Graduated from Tsinghua 22 years old, marrying the overbearing president announced his pregnancy, why is the Grand Slam milk tea girl who recruits black?

On the evening of November 1st, some netizens broke the photos of the milk tea sister Zhang Zetian when they died. In the photo, Zhang Zetian’s lower abdomen was slightly raised, suspected to be pregnant.

etc!Isn’t it a marriage in Australia on October 1?

right!That night, the milk tea sister generously acknowledged that she was pregnant for the first time.Yes, you read it wrong, and you are pregnant before marriage.

As usual, news such as "Milk Tea Sister+Liu Qiangdong" came out. The front row of the comment is always more blessings and blessings, and it is inevitable: green tea, young and old match, wait for Lao Tzu to be rich …,Gold worship girls and other key vocabulary.

It’s strange to think about it.Before getting married at a young age, Sun Yunyun became a child at the age of 22; the love between the celebrity and the rich is also a commonplace; there are many cases of siblings or old women and young wives;There are not faults that are only available.Why, the public pays so much attention to Zhang Zetian, but buried it after reading the news?

Born in 1993, he had a wedding and became pregnant in 2015. Compared with the king Kun Ling, Zhang Zetian was more than a little bit worse.

In 2009, a photo of a female high school student in the class quickly became popular on the Internet. The girls of the photos quickly became popular with her pure image.I feel the goddess in my heart.[Why did she have no infant fat when she was a high school student and wept in the toilet!

Two years later, when he slowly faded out of the public sight, Zhang Zetian was exploded and entered Tsinghua University. He had a halo blessing for a famous school for a while. Who doesn’t like beautiful little girl?Participate in various activities in the school, and the next year as Nanjing TV as an internship reporter (guaranteed the exposure volume).Okay ~ [Hey!Does it mean that I was ugly at the time?

Zhang Zetian, who was the image of youth and sweet girl student, captured the heart of otaku. In 2012, the school publication of Tsinghua students "Fresh Times" specially enrolled special publications, "milk tea sister" and other campus celebrities were coincided with the cover and learned from the future students to learn from the students in the future.The sisters beckoned to pay attention, and it can be said to be one of the signboards of Tsinghua’s propaganda.

After the popularity of high school students, they entered the well -known universities. They are fresh, pure, and inspirational. This is a symbol passed by Zhang Zetian. The entire halo allows everyone to set the characters set by Zhang Zetian as the popular and pure lovers.

Milk tea sister host:

But later, everyone found that the milk tea sister was not imagined.

First of all, it is the destruction of the sense of gain.

The red tea sister’s popularity originated from the Internet, and her identity was picked up in Baidu Post Bar. Zhang Zetian was popular by grassroots netizens.This feeling is a bit like a Japanese girl idol group "AKB48". Each girl is extremely pure and cute. However, such groups have clear clauses. Girls are prohibited from falling in love.The purpose of the performing arts company is to make the majority of fans (otaku) a "sense of gain" for its artists.In the same way, when the sister of milk tea broke out, her "sense of gain" was broken, and public opinion began to go downhill.

When Zhang Zetian was studying at Columbia University in the United States, he unexpectedly broke out with Liu Qiangdong to eat on a table to eat.(⊙ o ⊙) Ah!It’s right.

In this regard, Jingdong Mall responded to the love relationship through the official Weibo low -key response, and a milk tea sister suspected of responding to the romance of the two in love with the imagination of the Chinese people.Yes, how can our lively and lovely youthful milk tea sister be with the rich uncle!

However, the plot is always reversed. In less than half a month, a group of milk tea sister Zhang Zetian and e -commerce owner Liu Qiangdong embraced each other on the streets of the United States on April 6th.[Why do I see the dress first!..At the same time, Liu Qiangdong’s Weibo responded to the relationship: "Xiaotian is the simplest and kind person I have ever seen, and he regrets that he has not been able to protect her. Thank you for your concern, and you can do it normally in the future. I wish you all happiness!"

Not only that, a week later, "Nandu Entertainment Weekly" on April 14 broke the news that milk tea chased Liu Qiangdong, which caused an uproar for a year. People began to say that milk tea was no longer the original milk tea.

