Girlfriend’s sexual life bleed again!During these three periods, boys should know how to take care

Hello everyone, I am a smart medical doctor.

A few days ago, a fairy suddenly asked a question. She said that she would bleed when she was in the same room with the other half, not the first bleeding, so she was worried about what had problems with her body.

In fact, women have 3 times after the same room, which is prone to bleeding. In addition, it may be caused by gynecological diseases. How to distinguish it, doctors take you to understand ~

Before and after the menstrual period:

We all know that during the visit of menstruation, we cannot be in the same room, but the time may not be so much.Many people have the same room just one or two days after the menstrual period, and it is easy to bleed. At this time, the small blood vessels are very fragile. Once the external force is affected, it will break and bleed.

One or two days before menstruation is the same. The small blood vessels are very fragile and easy to break, so men should take care of women and avoid excessiveness.

▍During pregnancy:

The same room during pregnancy is very easy to cause bleeding, especially if you do not go to the hospital for examination in the early pregnancy, it is not easy to see your pregnancy; if you have the same room during this time, it will easily cause bleeding. ThereforeGo and check it.

▍ ovulation period:

Bleeding during ovulation is relatively common, but not everyone will bleed, it is probably probably; if you really bleed, it is generally okay.It is best to record it, and then go to the hospital to consult the doctor, the doctor will give the results he wants.

Common bleeding will not have serious consequences. Pay attention to the same room bleeding during pregnancy;

of course not.In addition to the common causes of bleeding above, there are other reasons that need special attention.

伤 perineal cracking:

A perineal cracking is the vaginal injury and bleeding by the vagina. If you are too excited or sharp in the same room, you will cause injuries and bleeding. Here you must pay attention to protect yourself.

▍ vaginitis:

Vaginitis can understand literally, because bacteria entering caused inflammatory infections.It is likely to be caused by accidental before. If it suffers from vaginitis, it can also cause bleeding in the same room.

▍ Cervical polyps:

Cervical polyps are generally in the age of fertility. Cervical polyps are polyps from cervical pipe mucosa. Although they are benign honeysters, they are very sensitive. Touch gently to bleed.

▍The birth device causes:

The birthplace is generally in the uterus. Women who have already used the in -palace. It is likely that when the endometrium is stimulated in the same room, or the abnormal level of the in -uterine birthdayri will cause bleeding.

▍ Cervical cancer:

This is a situation that everyone is unwilling to see. For everyone’s health, the doctor thinks it is necessary to say it here.

Cervical cancer is one of the common tumors for women. There will also be contact bleeding. In the early stage of bleeding, the amount of bleeding will become more after the middle period.Be sure to check in the hospital in time.

First of all, it must be stopped in time to avoid a large amount of bleeding.Wash in time to avoid infection.Seeing the amount of bleeding, decide whether to go to the hospital for examination.Let’s analyze the reason first. If it is not caused by mistakes, I can’t figure it out. It is best to go to the hospital for examination.

If you really encounter a similar bleeding status, you must be calm, and you should stop in time. Do not make mistakes. You should also pay attention to personal hygiene to avoid inflammation caused by bacteria into infection.To strengthen exercise exercise, there will be no small problems.

In addition, the doctor wants to say that we cannot know whether it will bleed in the same room in advance, but we can do some prevention. For example, we have a menstrual period in the near future, so do not have the same room; if we are pregnant, we must try to avoid it.

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