Full -time mother enters the workplace for three months, and has entered 10,000 a month

[Maintain continuous learning ability and information receiving ability during full -time period]

I met with my husband in 2016. I was pregnant in 2018. Due to the long -term stand and physical reasons, I resigned and nourished my heart.It is best to use to guide yourself to produce all knowledge and learning to postpartum. For example, how you do n’t have long stretch marks, how to be prenatal, exercise, baby food supplementary food, postpartum recovery, and so on.I renovated the house again with my stomach, looking for a family of hydropower furniture, and then finalized one by one. Although there were many conflicts and contradictions in the process, I also compromised each other. I also grew a lot.


The child was born in mid -2019 and disrupted the feet of the two of us. From the marriage to the birth of the child to the birth of the child, I have always forced themselves to actively deal with the current things, because people’s inertia can really make a person short shorter.It has become useless in time.During this period, Mr. was the economic pillar of the family. All other affairs were borne by me, and I would pay attention to current affairs news, entertainment news and national events every day, so that I can keep myself a basic information receiving, sober mind, and try not to derail with the society as much as possible.Essence

Some people will say that so tired, I often think so.Whenever you want to blame the Tianyou, you will secretly remind yourself when you do everything alone, you will do it, and you have experience. This is the ability and ability that you grow on yourself. No one can take it away.Although the process is difficult, the results are always good, and the initiative is better than passive acceptance.

Each stage has every stage of things and freshness. The only thing you can do is to live a good moment.When you are pregnant, pay attention to your own and children’s status, maintain a good mood, arrange your own three diet, exercise and knowledge learning, and do your own recovery after giving birth, and the child’s breeding companion and learning plan.The main thing is to arrange your time allocation and management of your child.

[A good track and platform]

After three years of full -time, the epidemic was three years. In June 2022, I restored the workplace. Because of the changes in my lover, I also had to start from scratch.

Before doing one thing, if you want to do what you want, no matter what happens, you will remind yourself what you come to the company, and many things will become simple.Because of a reminder from a friend, I entered a track of making money. I found a large company and a good track and platform. Whether it is salary or personal development, there will be a better outlook.Okay yourself.I am also Xiaobai in this job. I have done advanced planning and target decomposition for myself in advance. What is the daily work? Summary and reflection of the work content, the logic and ideas of things are right. Where can I adjust the way of life?The next day’s work and life plans, these are recording and re -examination almost every day.Of course, the salary is the same. There must be a staged plan. How long does it take to achieve a small goal and planning by yourself.The most important thing is to have an open thinking, and people can never earn money other than cognition, so that they have a greater tolerance and remove the walls inherent in their thinking.

[Daily learning accumulation and firm execution force]

Regardless of work or life, the most important thing is to maintain continuous learning ability. It is not a empty word to live when to learn to be old. It is true that you must be united in one way, and even do it before you know it, because many things are thinking aboutBad the following.

Xu Chang Heming Lake

It takes 21 days to develop a habit, and a skill takes 10,000 hours to deliberately practice.Modern people think too much, do too little, and can persist in less for a long time. It takes at least 7 years in the deep cultivation of an industry. It takes at least ten years to become an expert in a field.Books, film and television related to this industry, and experts require daily learning to accumulate, maintaining their original intentions, just like when I was in school, starting with a concept of learning, forming a knowledge system, so that the accumulation of learning accumulation after get off work every day becomes you. The booster on the road of life is getting farther and farther.

[Coordination and balance of work and family life]

Find your own rhythm in your own life. You can reasonably arrange your work and family life. Thank you very much for your support for my work and take care of my children. This is the main reason for the monthly income of more than 10,000, from the support of family members.

I hope that every full -time mother can be comfortable. As long as the child is growing up with breast milk or milk powder, it is enough to work or take the baby with a full -time baby. No matter which one you choose, there will be regrets.How many, it’s enough to live a good.

“”” What kind of life pursuit is valuable””When did you find that you are no longer young?

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