For half a year of weddings, her husband died unfortunately. His wife was pregnant. Is it flowing or born?

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Xiaowen was lying on the bed dumbly, and she couldn’t accept the reality of her husband’s gone. Why?Obviously he said that he would accompany himself to grow old together.

The sweet wedding photos of the two were also placed on the dresser. Xiaowen snuggled beside her husband, smiling so happy and so sweet.She wants to sleep, will her husband come back when she sleeps?All this experience is just a dream?When she wanted to return to her husband’s accident, even if she quarreled, tied it with a rope, and threatened to take a knife, she would prevent her husband from going out so that the husband would not encounter a car accident and would not leave her.

Mom came in, and looked at her daughter in distress and helplessly. She shouted her daughter gently, and Xiaowen was still immersed in her world, and she had a disappointment of her mother’s call.Mom sat next to her daughter and tentatively asked, "What did you think about that matter?"

Xiaowen woke up and shook his head numbly: "I don’t know, don’t ask me, I don’t know what to do?" Then Xiaowen touched her belly subconsciously, and her mother urged her: "Hurry upTake an idea! It’s even worse, it’s hard to get it! "My mother wanted to say something, and saw Xiaowen closed her eyes, and the corner of the eyes had tears slipped.Mom sighed and walked out of Xiaowen’s room.

It turned out that Xiaowen had just been married for half a year. Her husband had a car accident three months ago. Unfortunately, Xiaowen was confused and fainted into the hospital a few times. When he went to the hospital, the doctor checked it. Xiaowen had two months of pregnancy.IntersectionThe father -in -law and mother -in -law originally sent a black -haired man to wash his face with tears all day. When he heard that Xiaowen was pregnant, they persuaded Xiaowen to give birth to the child.

But Xiaowen’s mother persuaded Xiaowen to kill her children!Those who are moms are considered for her daughter. She said, Wenwen, you are still young, and you have to marry someone in the future. You must kill this child!With a child, it ’s not easy to find a person. Do n’t say that the child does n’t have a dad, lacks his father’ s love, and is not fair to the child. It ’s better to take advantage of the fetus.

The father -in -law came to see Xiaowen, and brought 100,000 yuan, saying that Xiao Wen had to raise his fetus with peace of mind.It is a burden that the child is abandoned. You can give your children to grandparents. They are responsible for the child to raise.

Xiaowen’s mother didn’t want these 100,000 yuan, she euphemistically wanted to flow off the child.The mother -in -law was suddenly emotional, and she cried and said, "Wenwen, can’t kill the child! He is also a life! How can you bear to kill your child! Is our old couple asking you? Can’t you kneel down?"

During the talk, her mother -in -law had to kneel and kneel, and Xiaowen’s mother hurriedly pulled her: "Don’t! You are an elder, you will fold Wenwen’s blessing! Don’t do this! You don’t want Wenwen? "My mother -in -law stood up, watching Xiaowen tears:" Wenwen, you and the monarch husband and wife, you can’t be so ruthless! You are the flesh of Junjun in your stomach, leave him after! "

Xiaowen’s heart was in a pot of porridge. She hadn’t reflected from the grief of her husband. She had to consider the fate of the child in the belly. Is it born or not let him be born?She thought about it for a while. Mom’s words make sense. The child does not have a father, and the life is not complete, and he will be very painful.

After a while, I looked at the father -in -law and mother -in -law who had white hair. Think about her relationship with her husband. The old man had no son and lost his spiritual pillar. He had a grandson or granddaughter to inspire them to live a good life.The blood veins are also inherited, this is what the husband wants to see it.

My mother thinks about her daughter, and her mother -in -law wants to want a grandson, and she can’t do Xiaowen’s Lord. The final decision is still Xiao Wen.Wen couldn’t have the idea for a while and a half for a while. She said that the two mothers asked me to be quiet and consider it.

When I was sent to my father -in -law, the two elderly people insisted on leaving a 100,000 yuan brought by the father.EssenceI don’t know what to do now?Do you want Xiaowen to kill your child or give birth?

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