Girl, do you really know your leucorrhea?

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The leucorrhea routine is a check of hundreds of millions of times a year in the world. The report alone is enough to go around the earth for several laps, but how many people can truly understand the results they checked?

There are few.

So most people choose to believe in doctors, but do not talk about how difficult it is to choose a reliable doctor in the current environment. Even if you encounter a good doctor, there will be problems with the doctor’s decision in the medical environment.If you should not treat it, you may have prescribed medicine.

It doesn’t matter if this medicine is prescribed. It is a trivial matter for spending money. The key is to make you think that you are sick and need treatment. Over time, you will think that as long as the report is the same as the original, it is not cured.

The inspection of the "leucorrhea conventional" today said before, but some people came to ask, so I swear that this time I must make the "leucorrhea conventional" clear, otherwise I will quit the entertainment industry!

Well, it’s finished, open.


speak clearly!speak clearly!speak clearly!

Routine leucorrhea projects include: cleanliness, pH, lactic acid bacteria, white blood cells, bacteria, mold, trichomonas … basically these projects, but some test results are very complicated, there are various nouns, there are all kinds of nouns.Such as: peroxide, white blood cellase, saliva, etc., but these are not used as the key explanation items today.

It is not that it is not important, but that these projects are usually only supplemented by the previous items.In short, it is: not complicated, not easy to collect your expensive inspection fee!

Oh, many people don’t know how to do the test of the leucorrhea.In fact, it is very simple, that is, doctors take out some secretions from the vagina, and then they can wait for the report. Many people will be afraid when checking, but what I want to say is: as long as you are relaxed and enough, there is almost no pain and the whole process without pain and the whole process.Unwilling.

Let’s say one by one, I hope to explain it to you. If you don’t know clearly, don’t care about the effect of the show, point out directly!


Everyone is an old reader, and some are also "old patients", so they are no stranger to cleanliness.Basically, it is divided into: I, II, III, IV. These four levels, the textbooks directly believe that the I-II level is normal, and III-IV is inflammated. Such a rigid classification is difficult to guide usThe problem.

I give the most common example: Xiaohua, female, 23 years old, there is no symptom, I just want to check the body and make a leucorrhea routine. The others are okay. The doctor thinks that there is inflammation and needTreatment, a lot of medicine was prescribed, and went back to ask her boyfriend. The boyfriend felt inexplicably forced to break up, so he borrowed sorrow and dizzy on the road to kick the sound of the aunts who danced the square dance …He looks like a long scream: Should this cleanliness III degree be treated?

In fact, in real life, we often encounter the degree of cleanliness of normal people, which is related to many factors.

Environment: In the south where the rain is abundant, the warm and humid environment, basically most women’s leucorrhea cleanliness is III degree.

Emotion: Because the main ingredients in leucorrhea are secreted by the body, just like menstruation, regulating nerves and endocrine. When emotional fluctuations are more severe, leucorrhea cleanliness is III.

Diet: Chinese medicine believes that greasy diet or excessive consumption of sweets can cause leucorrhea cleanliness to become III degree.

Menstruation: Generally, cleanliness fluctuations appear before and after menstruation, which is likely to be III degree.

Sexual life: Sometimes the cleanliness III will occur after sex life. At the same time, the leucorrhea cleanliness of women with active sexual life is often III degree.

Pregnancy: Do not ignore the impact of pregnancy itself. Many pregnant women’s cleanliness is also III degree, and there are no problems.

Why do you want to say the problem of III?Because I-II degree we all know not to worry, and IV degree usually has several other abnormalities. Only the III degree is controversial.There is only III degree, and the patient does not have any symptoms, no treatment is required.


Under normal circumstances, the vagina is in a acidic environment, which is mainly due to the "urban management" in the vagina -lactate.Their role is very subtle. There will be peeling cells in normal vagina. The tissue after these cell apoptosis can be used as a nutrients of bacteria, and the ability and number of lactobacillus are better than other flora, so these nutrients areoccupied.

