For 8 months of pregnancy, Selina travels with big belly pregnant photos, netizens send blessings

Recently, the popular idol Selina shared the photos of her 8 months of pregnancy, which caused heated discussions and blessings from netizens.

In the photo, Selina’s skin is rosy and shiny, with a happy smile in her eyes, and the whole person is great.This news makes fans look forward to the birth of newborns.

Selina is one of the members of the well -known women’s group S.H.E in Taiwan. Since her debut in 2000, she has won the love of countless fans with sweet appearance and beautiful singing.Not only did she perform well in music, she also showed many talents in the fields of film and television, hosting and other fields.

However, her life was not smooth. She encountered an explosion accident when filming a TV series. She had severe burns in many places and experienced a long and arduous recovery process.

In the process, with her strong will and optimism, she overcome difficulties, stood on the stage again, and moved countless people.

After that, Selina generously disclosed the relationship between her boyfriend outside the circle and announced the news of pregnancy in March this year.She said that she found that she was pregnant at the end of last year and named her baby "small cashew fruit".

She revealed that she had always wanted to be a mother and thanked God to give her this happiness.She also said that she and her boyfriend had no special expectations for the sex of the baby, and only wanted the baby to be healthy and safe.

It can be seen from the photos that Selina’s skin is very good, rosy and shiny.During pregnancy, women’s endocrine systems have changed a lot, while Selina shows good skin care habits and healthy lifestyles.

It is reported that in addition to regular examinations during pregnancy, Selina will also do some sports suitable for pregnant women, such as yoga and swimming to maintain their body flexibility and comfort.She also pays attention to a balanced diet, eats more fruits and vegetables and foods rich in protein and calcium, and provides sufficient nutrition for herself and baby.

In addition, she will use some mild and effective skin care products to keep the skin clean and moisturize.

In addition to being responsible for himself and your baby, Selina also got the meticulous care and care of her boyfriend and family and friends.Her boyfriend Xiaoxu will not only accompany her to the hospital for examination, but also prepare delicious dishes and nutrition soup for her, and often massage her and back.They will also prepare various supplies for babies and plan to give the baby what they will give in the future.

Selina’s parents and sisters will often visit her and provide her with various help and suggestions.

Selina’s 8 -month -old photo let us see a happy and beautiful expectant mother.With her actions and attitudes, she proves that the state of being loved and not being loved by girls is really different.

With her experience and story, she tells us that there will always be sunlight and hope in life.We are happy and blessed by Selina, and we look forward to the birth of small cashews.I believe Selina will be a good mother, and small cashews will be a lucky baby.

In addition to basic care, Selina also emphasizes the importance of sun protection.She said that during pregnancy, the skin is more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays, leading to pigmentation and aging.Therefore, she apply sunscreen every day and try to avoid exposure in the sun.She also wore protective supplies such as hats or sunglasses to add a layer of protection to the skin.

In addition to external care, Selina also pays great attention to the inner conditioning.This fully illustrates that Selina has gone out of the shadow of burns and restored the confidence of the past.

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