Girls in the first junior giving birth at school, those demons hiding in the dark corner are the most abominable

In early May, a shocking case occurred in Yunnan. A 16 -year -old junior high school girl gave birth in a school dormitory, and hemorrhagic occurred. After hearing the baby crying, Auntan found out the truth.The hospital also called the police.

Yesterday, Yunnan Zhenxiong police reported the case that the girl was raped by the villagers of the same villagers Cai Moumou. At present, Cai Moumou has been sentenced to sentence, and the case is still being handled.In the information disclosed by the media, the truth is even more angry.

This girl was just 16 years old this year, because she was late in school, so she was just in the first day.Cai Moumou, who violated her, was her classmate’s father.

For the first time, the girl was violated by Cai Moumou. When she was in the 6th grade, she once took Cai Moumou’s van to go to school. On the way, Cai Moumou forcibly had a relationship with her. Afterwards, Cai Moumou threatened her not to tell outsiders.

The girl did not dare to tell others because she was afraid, including her parents.After that, Cai Moumou threatened the girl and violated her twice.

Because the girl was living in school, she began to choose to be at school after many violations.She didn’t know that she was pregnant. It wasn’t until her stomach became bigger day when she got up day by day. She didn’t know what to deal with, and didn’t know what to do, and dare not tell others that a person was silently assumed everything.

Because she did not go home, neither her parents and relatives knew.After pregnancy, she may deliberately choose a loose school uniform, and the teacher did not notice it.It wasn’t until May 4 that the child was born that the school knew that the girl was pregnant and produced. Then she sent her to the hospital and tried to help her arrange a ward separately and contacted her family.

The school contacted the girl’s cousin. He usually worked in a foreign country. According to him, the girl’s parents were old and planted the field at home.Girls are usually obedient girls, silently saying, and living in school for a long time. The previous grades have been very good. He could not contact the girl for a while and could only contact the teacher.After the incident, he knew that the cousin had thrown the mobile phone early.

The girl’s cousin said that on May 6, the local police accepted and extracted Cai Moumou’s DNA to compare with newborns.

Now, the girl has lived in the hospital for more than half a month and has spent more than 26,000 yuan. Medical expenses and children’s milk powder have become a burden on their family.Because of this, their family was still controversial and even suffered from personal attacks.After considering waiting for the girl to be discharged, they helped her change her name and sent her away from her hometown.

Looking at this ending, really angry and distressed.

Cai Moumou, who was angry with the girl like a beast, was really shameless. In the face of his daughter’s classmates, how did he get it?However, it is not possible to treat such people with normal people’s thinking, because for his subjective consciousness, he wants to sexually assaulted, just want to satisfy the beast desire.What impact.

The girl is a girl. She is still a minor and her body is invaded. It is already a great pain. The destruction of sexual assault is her trust in interpersonal relationships, which will make her feel scared.She was alone and endured huge psychological pressure while enduring her body trauma.

After pregnancy, her physical and mental burden was even heavier.How did she come here during this time, only she knew itself.The birth of children has completely changed the future life of girls.

She is a victim, or a 16 -year -old child. In the best years of life, he has to suffer all the criticism and accusations. What kind of injustice is this?Intersection

And the child who was born shortly, just came to this world, but it was not a blessing to welcome him. His future life path can be imagined how difficult it is.

There may be some people who think it is strange. Why don’t the girl say?Whenever she tells any adult, the results may be different.

You know, a teenage girl is already sensitive. After being sexually assaulted, the trauma is too deep. In order to avoid this fear and pressure, some children will try to choose to avoid.Sexual assault has inspired a sense of shame, which will make children feel difficult to open up.

The party that implements sexual assault has been fully prepared when preparing for implementation.He will commit crimes in various methods such as intimidation and lure.

The disgusting of the bad guys is that they can always find the most vicious way to threaten it. Various reasons are intertwined. When the child is afraid and fear, he will choose to conceal it until things cannot be concealed again.

So from the perspective of which perspective, the victim is the most pitiful one.

Some people have conducted investigations on sexual assault children. The survey results show that at least one child sexual assault occurred every day, and 90%of the victims were girls.

Nearly 70 % of them are acquaintances.

More than 60 % of the sexual assaults are committed to multiple crimes

These acquaintances include teachers, neighbors, relatives and other people.

Looking at these data, as parents, we must learn to protect the safety of the child. I have to conduct correct sexual education and guidance to the children from an early age. Don’t regret it when there is a tragedy.

Since the birth of the child, he has spared no effort to take all preventive measures for the child.

When the child is older, especially when sexual consciousness begins to enlighten, the mother should teach the child’s correct sexual knowledge and teach children to protect themselves.

Let the children understand which parts are personal privacy areas, and they ca n’t touch anyone except parents and mothers. They told the child what to do if someone touches these privacy, and what to do if someone says to play similar to sleeping games with you.

It is also necessary to tell children not to reduce their vigilance for strangers, especially strange men, and do not believe in a man he knows casually.

Children over 6 years old have more and more time outside and more and more social activities.At this time, parents must pay attention to teaching their children to protect themselves.

When the child enters adolescence, it is necessary to teach her various sexual knowledge and prevent knowledge in time according to her age and mind.Only by understanding can you know if you have been hurt.

Parents should let their children learn to respect themselves, accurately express their true feelings, listen patiently, accompany him, help him grow in this lovely world to show his wings soaring wings, and feel the welcome and welcoming and welcomes of this world to him.favorite.

In this way, the child will develop alert instinct. When someone is inaccessible, he can find danger for the first time, obey his inner intuition, and escape the danger.Such children have the ability to have the courage to show their parents.For the girl who was only 16 years old, she hoped that she knew that the trauma she encountered was not caused by her not good enough, but that those criminals who performed sexual assault were too abnormal.Finally, of course, it is also the most important. I hope that criminals will be severely punished, so that they can feel the deterrent power of the law. If you understand that hurting others, you must pay the price and accept punishment.The criminals hiding in the dark corner are reduced, and the society is really safe!

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