Foreign netizens showed out the pregnant small animals they took, the round belly, interesting and cute

Recently, when I was visiting the outer net

Seeing a very interesting picture

There are foreign netizens inside

Small pregnant animals taken

Cats and dogs at home

There are also unintentional wild animals

One by one with a rolling belly

Cute crying!

"My master who is pregnant for eight weeks and a half weeks"

"My guinea pig baby is pregnant!"

"The cute little lion comes immediately"

"When it comes to me

I also said what happened to this elephant

It turned out to be pregnant!"

"This mother is resting in the Forest Forest in Canatak"

"The first time I saw the pregnancy squirrel

so cute!"

"Friends accidentally photographed her pregnant cat

Sit like this "

"A catfish in the underwater world is pregnant!"

"My cat is better than ordinary hairless cats

Three babies

so amazing!"

"My family has a pregnant shrimp"

"I took it in Kenya

The stripes look even fatter haha ""

"The sheep in my family

Don’t look at it like a cow "

"It seems like a water balloon"

"A young squirrel runs at home


So I gave it some peanuts "

"Occasionally see a tiger

I accidentally discovered it was pregnant!"

"My family has a raccoon that is about to give birth

But it is not my pet

It’s my neighbor on the fence "

"My girl is called latte

It is pregnant

I think every one is super cute!"

"I took a picture of the stern period"

"The mouse of my pregnancy"

"I was taken on the farm, stunned"

"It’s a mother for a few days, I will be a mother."

"Seal Mother’s Mother is basking in the sun on the beach" "

"Illustration during pregnancy, my horses also have"

"My dog used to be very long, and now it’s round"

"Pregnant hedgehog baby"

"My cat has five babies in my belly!"

"Have you ever seen the native mouse of pregnancy?"

"This guinea pig mother is here to check the body!"

"I took it on the bottom of Australia!"

"You must have never seen the color change dragon of pregnancy" "

"This little guy is receiving ultrasonic inspections"

"My brother’s dog is pregnant, it sleeps like this"

"‘ She looks more staying after pregnancy ”

"My little fish, Molly"

"Baby dogs are about to be born soon!"

"A pregnant black rhinocel

It is only 20 meters away from our car "

"I saw one in the zoo

Giraffe, which is childbirth


"Although it looks small

But I have to be a mother!"

How about it?

These expectant mothers above

Are there any cuteness to everyone?

Although cute

But in fact, pregnancy is a very hard thing

Hope the cute mothers

Can be produced safely

Successfully gave birth to a healthy and lovely baby!

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