From a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, can vitamin C really prevent influenza?

Entering the high incidence of influenza in spring, many people have heard more or less the saying of vitamin C antiviral anti -cold. visited many pharmacies in Beijing and noticed that vitamin C related products have been welcomed recently.Many pharmacy staff said that vitamin C has been selling hotly since the end of last year."Supplementing vitamin C can antiviral, and now the high incidence of influenza can be used to prevent colds." A staff member said.

In this regard, Most of the well -known medical scientists did not agree with the view that VC could prevent colds that can prevent colds."According to the current research, supplementing vitamin C does not prevent colds for ordinary people, and may reduce the duration of the cold."

It is worth noting that the price of vitamin C products in pharmacies is relatively large.According to the staff, it is mainly to look at medicines or health products.If there is an OTC non -prescription drug logo on it, this vitamin C product is a drug, and the price is usually around 2 yuan.Most of the other are health products. The price of each bottle ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. It depends on different brands.

Shan Jielin introduced that there are hundreds of pharmaceutical plants and health food factories on the market to produce vitamin C products, but most manufacturers do not purchase chemical raw materials to synthesize or extract vitamin C.The enterprise purchases the powder that has been synthesized or extracted, and then purse it or fills it into the capsule. Finally, it is filled into the bottle that is labeled.

"In other words, the Vitamin C products produced by the purchase of Pharmaceutical Factory and the production of vitamin C products produced by health food factories may come from the same biopharmaceutical company, so there is no difference in quality." Shan Jielin said that the main difference is that the main difference is that the packaging is to pack the packaging.process.The quality management specifications of pharmaceutical factories and health food factories are different.The management specifications of pharmaceutical factories are usually stricter, and the quality control is relatively better.

In addition, Shan Jielin believes that what is really comparable is the selection of accessories.Disputes are controversial in terms of safety, the less such as talc powder, polyethylene glycol, and polytes.Therefore, the vitamin C tablets produced by the pharmaceutical factory are not necessarily better, because it often uses a large amount of auxiliary materials.She suggested that products with complete qualifications, high credibility, and less accessories.

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" (2022) recommends that each person over the age of 14 is 100 mg of vitamin C per day.

"Actually, if we eat 500 grams of vegetables every day, plus 200 grams of fruits, we can fully meet the demand for VC throughout the day."

Shan Jielin introduced that in general, people who smoke, long -term drinking or patients with antiviral treatment, cancer treatment and other patients are not easy to recover after injury.Elderly people, pregnant women, etc. are recommended to supplement vitamin C.

She reminded that vitamin C is water -soluble and is not resistant to high temperature. Therefore, rinse and soaking, too high heating temperature or too long, will cause a lot of loss.Replenishing vitamin C through fruit and vegetable diet, it is recommended to choose cooking methods such as raw or simmered water, cold mixing, and quick -fry.In addition, vitamin C is susceptible to oxidation and is not recommended for long -term storage.

Shan Jielin also said that if vitamin C is blindly supplemented with vitamin C, it may cause greater harm to the body.Large doses of vitamin C, allowing human cells and tissues to adapt for a long time. Once stopped, the supplementary machine experience is not adaptable and the vitamin C lacks symptoms, and excessive supplements will increase the burden on liver and kidney metabolism, but the disadvantages are greater than profit.(Wei Xianghui)

Source: China News Network

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