Follow the thyroid!Patients with thyroid gland need to take medicine more about medical treatment

According to data estimates, the total incidence rate is about 20%, and the population of more than 200 million has such diseases.On May 15th, Foshan First Hospital held a lecture and free clinic activity of thyroid disease health knowledge. It popularized the common knowledge of nursing nursing and treatment management of patients with thyroid diseases, and promoted the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid health and common thyroid diseases.At the event site, the reporter saw that many patients consult the physician with their own medical records.

According to Professor Luan Xiaojun, director of the Department of Endocrinology of Hospital, hyperthyroidism or addition and subtraction of thyroid function will affect pregnancy, not easy to get pregnant, or even if you are pregnant, it is easy to have a miscarriage.At the same time, it has an impact on the growth and development of the fetus, and it may even cause malformations, fetal nerve development, and abnormal intelligence.

Luan Xiaojun introduced that patients cannot "talk about the color of the medicine". The medicines for thyroid therapy have been studied internationally internationally internationally, which has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of its efficacy.Patients with thyroid gland are pregnant according to the doctor’s advice and maintain the thyroid function to normal levels in order to provide a good condition for pregnant women’s health, fetal intelligence development, and nervous system development.

Luan Xiaojun also pointed out that in daily life, the thyroid abnormalities must be done.First, life must be regular, try to stay up late.Because staying up late has a certain impact on nerve endocrine; second, when stress is high, you must learn to decompress appropriately, such as proper exercise, supplementation of rest, etc. The third is that patients with hyperthyroidism or patients with thyroid disease must beThere are regular medical examinations.When the thyroid gland has symptoms such as tenderness, tenderness, fever, etc., be sure to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Chen Rang, the director of obstetrics, shared a more typical case to reporters.A pregnant woman who came to Foshan for relatives suddenly suddenly had a good heart beat in the middle of the night.The heartbeat was moved, and the last resort could only induce labor.After questioning the history of the medical history, I learned that the patient had a history of hyperthyroidism for several years and had been taking medicine to control it.The local attending doctor said that her condition was well controlled, and then she got married and soon had children.The patient himself thought that his condition was stable, and he didn’t take any medicine. As a result, he was born in the abdomen in only 20 weeks."Patients with thyroid disease must not be controlled because of their condition, so don’t take medicine, that’s not."

Chen Rafang reminded that pregnancy is a special period.The changes in hormones, including the placenta, can also secrete a series of hormones, which will be combined with thyroid protein in the body, causing abnormal thyroid function.Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the monitoring of the thyroid level during pregnancy. As long as the medicine is taken according to the doctor’s order, in fact, the entire pregnancy can transition steadily.

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