Funny comics: After the brother and the puppy kissed, the puppy gave birth to a cub?Intersection

"Funny Comics" is here!After the younger brother and the puppy kissed this issue, the puppy gave birth to a cub?IntersectionI hope everyone will like it. Everyone can look at it when you are usually leisure and entertainment or when you feel stressful!Smile with a smile, you will relax a lot!I hope everyone can laugh like this!

Lao Du has always admired the village flowers in the village, but Ruo Xue has never ignored him. On this day, Lao Du held a bunch of flowers to propose to her in front of Ruoxue’s door, and Ruo Xue was taking his younger brother and sister home.My brother is also very disgusted with Lao Du, so that her sister should not take care of him.

On this day, Lao Du ate with Ruo Xue’s younger brothers and sisters. Lao Du thought about children such as acne, so he said that you should not play with your kiss together.It ’s time, my brother said angrily, who would listen to your ghost?

If Xue’s family has a dog, her brother will play with the dog as soon as he goes home from school. The dog will be happy when he sees his brother when he goes home. He licks his brother’s face with his tongue and teases his brother.One day for four months, my brother went home from school and even saw the dog was giving birth to a child. The younger brother panicked.

My brother thought that it was so much that he could only be responsible for this nest, so he held this little cub at the door of the house with the green plum bamboo horse next door, saying that he is now responsible for them and can no longer play with his sister.It is, my sister cried sadly when I heard it

After the dog gave birth to the little cubs, the younger brother took the shoulders to take care of their lives, washing and cooking every day, and taking care of their lives.On this day, Lao Du saw that his younger brother was laundering, and an idea was born in his heart

It turned out that Lao Du asked his brother to help say some good words of Lao Du in front of Ruoxue. Sister Ruo Xue listened to his brother very much. After listening to his brother’s words about Lao Du, Ruo Xue also felt good about Lao Du Xin, and Lao Du’s tricks were successful.It was thought to be a child who was so deceiving, but Brother Xue was really too simple. Haha

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