Lang looked at Wu Xiangyun on the opposite side and asked: "Madam has been there, what strange things are encountered?"

"No!" Wu Xiangyun replied on the iron.

When Li Langzhong heard such an answer, he was puzzled. Before leaving, he asked Zheng Gang: "If there is any discomfort in the body, remember to come to me."

"There is Lao Li Lang." Zheng Gang said to the door and said respectfully.

"Child, do not talk about what you meet on the road today, do not talk about others, worsening in his heart, so as not to recruit no disaster." Li Langzhong reminded.

After Zheng Gang sent Li Langzhong away, he walked into the room and asked: "Lady, what do you feel now?"

"Xianggong, I’m fine, but I’m a little hungry." Wu Xiangyun said.

After listening to it, he hurriedly ordered his son: "Go to grab a chicken. I stewed it for Xiangyun.

In the next few days, Wu Xiangyun had to eat chickens, and soon dozens of old hens at home were killed.

Seeing that his daughter -in -law could eat so, the sadness was helpless. He sighed and said, "I was pregnant with you in my stomach, and I haven’t seen it like this. What can I do?" What should I do? "

"Mother, don’t worry, I go to the Houshan to make some wild spots." After Zheng Gang finished speaking, he took a bow and arrow to the mountain.

He did not go down the mountain in the evening, but this trip went to hunt, and he returned.

The wife saw those hare and pheasant for a while. When she saw a weasel in the wild objects, she frowned and asked hurriedly: "Xianggong, what’s going on?"

Zheng Gang smiled and explained: "When I hunting the wild chicken, I happened to touch it with me to grab the prey with me, and then shot it with a double carved arrow. Wait for me to use its fur to make you cold clothes."

"You …" Wu Xiangyun was about to get angry. When he said, he swallowed it back halfway, and then said softly with the other’s arm: "Xianggong, you still don’t want to hunt in Houshan in the future. I don’t like to eat these wildrs.. By the way, let’s sleep in the same room tonight, I have a lot of words to tell you. "

Since Wu Xiangyun was pregnant, Sun asked his son to sleep in separate houses with his daughter -in -law. Now his wife proposes to have a room, and Zheng Gang naturally has a hearty ape.

At night, Zheng Gang wanted to touch the room, but found that Sun had long been prepared, and the other party lock on the door.

However, what could be locked on the door? Zheng Gang slowly came to the window and quietly slipped in from the window.When he was about to close the window, the spirit bead in his arms flashed, and he suddenly remembered the words of the mother and snake in his mind.

"Do you know that I want to go the window? Forget it, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter!" Zheng Gang gave up closing the window and turned to the house and shouted, "Madam, have you slept? I can come in!"

"Xianggong, come over, you let you have been waiting for a long time." Wu Xiangyun said charmingly.

"Hahaha, I’m here!" Zheng Gang walked towards the bed proudly.

"Oh!" He just walked in two steps, and a black shadow flashed in front of him, and he saw his wife rushing towards himself.

"Xiangyun, what are you?" Zheng Gang was shocked. He didn’t expect his wife to suddenly become embarrassed, and the two sharp teeth made people shocked.

"Dare to hurt my child, let’s die!" Wu Xiangyun’s sharp sharp claws grabbed the other party.

Just at this moment, the rhubarb outside the house suddenly jumped in from the window, biting Wu Xiangyun with a bite.

"Damn the big yellow dog, it’s really a nosy!" Wu Xiangyun’s face was painful, and after throwing off the big yellow dog, he took a few steps back.

"Wangwang Wang …" The rhubarb is aggressive and continues to force each other.

Wu Xiangyun was afraid, and his body suddenly fell back.The big yellow dog suddenly jumped up, biting a black shadow in the air.

"Ah, abominable!" Hei Ying was bitten by the big yellow dog, and it disappeared.

The scene just happened was really seen by Zheng Gang, and he was strange what happened.

At this time, the big yellow dog suddenly spit out: "Master, just a weasel monster, it attached to your wife."

"Rhubarb, can you speak?" Zheng Gang widened his eyes and asked puzzledly.

"Master, the bead in your arms, so I can communicate with you." The big yellow dog continued.

"Snake Spirit Pearl?" Zheng Gang puzzled.

"Master, go and see how his wife is?" The big yellow dog reminded.

Zheng Gang remembered that Wu Xiangyun was still lying on the ground, so he quickly ran over and lifted the other party, but the opponent was weak and kept unconscious.

"Master, that spiritual bead may be able to save his wife, take it to her," said the big yellow dog.

Zheng Gang didn’t hesitate, and quickly took out the golden spiritual bead from his arms, and saw the golden light exuding it, dazzling.

After Lingzhu took it out, he suddenly floated into Wu Xiangyun’s mouth. After the other party swallowed, his breath quickly returned to normal.

"I, what’s wrong with me?" Wu Xiangyun looked at her husband in doubt.

It turned out that after Wu Xiangyun left from the Zhang family, she wanted to go to the mountains, but when she was hanging, the rope suddenly broke, and she fell into a coma.

After she woke up, she realized that she should not leave the world like this, so she sat in the river and cried sadly, and later met the mother and son of the Zheng family.

In fact, in Houshan, she was rescued by the weasel, but it was not kind to save her that the weasel was saved, but to seize it.

After Wu Xiangyun was pregnant, the weasel sperm who sent himself took advantage of this opportunity to expose his nature. It was not content to eat all the old hens of the Zheng family.

Later, it saw that Zheng Gang hunt a weasel, and the weasel was its child, so he wanted to wait for the opportunity to retaliate at night.

The big yellow dog is very sensitive to the smell of weasel. The moment Wu Xiangyun stepped into Zhengjiamen, it smelled a hint of unusual, but the weasel was very cunning, and it had never found the opportunity to catch the other party.

After learning all the truth, Zheng Gang and his wife had a lingering heart for a while. I did not expect that for a moment, I was almost harmed by the cunning weasel.

The next day, Zheng Gang went to the town to invite Li Langzhong to his wife.This time, after Li Langzhong took the pulse, he said in surprise: "Well? The hidden pulse had disappeared before, and the fetus and the fetus in the belly were healthy."

"Thank you Li Langzhong." Zheng Gang said very much after learning that his mother and son were safe.

In the spring of the following year, Wu Xiangyun successfully gave birth to a son, and Zheng Gang and his mother Sun was happily closed.

They asked Li Langzhong to give a name for the child.

Li Lang made a word in a word. Twenty years later, Zheng Yunlong really had a high school champion. Later, he became a clear official for the country and the people.

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