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The marriage check and pregnancy test is an important line of defense for family health

Active receiving marriage inspection and pregnancy inspection

It is of great significance to the next generation

As for what is a marriage check and pregnancy inspection

Let’s look down together!Intersection

Question: Why do we have to do a health check for marriage and pregnancy?

Free marriage and premium health examination, mainly to find related diseases that affect marriage and childbirth, get more comprehensive health guidance, so that the planned pregnant couple will conceive in a good psychology and physiological state, so that the subjects will be successful, safe, happy and happy, andThe descendants are healthy.Through the pre -pregnancy eugenics health examination, the couple of childbearing age can understand their own health, and find that risk factors such as genetic, environment, psychology, and behavior that may affect fertility can be received.Prepare to avoid risk factors that may cause birth defects and create the best conditions for breeding healthy fetuses.

Question: Who can enjoy a free check?

1. One or both parties are registered with the "Guangdong Residence Permit" issued by Dongguan’s household registration or effective in Dongguan City.(Appointment registration personnel must show the appointment number of appointment for marriage registration)

2. One or both parties for the "Guangdong Residence Permit" issued by Dongguan’s household registration or effective in Dongguan City. Couples who meet the second and third -born regeneration policies can enjoy a free pre -pregnancy health check service for free pre -pregnancy health checks per child.

Q: When will this inspection service be accepted?

Eligible couples can enjoy a free marriage and premium health examination within 13 weeks after marriage registration or appointment registration to 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Q: What are the inspection content of both men and women?

The total amount of the wedding inspection item is 905 yuan, and all the costs are free!It mainly includes 23 items such as eugenics health education, medical history inquiry, physical examination, laboratory examination, virus screening, video examination, Mediterranean anemia, and G6PD deficiency screening, and AIDS tests, covering the content of the project content stipulated in the health examination of premium and health.See the table below:

Question: What hospitals can I go to Shizhen Town to check?

When to participate in the inspection?

Location: Health Management Center, 3rd Floor, Shiji Hospital of Dongguan (No. 39 Chonghuan Middle Road, Shiji Town, Dongguan)

Tel: 0769-86363282

Time: Saturday morning

Q: Do you need to make an appointment in advance?


Register the information between the two parties in the village (community) (in principle, mainly based on the woman’s household registration village or residence permit village), and make an appointment in advance.

Q: What information do I need to carry during inspection?

1. Application Form for free pre -marital and pre -pregnancy eugenics health inspection application forms in Dongguan

(You can download the code directly, easy to print yourself)

2. Pre -marital health check -up knowledge consent form

(You can download the code directly, easy to print yourself)

3. Related documents:

Unmarried person: Appointment number to make an appointment for marriage, my ID card (if no ID card can bring an account book) or valid "Guangdong Residence Permit" issued by Dongguan City

Married personnel: Marriage certificate, my ID card (if no ID card can bring an account book) or the "Guangdong Residence Permit" issued by Dongguan City

Q: What should I pay attention to before receiving the inspection?

1. Check the normal diet three days before, do not eat too greasy, high -protein foods, do not drink alcohol, pay attention to rest, and check the house one night.

2. The empty abdomen was taken on the day, and fasting after 22:00 before the physical examination.

3. The woman needs to avoid the menstrual period. Without vaginal rinse and medicine within 3 days.

Q: Will a free examination within 13 weeks of pregnancy conflict with the first pregnancy test?

I believe that many pregnant mothers have this question, but they are actually not conflicting!If you do not check before pregnancy before pregnancy, you can do it within 13 weeks after pregnancy. There is no problem at all!There are projects about birth defect screening in free marriage examinations, which can be used as part of the inspection content for the first pregnancy examination.The hospital’s request to introduce a free marriage examination during the first pregnancy examination, which not only achieves the purpose of the first examination during pregnancy, but also saves the funding for pregnant women’s own maternity insurance.

Kind tips

In this inspection, there is a project for an empty stomach check

Please check the time for the inspector to arrange the time reasonably

Avoid the length of the empty stomach too long and cause physical discomfort!

Marriage and Pregnancy Health Inspection is an important barrier to ensure the health of family marriage, actively participate in health inspections, and escort the next generation of health!

Source: Dongguan Shijie Hospital

Responsible editor: Cao Mujing

Edit: Liang Xiuwen

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