For four and a half months of pregnancy, is these requirements really too much?

For four and a half months of pregnancy, is these requirements really too much?

Now that I am pregnant for four and a half months, the little guy hasn’t tossed me, but I feel that I am tossing my baby, because I cry and cry every three, I tried my best to control my emotions, but I couldn’t help it.I will move a few more every time and then be quiet for a long time. I am worried about the baby’s hypoxia. I worry about it every day. Some things I want to help me analyze whether my requirements are too much.

1. Ask to invite Yuezheng

My husband and I lived with my father -in -law. In the small county, I was the first child. I was not experienced. I was afraid that I would not do well in confinement. I mentioned it with my mother -in -law early in three months of pregnancy.She spent it, my lottery money was collected by herself. With the money of color gifts, my mother -in -law did not agree. I told her that it was good for me and my baby, and I was afraid to quarrel with you.Knowing that according to the usual time, we will definitely quarrel, so we did not give up, and finally agreed (at this time the emotions did not fluctuate). I just infected the bacteria just four months.Cough and cough can’t sleep for more than four consecutive days. I went to the hospital for hospital diagnosis. It was bronchitis and laryngealitis. The old public car was carried by my mother -in -law on the night of the discharge.While saying that she promised to bring the doll to guarantee that she would not quarrel with me. I and my husband all persuaded her not to listen. When I was hospitalized, there was a maternal produced by a mother next door.My mother -in -law has always paid attention to, saying that you do n’t feed the boiling water children?Why not need a diapers?What happened at that time. The two mothers next door were surprised and explained to her, saying that the social sciences are different now, and chat with my mother -in -law.My mother -in -law turned around and told me to remember. In fact, I checked a lot on the Internet and told her that I know.My mother -in -law can’t accept new things when I get older, so when I went home on the night of my discharge, I communicated with her. My husband finally became angry. I also felt that my mother’s old thought was too serious.My mother also said that science is now afraid of being unhappy with children. My husband and I are novice parents. What happened to the month?

2. Ask my mother to come and take care of me for a few months

At the beginning of pregnancy, I found that during the New Year, coupled with pregnancy, although I did not vomit, I was drowsy, and I was slightly disgusting. I took care of me in my mother’s hometown., Mom went out to work (in a province), I have divorced my parents from a young age, my parents have a new family, and my father now has a daughter who is less than three years old.I can’t support what I can, so I never thought how he took care of me. My mother recently found a good job in the province. I just did it for more than 10 days. Except for the New Year, she helped me to do it for about a month.For meals, when she left, I was cooking and eating by myself. When the stomach was not big, I felt that I could buy food and cook alone. Although I was worried that the smell of oil fume was not good for the baby, I thought of my in -laws and husbands.They are all at work, and I should also be considerate of them. It ’s been four and a half months until now. As the stomach gets bigger and bigger, I obviously feel that when I buy vegetables, I dare not buy too much. I’ m afraid I ca n’t afford it.I went to buy vegetables today. On the way, my lower abdomen was painful. I took a few steps and took a few steps. I was afraid of miscarriage. Fortunately, when she met her husband ’s previous classmates on the road. Her mother helped me mention the door of the house and told me not to buy too many things.Wait for them to buy it for me.A bit of tomatoes and fruits made me realize that what I could do before is not available now. Washing vegetables, cutting vegetables and cutting meat, bending, I can’t stand it after cutting.My mother called and said that I am not very convenient now. Can I discuss with her to take care of my confinement? She said that she is not easy to find. I said that no one at home at home, she still does n’t want to take care of me.I have to cry, how can a daughter get pregnant and my mother does not come to help?I also said that I loved me for me. She heard me crying and agreed before I heard me crying. I also thought that her difficulties would retreat and let her come in May. At that time, I was almost six months old.Crying, just say what I do in the past few months?She said that she was discussing with her mother -in -law. My mother -in -law did not take care of me for a few months … I hung up without listening, my mother -in -law

I always said that it was inconvenient to take care of me. She did n’t go to work. Why did I not let her take care of me because my mother ’s family had nothing to say, how much my mother said, how much love me, all for me, nowThere are difficulties to let her come to take care of me for a few months and then pull the skin. After a while, she will come over. Today, I said this again, and the name is the beauty of the two. Last time, I told her why she let her come over. ReallyIs her daughter who didn’t care about anything when she was pregnant?I really love me?IntersectionAfter the divorce, I didn’t follow my mother. I was with my dad. She didn’t care about me for many years. Now her daughter is not convenient for her to help her like this .. I don’t watch a few long voice of her WeChat., Directly deleted the phone and didn’t answer. I knew she was using her proud mouth to convince me. I was afraid that I was angry and painful, and I just didn’t contact.Then I called my husband, I was crying and said that I couldn’t help crying. I did n’t know if my mother was really reluctant to work or for her mother -in -law to let her come over. My mother -in -law came to take care of me.Anyway, I regret what I promised. Do I really do n’t take me in my heart?My husband kept making me not cry, and he would call her mother -in -law.In the afternoon, her mother -in -law called and said, she didn’t let my mother come, but after saying a few words, I said that I knew it, I hung up, and I almost couldn’t help crying. I wanted to say what you said to my mother.Can my mother regret it?

I really don’t want to cry anymore. Every time I cry, the baby moves very well. What if something happens, it is still so small.

Is these requirements really too much?Unreasonable?I just think that my mother’s family can care about me. Don’t rely on my mother -in -law’s house. Isn’t that I am more important than my mother’s work?Why do I feel fake every time my mother says those words that love me?Because she hasn’t done anything practical, now she needs her to help and worry about these. I know my dad is a cold -blooded consideration. I didn’t want him what he was from beginning to end, but my mother gave me hope and hope and againI crushed it with my own hands, and my heart couldn’t help hurting.

Supplement: If my mother -in -law came to take care of me, the rice she made is unpalatable and not paying attention to nutritional matching, and we will also be unhappy because of the generation gap. My husband is off work, and my father -in -law will say my husband from time to time.My husband is unhappy. At least if my mother comes, I will not speak loudly in front of my mother.

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