Girls with cold hands and feet are even more difficult to get pregnant?These 3 methods are conditioned, not "cold princess"

The most afraid of girls with cold hands and feet is winter. When she covered the blanket at night, she still felt that the cold feet were unable to sleep.Although many people have the problem of freezing and frozen hands, it seems that many sayings are not very friendly to women. For example, girls with cold hands and feet are more children, or children born with children will be weak. Are these claims accurate?

It is undeniable that there are indeed more girls in the cold people and feet, and girls with thinner shapes are more likely to have cold hands and feet throughout the year.This has a lot to do with muscle tissue.Generally speaking, men have more muscles than women, and muscles can produce calories.

At the same time, women may cause cold hands and feet due to the changes in hormones in the body, because the changes in hormones can affect the nervous system and reduce subcutaneous blood vessels and blood flow.In addition, the cold factors that affect the cold hands and feet are external temperature factors, pressure emotional factors, hypoglycemia and low blood pressure, heart weakness, and so on.

Through the above factors analysis, in fact, the cold hands and feet in many women may be related to the weather as soon as winter. Some women do not like to wear bloated in winter, but they do not pay attention to keep warm, so it is easy to suffer from cold. This may be short -term.EssenceIf you still feel cold, the hands and feet are cold all year round, which may be caused by other factors. This situation can be conditioned through food therapy, but it has no direct relationship with whether it is more difficult to get pregnant because women are pregnant.It is related to ovulation and the state of the uterus. If women’s menstruation is normal every month and the state of the uterus is also suitable for the development of embryos, they can be pregnant normally and give birth smoothly.

So what is the "Gong Han" said in Chinese medicine?The theoretical "Gong Han" in traditional Chinese medicine refers to the internal cold caused by the cold evil of the outside world or the internal cold caused by the human spleen and kidney yang deficiency.Menstrual disorders can affect the time of ovulation and may have a certain impact on girls’ conception, but cold hands and feet do not belong to the category of palace cold. Therefore, it is more difficult for women with cold hands and feet to get pregnant or even children.

Although the cold hands and feet are not directly related to pregnancy, if the hands and feet are always cold, it is not hot, the constitution is relatively similar, it is easier to get sick, and it will feel uncomfortable when living in normal life. This kind of unsuitable.In the case, girls can use the following method to condition:

1. Do more exercise: Do more exercise can improve blood circulation, enhance physical fitness, and improve the blood supply function of the cardiovascular blood vessels. At the same time, it can also make the body out of more calories.In addition, you can also massage your hands and feet, stimulate the acupuncture points, and improve the microcirculation of the end of the limb’s end of the limb to warms the hands and feet.

2. Pay attention to keep warm: When the weather is cold, you should add clothes in a timely manner. Do not let your body get cold. You can bubble your feet at night.

3. Diet: eat less cold drinks, supplement more vitamin B1, B12, and iron. In addition, some foods that can be warmed up can also eat more, such as beef and lamb, ginger, chives, and so on.

In the end, it is necessary to actively eliminate the disease factors. If you do feel uncomfortable because of the cold hands and feet, you can even hurt the skin as white and purple. Do not rule out hypothyroidism, diabetes, Renault syndrome, etc.

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