Forward spread!In addition to the blue ring octopus in the Spring Festival, what other "poisonous foods" are not eaten?

Recently, a netizen took a special octopus in the hot pot restaurant and asked whether the Opoper’s blog owner could get it in the pot. I did not expect that the octopus in the picture turned out to be one of the top ten most poisonous animals in the world -the blue ring.octopus!

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Although the Spring Festival dinner is happy, the food at the entrance needs to be vigilant.What "food" should be avoided, I hope this dining table can help you.

The most beautiful and most dangerous

—— 河 河 河

The puffer fish is small and cute, and the meat is also very tender.But don’t be confused by this appearance. Puffers are a toxic fish. Puffer fish toxins contained in are a very toxic marine biological activity substance.Under normal circumstances, the poisoning personnel will first have paralysis of lips and tongue, followed by motor nerve paralysis, and then the peripheral blood vessels dilatation, blood pressure decreases, and breathing difficulties. Finally, the consciousness slowly disappears, and the respiratory center is completely paralyzed until death.

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There are currently no special effects of puffer fish poisoning.The State Administration of Market Supervision has explicitly banned food operators from operating and selling live puffer fish, puffer fish fish, and puffer fish products without legal qualifications.It should be noted that puffer fish toxins can not only exist in puffer fish, but also find it in the body of New worms, crickets, woven snails, and octopus.

However, although it has certain toxins, puffer fish can be eaten with confidence after professional treatment.Puffer fish contain nutrients such as protein and amino acids, and must be regulated correctly before eating.

——The strange crab

Although the possibility of encountering poisonous crabs is small, it is difficult to detect once it encounters.Fishermen summarize a set of experiences to distinguish whether crabs have toxic: at first glance, poisonous crabs are generally bright; second look at the shell, toxic crabs are generally uneven and granular.Chela foot refers to the general color of joints, and fishermen often say that "the more deep the color of the crab feet, the stronger the toxicity".

For example, embroidered ridges, Renault, Renault scattered crab, and righteous love crab. These crabs look similar to crabs that can be eaten.However, the first two crabs are named, with unique spots or patterns on the back, and the latter is more reddish and the shell has a grainy.

Wild bacteria: food poisoning "severely disaster -stricken area"

In addition to seafood, wild bacteria is also a "hardest disaster" for food poisoning. Food poisoning caused by accidental eating toxic wild bacteria is common.

There are a variety of drugs in wild bacteria, with different shapes, complex toxic components, and some of the methods of identifying wild mushrooms circulating in the folk proven that it is not reliable.In June 2021, the article published by the "China Disease Prevention and Control Center Weekly" showed that from 2010 to 2020, a total of 10036 food -based mushroom poisoning incidents reported, resulting in 38,676 diseases, 21967 were hospitalized, and 788 people died.EssenceAmong them, the poisoning incident, diseases and deaths reported by Yunnan were the largest.

After eating wild mushroom poisoning at home, a simple method should be used to vomit: you can drink a large amount of warm water or dilute saline, and then use the spoon handle, chopsticks and other items to stimulate the throat for vomiting, and discharge the residual bacteria that have not been absorbed as soon as possible.Reduce the absorption of toxic substances and prevent the disease from worsening.

At the same time, you should go to the medical institution as soon as possible.Let poisoners drink a small amount of sugar and saline to prevent dehydration and shock.But do not force up water to his mouth for the coma to prevent suffocation.

Try to keep the wild mushroom samples eaten before the poisoning, and check the reference for medical treatment for professional institutions after testing.

These "poisonous foods" are easy to ignore

Liu Shaowei, a member of the Food Safety and a member of the expert group of the Shanghai Food Safety Research Association, said that compared with the erroneous seafood and poisonous wild bacteria, bacterial food poisoning caused by improper cooking or improper preservation in life abound.

Improper fermented food: On October 5, 2020, a family dinner for a family of chickens in Heilongjiang to eat sour soup (a kind of thick noodle -like staple food made after fermented with corn water), and then caused food poisoning, which eventually caused 9 people to die.It is reported that because the refrigerator could not be put, the frozen sour soup was taken out of the refrigerator and put it in a cool and humid place for a few days, and finally produced rice yeast acid.Rice yeast acid has no special drug, and the mortality rate after poisoning is 40%-100%.Black fungus that is soaked for a long time also produces rice yeast acid.

Because the fermentation tools, fermentation environments and processes in the home are not rigorous enough, for safety reasons, for safety reasons, food should be fermented with caution.

Moom and deterioration: Cutlomycin is also one of the more common toxins.As early as 1993, patentycin was designated as a type of carcinogen by the World Health Organization Cancer Research Agency. It was a very toxic and toxic substance, and 1 mg was a carcinogenic dose.Cuttamanicin likes to hide in moldy foods, especially peanuts, corn, beans and other foods with high starch content.If there is a peanut mildew, the whole packaging is thrown away, because the yellow mold is transmitted in the form of spores, and the food is very susceptible to moldy.

In fact, when the appearance of the food is obviously different, they should be vigilant, such as red -hearted sugarcane, a large number of potatoes with buds, and poisoning risks after eating.

Because ordinary people’s control and production methods of ingredients are prone to problems, families have become high incidence of food poisoning.According to media statistics, from 2008-2015, the national food poisoning incident occurred, and the probability of accidental food poisoning in the family was as high as 46.5%.

"At present, the New Year is coming. It is a node that purchases and make vegetables and meat in large quantities. Food safety is more careful." Liu Shaowei suggested that during the food processing process, it is necessary to be separated from raw food.Do not mix raw foods; during the cooking process of food, it is necessary to properly handle the temperature and time, and lack enough cooking temperature and time, which may cause the bacteria in the food and cause food poisoning; expired food and some leftoverThe leftovers should not be willing to discard because of saving and fear of waste.

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Source: Changan Jian, Central Political and Legal Committee

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