Subsequently, the negative news such as "Milk Tea Sister is really a sports giving birth to Tsinghua University", "said low -key but various variety show hype", "school and talk about several boyfriends" and other negative news on the Internet.

For the time being, do not talk about the true emotions of the parties, when the middle -aged businessman is group with the youth girl, the temperament is against the uncleanness of an old man with a bad and pure sister.

After each exposure of the milk tea sister and Liu Qiangdong, they followed the "Jingdong Mall" marketing owned by Liu Qiangdong.From April 6, 2014, the two dating the United States in the United States on May 22, officially landed on the Nasdaq in the United States; in April 2015, Liu Qiangdong announced that he opened a milk tea shop on Chuangye Street, Zhongguancun.Sister; On May 8th, Liu Qiangdong and milk tea sister appeared at the ribbon -cutting ceremony of the milk teahouse. The ring worn by the two was rumored to be nearly, but in fact, it was promoted for the Jingdong Smart Home Living Museum.In the second quarter of financial reports and Liu Qiangdong’s 10 -year salary plan.Even this pregnancy broke in front of the JD maternal and baby special sales meeting on November 3.

The love of milk tea is always shrouded in a touch of marketing.

Secondly, whether it is the image of the pure girl or the established impression of the savvy businessman, the negative evaluation of the Volkswagen (otaku) for the romance of the milk tea is after all because the two people are in the same frame, the temperament does not look good.

Liu Qiangdong, born in 1974, and Zhang Zetian, born in 1993, are 19 years old. Many people describe the two who seem to be "dad with daughter", and even more fierce words express their look at the "selling daughter".After the milk tea sister’s pregnancy news was hung up on a portal, the most liked comments turned out to be "Men have money, do you want anything? Let’s work hard to make money."

1579 praises that people really shivered. This values are really scary. It turns out that women can spend money to buy?Suddenly thinking that when Liu Qiangdong’s milk tea sister announced the marriage news, a paragraph on the Internet was: If I work hard today, I can marry someone else’s daughter tomorrow.

First of all, the siege of the innocent girl "can be obtained" slowly evolved into "I also have to work hard to become a daughter of someone else", from the self -adultery of the keyboard to the strong words that dare to come out.Under the prejudice, women, especially young and beautiful women, have become the standard for measuring whether a man is successful.

It’s like a auto show. The European and American auto show is: such a woman can afford such a car.China is: you can have such a woman when you drive such a car.The materialization of women has allowed many people to look at the combination of milk tea sister and Liu Qiangdong, and they no longer simply look at the combination of a single unmarried woman and another unmarried man, but a trading behavior of wealth and youth.

Of course, when the age is there, the appearance will naturally be evaluated.The two -person group CP, which is not like the audience, is also important enough.Liu Qiangdong in 1974+1993 milk tea sister was like this:

But in 1974, Li Jian+milk tea sister was like this:

Still in 1974, Wu Yanzu+milk tea sister was like this:

Really people are more popular than the popularity.

Fortunately, the two people are more uniform in dress styles … soil.

The appearance of the appearance can simply kill the temperament, identity, and age that previously said.

"Five Five Nine Nine Nine" Zhongshan Shima Shima, even if he plays a monk, the two are not equal, and everyone will cry with Ishihara Nishimi. Dare to ask if the monk is played by Guo Degang?(Uncle Guo beat me).Gao Xiaosong and his post -80s wife were together. All kinds of selfies were hacked. Fortunately, Teacher Gao’s fat body had enough talent to be self -contained.

I ca n’t get it, I do n’t match it, it looks unhappy.The main reason why milk tea and Liu Qiangdong’s relationship is not blessed. So far, the public has also ridiculed that the milk tea sister is pregnant and has not forgotten to promote kill Ma Yun’s circle of friends before Double Eleven, but forget the woman watching Dongge’s brother’s view of Dongge’s.Emotional eyes.

In the era that can be freedom and everyone preach "freedom love" and "bold love", even in the age that can be accepted at the same gender, it is still narrowly excluded "freedom that does not match our routine".Do not accept the differences in temperament, the uneven value of the face value, and the huge age difference. All of the above have become the reasons for the dark currents in the Internet.Explosion.

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