For the first time after giving birth, "the same room". Pay attention to these 3 points, otherwise it is yourself who suffers.

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For her husband, because the wife cannot be performed in the later stages of pregnancy, this is already difficult to bear it. It was difficult to end during pregnancy, thinking that they could live in the same room early.However, the cause of the wife is bleeding. The reason is as follows:

I received a call from her girlfriend Huaer today. She said that after she was confinement, her husband couldn’t wait to live in the same room. She also thought that she could have the same room when she was confinement, but unexpectedly, she involved the wounds of the side cutting when she was born, causing bleeding to bleed bleeding, which caused bleeding to bleed bleeding, I still need to be hospitalized.

I listened to scolding her silly woman, how can I not pay attention to my body so.Even after the birth of a child, even if the confinement is out of confinement, it is not allowed to have the same room immediately, and for the first time after giving birth, there are also precautions.Let’s take a look together.

1. Two months after giving birth

Because the wife’s body consumption is particularly large during pregnancy and during childbirth, the wife’s energy and physical strength and even the body will be damaged at this time.Therefore, it is not recommended to have the same room in the immediately of confinement. It should be given the time for his wife to restore his body. The husband should be more considerate of his wife and wait for his wife to restore the body before making the same room.

2. Wear condoms in the same room after giving birth

After giving birth, the mother’s body will start ovulation.Even if everyone is different, some mothers will ovulate before menstruation, and some mothers will get menstruation before they start ovulation.That is to say, if you do not have menstruation, you may also conceive if you are not contraceptive.

The cousin of Jing Jing is the boss and the second child one year, that is, there is no menstruation during breastfeeding, so there is no contraception, and the result will be recruited.Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to contraception as long as the same room is in the same room.

3. Pay attention to hygiene

For the first time after giving birth to the same room after giving birth, the husband and wife can take a bath in front of the same room.Because the wife has just gave birth to a child, although the wound of the side -cutting of the side is not painful, the trauma is still there. At this time, the wife’s body is easy to get gynecological diseases and wounds, so the same room must pay attention to hygiene.

1. Tear to the wound and cause bleeding

If the wife is not recovered after delivery, the same room is not recovered. Because the wife’s side wound is not recovered, the wound is torn, which causes bleeding.Even if it is a cesarean section, it is necessary to wait until 2 months before the same room, because the wound uterus of the caesarean section, even if the confinement is out of confinement, there is no way to fully recover.

2. If the wife’s body is not recovered, she will conceive

If you feel in the same room after giving birth, I feel that I just have a child, and I wo n’t be pregnant with another one immediately. With this kind of lucky husband and wife, this will hurt themselves.After giving birth to the baby, when the confinement, the body may start ovulation.

Experts suggest: Pregnant women can prepare for pregnancy after one year after giving birth, and pregnant women with caesarean section can only be prepared after two years after giving birth.

Because they need one to two years, their bodies will be fully recovered.If you do not wear condoms for contraceptive measures at this time, so that your wife will conceive with the body without recovery, it will be very harmful to his wife’s body.

3. Do not pay attention to hygiene, causing gynecological diseases and wound infections

After giving birth to a child, his wife is a group that is more likely to cause gynecological diseases.And at this time, although the wound is not painful, if you don’t pay attention to hygiene, it will cause infection.Therefore, both husbands and wives should pay attention. It is best to take a bath before the same room. The husband should think more about his wife, and his wife should pay more attention to hygiene, otherwise it will only be herself.

In summary, it turned out that after giving birth to a child, it took 2 months to do the same room, and when the same room was in the same room, she had to let her husband take contraceptive measures, and pay attention to hygiene when the same room.

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