Four women are especially suitable for moxibustion and beauty first types of people.

Beauty is the unchanged pursuit of women today. Moxibustion is a more common method of Chinese medicine. Moxibustion beauty is mainly internal care, while cosmetic surgery is external. The two are completely different.Let’s take a look at what moxibustion and beauty should pay attention to:

Four women are especially suitable for moxibustion

Moxibustion can drive away fatigue and supplement vitality. It is the best way to balance yin and yang. Many women’s faces have acne and spots, mostly caused by endocrine disorders.So the following women are especially suitable for moxibustion treatment:

1. Women with acne on their faces often have serious illnesses. "Clear heat and detoxification" often has no effect, because their fever is often deficient in heat, not real heat.Don’t catch it, let alone worsening.So moxibustion is the best choice.

2. Women with chloasma often lose their liver and kidney deficiency, and their constitution is seriously biased in acidity. Treatment is treated with moxibustion, and unexpected results often occur.

3. Women who are fat are not excessive nutrition, but excess nutrition is just a concept of western medicine. There is no such statement in Chinese medicine. If any Chinese medicine is also like this, it must be a half hanging.Even obese children are often not nutritional, but insufficient positives. Often because of pregnancy, parents still have a lot of sexual life, which leads to children’s congenital deficiency, liver and kidney function, and weak spleen.Fat -fat women often have collapse and leakage, and too much blood loss.Too much obesity is often because of the spleen and kidney yang deficiency. If it is too thin, it is often insufficient liver and kidney.

4. Women with premature nipples, or women with nipple depression are often severe liver and kidney deficiency, rushing veins, as cold veins, and some even have cough.These problems have good effects.

How is moxibustion beauty?

There are many wrinkles: before going to bed, ignite one end of the moxa, and align the acupoints of the face, about 2 to 3 cm from the acupoint for smoking moxibustion, each time you choose 2 to 3 acupoints, about 5 minutes each, until the moxibustion, until the moxibustion, until the moxibustion, until the moxibustion, until 5 minutes, until the moxibustion is about 5 minutes.The skin produces redness.There are many crow’s feet, select the sun, silk bamboo empty; the forehead is selected from Yangbai and Yintang;Or fill the umbilical holes at the end of the salt, cut a piece of fresh ginger of 0.3 cm, and place a few holes in the center and place it on the umbilicus.After all the Ai Yizheng burned, I changed one more, 3 to 5 strong each time, and the local skin produced redness, once a night.

Treatment of warts: First of all, routine disinfection warts, and then use Vaselin to apply a little on the warts. Take the moxa to make 3 cone -shaped Ai -shaped Aiho as the same size as the warts.Full (generally not pain, such as Aiho is greater than warts and burns normal skin caused by pain). After going to Ai ash, then slightly painted Vaselin on the warts, put Aihuan on it, so 3 moxibustion 3 Ai AiAlas, warts were burnt.Generally treats 1 to 2 times, warts fall off, and disinfect gauze coverage after treatment to prevent infection.

Treatment of facial paralysis: Use the ginger moxibustion method, that is, take fresh ginger cut 0.2 cm thick ginger slices, use acupuncture several holes on the top, and lit Aihuan on the ginger slices.He Valley on both sides of the sacrum and limbs, Zusanli acupoints, 3 to 5 strong moxibustion each acupoint. When the time is local, the ginger slices are lifted for a while before putting it down, and repeated several times until all Ai is burned.Moxibustion once every night.

Treatment of teeth loose: When you sleep every night, sit on the stool, ignite the moxa, and hang moxibustion on the bone and Yongquan acupoint of the lower limbs., Moxibustion, Shenshu, Da 杼, 2 to 3 minutes per hole, until the local blush appears.Moxibustion is applied at 5 pm to 9 pm on the lunar calendar.Nourishing kidney and essence, strong bone and solid teeth.

Freckles: After litting the moxa bars, smoke the iron valley, Quchi, and noodle freckles, so that the local temperature is warm, and the skin appears redly. When moxibustion, especially the face should be carefully dropped, burn the skin, every night,Or make moxibustion once the next day.Clear blood circulation and prevent freckles.

Treatment of melasma: Take 1 moxa strip before lying. After litting, moxibustion is applied locally on the facial melancholy. The moxa is 2 to 3 cm from the skin.Be careful with the ash falls into the skin.

Treatment of eyelid drooping: After lit with moxa, moxibustion is suspended from the upper eyelid to the front of the forehead.Be careful when you moxibustion, be careful of fell into the skin.Once once a night, 10 times for 1 course.

Face -to -face chubby: Before going to bed every night, ignite the moxa strip, and before sitting on the bed, moxibustion the foot of the foot, Tianshu, and Zhongye acupoints, each cavity of moxibustion for about 5 minutes, the local redness appears, consciously warm and comfortable.Yiqi and spleen, nourish blood and face.

Treatment of acne: After litting the moxa, moxibustion is performed on the acupoints such as the facial cheekbones, Xiaguan, Giant Bone, Yingxiang, etc., about 1 to 2 cm from the acupoint, and moxibustion each acupoint for 2 minutes, and the local skin appears red.

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