Ginger soup is a good choice after cooling. Can pregnant mothers drink?Is there any way to eat?

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I have been fighting fiercely with my annoying cold these days.The symptoms of a cold this time are obvious, nasal congestion, headache, dry throat …

A snow that should have arrived as scheduled was brushed in our city. After a few small snowflakes that were naughty, there was no trace.Such dry and dry, haze heavy, the outdoor cold, indoor heating, the air quality is so bad, it is strange that it is not sick!

When I caught a cold, for me, I was dazzling and blurred every day. I always wanted to sleep; especially after taking the medicine, the medicinal power of the cold medicine came up, and I couldn’t open my eyes.

But for a cold, for friends who are pregnant, they really caught the madness: do not want to take medicine, can’t take medicine!Can you drink ginger soup water, can you try it by diet?

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In fact, I understand this tangled mood, and I don’t popularize the knowledge of a cold.Under normal circumstances, the cold infection of the virus, about a week or so, can also be better than the ten or nine.For pregnant women, the best way is of course to go to a doctor to see.

After all, although there are many tools for the development of science and technology, the traditional kung fu that is not allowed.After seeing the consultation as a whole, considering the special constitution of pregnant women, the doctor will be more cautious whether it is prescribing medicine or further examination.

Friends said their concerns: they were just a small cold, and they knew that they were caused by cold. If they went to the hospital, there were so many people who line up to see a doctor now.Secondary cross infection.My body is very good, and the symptoms of a cold are not serious. I want to see if I can cross this level through diet.I usually drink a cold and drink ginger soup, but now I am worried that the ginger is spicy and is not good for the baby.So it’s more tangled!

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Ginger can be used as cooking condiments or medicinal purposes, which has a prevention and treatment effect on a variety of diseases.

Ginger flavor, slightly warm, has the functions of warming the stomach, sweating, sweating, warm and cold, expectorant and cough, detoxifying, etc., so it is very effective for treating colds.

For pregnant women, ginger is homologous for medicine and food, which is not hindered by pregnant women and fetuses. In addition, ginger soup can be added with brown sugar, which is more beneficial to pregnant women.However, ginger soup is only suitable for the early stages of external wind and cold. If it is a cold or fever, it is not suitable.

Recommend two kinds of ginger soup water:

1. Among the containers such as the ginger+red pond+water, add boiling water with higher temperatures, cover or put on the stove to heat it for 2-3 minutes.The ginger soup made this not only tastes less spicy, but also the best choice to deal with colds daily.

2. Dry ginger and red dates are 30 grams each. Add water to the pot and boil. Then cook for about 40 minutes with a soft heat, add 30 grams of brown sugar, boil, drink soup, dates, nourish blood and prevent disease.

Apple is a very nutritious food. When pregnant mothers have a cold, make apple honey water to drink, the effect of cold cure is very significant.

Prepare five apples, remove all the apple skin, and then cut them into small pieces and put them in a pot, add a liter of water to boil.After five minutes, let the apple water cool down naturally, add an appropriate amount of honey to season, and drink it as a daily drinking water when you have a cold.Gradually coughing will be a lot!

If the pregnant mothers have a very bad cough during pregnancy, they can also choose to pay attention to some onion and garlic porridge as a staple food.

The method is very simple. You only need to take about ten about ten onions, all chopped, and then prepare three petals of garlic, and fifty grams of rice. After cooking together, you can eat it while you are hot!

In fact, chicken soup is not only very nutritious, but also for recovery and cure of phlegm and colds, reducing the symptoms of colds, and enhancing the immune ability of expectant mothers. It is also very effective!

I personally recommend chicken soup.Especially in the cold winter, I returned home to drink a bowl of thick chicken soup, and it was really a very healed warm thing.

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In fact, there are many foods in life not only nutrition, but also the effect of cold cure, and very common, such as orange peel, ginger, brown sugar, green onion, Sydney, etc.It is also very helpful.

When the expectant mothers have a cold, they can drink more hot porridge, sweat, and dissipate heat, which helps the cold to heal.At the same time, porridge can also protect the stomach and intestines, which is really more than one fell swoop.

There is also a kind of God, the treatment of cold effects is the same!That’s all everywhere -boiled water!Promote metabolism, eliminate waste, boiled water is a good helper!

However, if the pregnant mother has a cold for more than 3 days, there is no symptoms and a serious trend, and accompanied by the symptoms of fever and non -retreat, you must seek medical treatment in time!

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