However, they are not for gangsters after they occupy. They are gangsters. They will generously produce lactic acid and keep the vagina at about 3.8 ~ 4.5. This acidic environment can effectively restrict the development of other flora to achieve one of each other with each otherCan survive, but it will not be rampant.

When the balance is broken, or the foreign forces have defeated the local forces, vaginal inflammation occurs. At this time, those nutrients were taken away by bad people, and there were less lactic acid produced, and the pH value would rise.Let’s remind us that there are inflammation.

Lactic acid

Once a foreign invader appears, okay, that’s so subtle, because the vaginal opening is closed, and the vagina itself is also closed. I still say what the foreign invasion is here, just say the same room.The easiest room in the same room is most likely to bring some mixed "hawkers". When they first arrive, they do not understand the rules. They are generally cleaned up by the "urban management".

However, the urban management itself is also the common people. If you want to maintain the order of the street, one is the uniform (lactic acid) on your own, and the number is relying on the number. The normal result in the inspection report is +++ to ++++.Number.

But many people are just+++. At this time, they are not in a hurry to supplement lactobacillus, because if there are no problems with other projects, if lactic acid is relatively small, you can understand that "hawkers" on the street are rarely., "Urban Management" will also reduce personnel equipment, because there are too many "urban management".


If lactobacillus is "urban management", then white blood cells are "army", and usually expressed the additional number on the check report.Some people spend tens of thousands of yuan because they want to eliminate the "plus numbers" of white blood cells. As a result, there are still white blood cells. They think that white blood cells must be inflammation and need to be treated …

So what is the correct understanding?

As a "army", white blood cells have a national flag and walking a team. Once the enemy appears, the battlefield will appear in the vagina, and our army and the enemy will start a special contest.Please note that this time is just fighting. It is not necessarily that you ca n’t win. In order to increase the possibility of winning, we may send more army to compete with it. Well, at this time, the number of white blood cells comes up.Notice!At this time, if you do n’t feel any feelings or discomfort, you just find that there are more troops, then please do n’t panic, give yourself some time to let them defeat the enemy.

This is what I want to say. The occurrence of white blood cells does not mean that it is necessary to be treated. It is likely that your body is trying to defend your homeland.

If you say at this time, "No, I want to help! Use some medicine to do it!" After that, the army was originally a familiar environment of the environment.The German army left home and ran so far to fight Moscow. The supply was insufficient. It was still winter.

Therefore, if there are more white blood cells and there are no problems in the other items, if you have no abnormalities and discomfort, don’t toss blindly, just pay attention to cleaning every day.

other projects

Well, the remaining a few are bacteria (BV), trichomonas (TV), and mold (GV). I do n’t need to say more about these. If it is positive, it needs to be treated.Hidden in an article posted before the sixth floor, I won’t say it here anyway, why?

Mainly because of my words, I wrote too much on it, and the length was pulled too long, and I was tired.

Okay, here is here today!


It’s really angry!

Before I was about to write today’s content, a member directly exhaled me blood pressure.There is no other reason, because it feels a little painful, and then runs to a small hospital for treatment nearby, tossing a big circle.Only found me to ask if I was deceived?

Before I finished reading it, this anger has burned to my bangs. I really can’t stand this frustration.To be honest, I am not afraid of all kinds of difficult diseases. I ca n’t ask the director, professor, and experts. If I do n’t understand, I can read books. If I do n’t understand, I can ask others. These can be achieved by hard work.But I really can’t see the girls who have gained money to those unscrupulous hospitals in the unscrupulous hospitals, you can have a little hearty!

I don’t know if you can realize my sense of weakness. Every day, I am doing their best to help more people take less detours and let more people learn the right knowledge … But in the end, I found that the deceived person, the more I getMore, and what I can do is so limited. Alas, the most frustrating thing is to discover the smallness of myself ~

Therefore, I did n’t throw bangs today because I was burned out of anger.

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